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  1. If he gets 9m anywhere (or reasonably close to it) then it justifies all the pro Berrios sentiment in that thread. The OP basically started out saying he was a talentless JAG that was taking a roster spot from someone more deserving. To now be arguing about whether he's worth 7m / 8m / 9m per year pretty much proves how wrong that premise was. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  2. I'm amazed that the previous 110 posts failed to bring in this now classic line! Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  3. You're not alone! [emoji2] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure how relevant this is, and it's tough to find some context, but Zach had two throws (Week 5 vs. Atlanta, Week 7 vs NE) that were both very catchable balls and likely TDs that resulted in PI flags at the 2 yard line. ATL play was 41 yards, NE play was 46 yards. Both drives ended up as TDs (the latter being the infamous Mike White first career pass being a TD). Yes, I'm sure other QBs get a lot of PI flags in their favour too (not sure about Sammy D in that respect though ).
  5. Bear in mind that this is part of a journey - not the end point. They aren't trying to turn him into a game manager long term. They went from game loser --> game manager last season, next step is to progress from game manager --> game winner.
  6. The one thing that makes me think the Jets MAY be interested is that we tend to play a lot of "big nickel" defense rather than a "normal" 4-3. Hamilton would be quite versatile in that scheme, able to support both the run (better than a slot DB) and pass. Not sure that makes him "worth" the #4 or #10 pick, and the whole "hybrid role" thing does kind of scare me, but I can see at least some logic to it beyond the "generational" hype.
  7. I edited my original post after doing a quick search. There are actually quite a lot of female owners - more than I had thought.
  8. There are / were quite a few. First that sprang to mind was Georgia Frontiere was Rams owner for a long time (1979 - 2008). But Chicago, Detroit, Houston and many others have female owners / joint owners. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NFL_franchise_owners
  9. My worry with Godwin and the timing of his injury is that it will likely mean he misses quite a bit of the offseason rehabbing. We need someone who can be full on from Day 1 of camp, working with Zach to get their timing and chemistry as far as along as possible. Not someone who might be ready by preseason and they're still getting used to each other by mid season.
  10. I think generally that the OL is rather like the OC ... all their fault when it goes wrong, never get a mention when it goes well. And a good bit of that comes because we want to believe we have our franchise QB and a gem at RB, so blame is often apportioned to the line for bad plays, whether or not the star player behind them was the real culprit.
  11. Even the commentator joked that he didn't have a running game to fall back on!
  12. To me, the flimsy bit in all of this is the language in the BB texts. "Sounds like ..." "I think ..." Where did BB get his updates from? Was it fact based, rumour based, and will we ever find out? Why would the Giants be telling BB anything about their intentions, especially that early in the process? It's certainly not a good look for the team or the league, but in my opinion it will never stand up under scrutiny. Which may be something that Flores is 100% aware of, but if he doesn't file the suit then this all gets very little attention.
  13. Thanks for this. Didn't realize both the previous ones were virtual. Or that Graham was an internal interview so doesn't count either way.
  14. Given that the text from BB was along the lines of "I hear that you're getting the job" ... that could be from anywhere. "Sauces" and all that. Rumour and gossip are not usually looked on favourably in a court.
  15. Maybe he doesn't expect to win, but feels he can make enough impact by losing that it affects some further change. It's certainly got plenty of attention, however it plays out.
  16. Why does Graham not count - is it because he's already part of the organisation? Never mind - googled it: Here is the current application of the Rooney Rule as of the 2021 season: Teams must interview at least two external ethnic-minority candidates for head coaching positions, with at least one in-person interview. Teams must interview at least two external ethnic-minority candidates for all coordinator positions. Teams must interview at least two external ethnic-minority candidates for GM/football executive roles.
  17. Even then ... being the first guy interviewed can itself be a disadvantage.
  18. They had interviewed at least two minority candidates before Daboll ... they didn't violate the Rooney rule. EDIT - based on further info about external vs. internal candidates and in person vs. virtual interviews, they DID need to interview Flores to satisfy the rule.
  19. Not sure what other teams staffing looks like, but this is the Jets coaching staff. https://www.newyorkjets.com/team/coaches-roster/ (As an aside - nice to see that Gregg Knapp is remembered on this page) I know not all coaches are at the same level, but this looks like a diverse group - other than the all-male thing - with a mix of experience, some guys who are ex-players etc. Also worth considering that Middleton was the guy who took over when Saleh was out, and he's also leading the National team at the Senior Bowl. Seems to me like they're looking to develop this guy's career as much as possible ... "feeding the pipeline" for future coaches.
  20. Totally on board with you on this. My ideal Round 1 is Edge and WR. Not sure whether that works if the top 2 Edges are gone at 4, but if we wait till Rd 2 then a lot of the 2nd tier guys could be gone. I don't want us to be in Zuniga / Polite territory again where we're hoping for miracles with a third or fourth round pick.
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