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  1. Sounds very much like "it ain't broke, don't fix it" to me. Such genius. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  2. Yes. Dawgs too. [emoji6] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  3. One thing working for the Bengals - they likely don't have to face Mike White in 2022!
  4. ... and Soothsayer says, "Have you updated your email address lately?".
  5. He meant never mention T0mShane, not Sooth ...
  6. Saw a Simpsons image and thought at first it would be this:
  7. If we are to do what winners do ... we need to look at the Rams. Their last 1st round pick was Jared Goff. In 2016. Since traded (along with future picks) for Matt Stafford Their previous 1st round pick was Todd Gurley. Not on the team for some years Prior to that was Greg Robinson (not on the team anymore) and Aaron Donald (beast) Tavon Austin ... Alec Ogletree ... nuff said That's it for the past 10 years. 6 1st rounders (two years where they had 2). Only one guy left is a DT. They have no 1st round pick in 2022 or 2023 (Stafford trade). Seven years without a single first rounder. Not sure this is a blueprint that we want to copy ... though it does kind of validate the "build the trenches" mantra (at least on D).
  8. He was also sacked 70 times - 3rd most in league history (when including regular and post season). He was sacked a record number of times in the post season / Super Bowl - 19 - with the previous mark being 14 (Wade Wilson, 1987). You could argue he was lucky to finish the Super Bowl in one piece. All that will add up over time. Every time he gets hit it's another chance that he's out for the year. All QBs get hit - but do you want to risk that injury 40 times a season or 70 times a season? Brandon Allen isn't hitting Chase for anywhere near as much as Burrow did. Cincy got very close to winning it all, credit to them. But you can bet their offseason will be heavily focused on the O line and keeping their QB on the field in 2022.
  9. We certainly can't go after guys who are not going to be available in training camp. We need our first team to be practicing together on the field, not on bikes on the sidelines.
  10. FA is always a tricky situation - yes, you want to enter the draft with no glaring holes, but given that our biggest need is edge rusher I'm not sure what direction we'll look to go based on who is / will be available. Miller, Jones, Clowney, Ingram ... all very much in the older / oft-injured category and likely won't come cheap. Gregory is more a concern around suspensions than injuries ... doesn't strike me as a fit for us. Ogbah or Landry may be a better option, but they'll want to be well paid and given a decent contract length, does JD see either of them as being good value and long term guys? Whether or not we go (1) short term rental of declining vet, (2) long term investment in potential riser or (3) fill out the roster with a JAG or two will have a big influence on our likely draft route. 1 or 3 will pretty much require a decent draft investment - just maybe not #4 overall - whereas 2 would potentially mean we'll only draft edge in Round 1 if one of the top two is still there at 4. Option 1 also tends to be the sort of thing you look at post-draft - who's still on the shelf who's willing to take a one-year team friendly deal. As for the draft itself, JD needs t have the courage to make the "bold pick" - if he views a Karlaftis or an Ojabo as a future star then they have to ignore the consensus on value IMHO. Too often with Macc we complained that he took the consensus / "safe" pick regardless of positional value; I'm hoping JD will not shy away from taking "his guy" because of concerns over public opinion and the inevitable draft grades that are handed out the day after the draft. Not advocating picking a edge just because we need one, but if he has a belief in the guy he can't let perception / job pressure get in the way of making the pick.
  11. Hamilton or Gardner, potentially. But don't rule out still going Edge ... I know there's a lot of talk about "value" and "drafting players too high". But TJ Watt was drafted 30th, I'm sure in part because of "value" and "not drafting him too high". If you rate a guy high enough on your board, and have a real need at that position, you take him whether or not the value is there, IMHO. Say we pass on Karlaftis or another Edge and he tears it up elsewhere, while we end up with a good guard or a DB, yet again we'll be kicking ourselves (or JD, anyway) for bad drafting.
  12. There was a nice quote from LDT I saw yesterday (EDIT - also see it was posted above) ... talked about wanting to come back and how the team culture is so important to him, the relationship with the coaching staff etc. I'm hopeful we'll keep him and have him compete for the starting job; as I say above, worst case he's top quality depth.
  13. So many threads that this one could go in ...
  14. Bronko Nagurski didn't get no bye weeks, and now he's dead.
  15. On a related note ...
  16. Some interesting options there ... I'd like us to keep LDT as a possible starter / quality depth, as it doesn't limit our options later on like a big name FA signing would. Tomlinson, Daniels etc as FA signings I would also get behind. But please, no Scherff. His price tag and his injuries are not a good combination right now.
  17. Difference as I see it - Rams were a very good team that went all in to be a championship team. Jets aren't anywhere near to good enough to start filling some holes / shooting for the moon with FAs. You build it up, get good, THEN you can start to look at those few missing pieces. Right now we only have a few pieces that are NOT missing.
  18. I'm absolutely in favour of keeping it as it is. If the (perceived) issue is around deliberate tanking to get a better draft pick, you deal with that at the owner level - everyone plays by the rules or you get kicked out / fined etc. Maybe have some sort of ethics committee to monitor etc. There are very few owners - if they suspect one of their group is playing the system for individual gain, they need to address it, as it is directly screwing them over as a result. and risking the overall integrity of the sport.
  19. If I'm a Houston fan and I'm picking 9th, behind Denver and Seattle (both 7-10) I'm going to be pretty miffed to say the least. You could then see more teams looking to tank more games (esp. head to head games) - which would directly contradict the objective of discouraging tanking.
  20. Odd how more people seem to be high on resigning Foley than Berrios ... a guy who's a run stopper on the 29th D vs the run, vs a guy who is a top return man and a decent enough WR. But, you know, DT >>> Weaponz.
  21. Thanks for posting this - the whole "Moore is our starting slot WR" narrative in the Berrios thread reminded me of this exact article but I couldn't find it.
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