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  1. 10 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    To be fair, the standard for a grand jury indictment (probable cause - 9 of 12 jurors must agree) is much lower than a criminal trial (beyond a reasonable doubt - must be unanimous ).  

    Thanks for this - I'm not that up to speed on the nuances of the US legal system. Useful to know. 

  2. In situations like this there doesn't tend to be a lot of physical evidence - if any. It tends largely to be one person's word against another (or several people's words). Which makes a court case very difficult.

    Unless you have video or audio recordings, how do you prove what someone said to you, or whether they acted improperly / indecently in front of you? And if you do have recordings it will potentially look like a set up, or at worst the recordings won't be admissible if they were made without consent / awareness.

    As for the comments above about this proving Watson's innocence ... was OJ Simpson proven innocent?

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  3. I will probably get beaten up by you guys over this but, if Berrios was to sign elsewhere (which is not what i want), why would someone like the Falcons Cordarelle Patterson not make a solid replacement for him?  Returns kicks & punts,  can play receiver or back, would seem like his skillset would play into a LeFleur offense in many roles.  Though he is about 30 or so (older than we would like), he could be a suitable replacement for 1-2 years.  Not sure what is perceived FA value is.  It would seem that Jets want Moore to be the slot guy anyway with another WR to be added to the outside with Davis.  if thats the case, it would limit Berrios opportunities in the offense minus an injury. He would still get chances, but not maybe the number of touches he wants. 
    I sense that Berrios' agent, with the comment that the Jets offer was fair but wants to test the market, already has had an offer exceeding the Jets whispered in his ear.   
    Moore was far more impactful for us playing on the outside rather than the slot. I doubt the jets want to pigeonhole anyone as a "slot guy"or "outside guy". The knock on Mims was that he didn't know all the positions and they wanted that flexibility.

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  4. 17 hours ago, mrcoops said:

    He's a beast for my Madden franchise though. Uncoverable from the slot, and fantastic on returns. I locked him in for 5 years at $4M a year, genius negotiator that I am.

    One day, the Braxton Berrios type of player will no longer be on your Madden franchise. :D  

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  5. On 3/8/2022 at 6:16 PM, Trotter said:

    So we are to believe that belechik actually had that conversation with Robbie? What scheme? If he runs a post you can triple team him but he probably comes down with the ball. If he runs an out or slant it is either a pick or drop because he does not fight for a ball. If an idiot like me figures that out in 2 minutes your telling me bellichek said that? Good lord some of these guys.

    Obviously fake. I read here many times that there was no Jet player that worried an opposing defense in any way.  ;-) 

  6. I can't imagine that Cooper will be looking to stay on his current deal if he gets traded elsewhere. Seems very team friendly but rather lacking in security for the player. Cooper is probably looking to be released rather than traded.

  7. The very definition of managing for mediocrity.
    Flacco, like McCown before him, brings nothing of value to this franchise as a player.  
    He's a glorified "here, let me hold your dick for you" assistant for Wilson, not a QB.
    We can and should do better.  Someone young, hungry, with upside and a future as at least a great #2 QB.
    Nothing will be worse than having to watch Flacco play 2-3 games next year (or more) if/when Wilson goes down to injury again.
    If Wilson has to have his veteran QB security blanket, hire him as a Coach.  Not as the #2 QB.
    "One day, the Joe Flacco type of player will no longer be on this team"

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  8. 28 minutes ago, Claymation said:

    The Jets OL was a strength? Quarterback Zach Wilson saw pressure on 32.5% of his rookie-season dropbacks (seventh most).

    Depends how much that pressure was due to poor OL play or due to QB / WR issues ... pressure comes in many forms. Rookie QBs generally get more pressure because they hold onto the ball longer, and if our receivers  aren't getting open quick enough that can also contribute.

    On the flip side, we could feel that our OL was a strength only in relative terms ... perhaps "not as  much of a problem as other units" is a more accurate way to put it?

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  9. 6 hours ago, Paradis said:


    • No one gives a sh*t in 2-3 years where you drafted Mangold when you draft a Mangold. 


    They will if it turns out you passed on a TJ / JJ Watt or a Darelle Revis (etc) to draft him. Not saying that there are sure fire guys at those positions, but IMHO the whole "weak draft" narrative is a bit overblown. As with every year there will be guys drafted in the bottom half of Round 1 - and beyond - who have better years than the guys drafted top 10. We drafted Adams at #6 ... TJ Watt went 30th that same year. (There were also a few decent QBs taken after Adams too ;-)). 

    JD's mission this year is to work out who those underrated guys are and make sure we get them - whether or not it's seen as "over drafting" initially. If we'd taken Watt at #6 and he worked out as he did in Pitt, would he have been over drafted?

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  10. 16 hours ago, IndianaJet said:

    No way they'd make the Jets go over there two years in a row...right?

    I'd highly doubt it, especially as we were the "road team" last year too. Jets next trip will be as the home team I'd expect.

  11. On 2/14/2022 at 5:11 PM, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    Bengals were 2-7-1 with Burrow last year. They went 2-4 after he got hurt. 

    Looking  into the Bengals a little more and I think they may be a candidate to regress.  Steelers/Ravens and Browns all had down years and the Bengals still only went 10-7. Granted, if the Steelers don't find a QB they may just be a bad team for a while. 

    One thing working for the Bengals - they likely don't have to face Mike White in 2022! :D  

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  12. If we are to do what winners do ... we need to look at the Rams.

    • Their last 1st round pick was Jared Goff. In 2016. Since traded (along with future picks) for Matt Stafford
    • Their previous 1st round pick was Todd Gurley. Not on the team for some years
    • Prior to that was Greg Robinson (not on the team anymore) and Aaron Donald (beast)
    • Tavon Austin ... Alec Ogletree ... nuff said

    That's it for the past 10 years. 6 1st rounders (two years where they had 2). Only one guy left is a DT. They have no 1st round pick in 2022 or 2023 (Stafford trade). Seven years without a single first rounder.

    Not sure this is a blueprint that we want to copy ... though it does kind of validate the "build the trenches" mantra (at least on D). ;-) 


  13. 21 hours ago, GreenFish said:

    Joe Burrow threw for 4,600 yards, had 34 TDs, a 70% completion percentage and a PFF grade of 90+. Your option B doesn't reflect reality.

    He was also sacked 70 times - 3rd most in league history (when including regular and post season). He was sacked a record number of times in the post season / Super Bowl - 19 - with the previous mark being 14 (Wade Wilson, 1987). You could argue he was lucky to finish the Super Bowl in one piece.

    All that will add up over time. Every time he gets hit it's another chance that he's out for the year. All QBs get hit - but do you want to risk that injury 40 times a season or 70 times a season? Brandon Allen isn't hitting Chase for anywhere near as much as Burrow did.

    Cincy got very close to winning it all, credit to them. But you can bet their offseason will be heavily focused on the O line and keeping their QB on the field in 2022.

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