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  1. Mahomes played Cincy twice this season - lost both times. Mike White, on the other hand ...
  2. The way to get to the Superbowl is to have stripy orange helmets and be named after a big cat! Cincy have proven this!
  3. According to the stuff I read on this board you'd think that 31 GMs / HCs should be sacked every year ...
  4. Pretty much ... so, not actually. Do many GMs make playoff pledges? Did anyone in Cincy do that this year?
  5. Has Douglas, or anyone on the Jets staff, talked about needing 5 years? Cincy built their team through the draft ... sound familiar?
  6. Mike White did in one game what Pat Mahomes failed to do in two games.
  7. Quite frightening when you look at Brady's stats just from the post-season: 47 games 35-12 record 1,165 completions 13,049 yards 86 TDs Most QBs fail to get close to that in their entire careers.
  8. Gets a cut lip and an unsportsmanlike conduct flag in a game. Retires. What a wuss!
  9. Definitely need to add two guys and potentially keep whoever from this year (Kroft / Griffin) as #3 / depth. Griffin did OK for us, so could have a backup role in 2022. I'm hoping for one good FA (not just a Kroft type "warm body" signing) and a draft pick in Rd 1 or 2. You need a guy that you know will be able to perform at a high level straight away, so not relying 100% on rookies would be good. A rookie can get plenty reps in 2 TE sets or give them a few series here and there to get them acclimated, but having a Schulz or similar from day one would be huge.
  10. So the guy who stepped down in NO because he doesn't want to go through a rebuild is going to go to NYJ or NYG ... to go through a rebuild? Guy won't be coaching in 2022 IMHO. He's burned out and he knows it, needs to step back for a bit.
  11. While I can't see any scenario in which this would happen, I'd jump at it if it did. Three mid first rounders (and the opportunities to trade down again, and / or for 2023 picks) would be far better for us than what we currently have.
  12. He would certainly close the gap ... on the All IR team. Pass. get me someone who's going to get on / stay on the field please. With the amount of missing time our starters had last year we don't need any more rehab projects.
  13. Still works out at over 5k yards if you adjust for the extra game.
  14. "One day the Ashtyn Davis type of player will no longer be on this team" has a better ring to it.
  15. Bills defense stopped KC's offense 6 times (4FGs, 2 points). If they hadn't then we wouldn't be talking about the last two minutes. Defense matters. Imagine the Jets playing KC. How many KC drives would end in non-touchdowns? Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  16. Continuity in the trenches >>>> saving on cap space We need to address our depth at that position, but we already have a good starter.
  17. But do you spend the #4 pick on a backup? If they don't fill the RG spot in FA you could play the rookie there for a year, but if you do sign someone then the draft pick is not going to impact the starting 11.
  18. JD seemed to be to sign more "hold the fort" FAs or depth guys until he drafts his own guys to replace them. None of the guys so far have been so big name / big ticket that they would be playing whatever happened. Macc on the other hand looked to FA to bring in sure fire starters and paid them the big money. Trumaine, Bell, CJ Mosley and the likes. Let's face it, Mosley is on the team next year whether he is good enough to be or not, because of his contract. The current approach may make the rebuild take longer, but it doesn't lock us into underperforming vets. Our cap room last year was actually not that high, due to getting all the dead money off the books. It'll be interesting to see if the approach differs this year, but I'm not expecting JD to spend spend spend.
  19. Saw a funny thing about Rodgers just now ... SF could have drafted him all those years ago, but didn't. Their playoff record against him all time? 4-0 Maybe they knew something after all?
  20. Lol ... if the NFL had "better" OT rules.
  21. I wonder how much Davis' core muscle injury affected his play in the weeks prior to him going on IR. I'm guessing he was trying to play through it but it was affecting his play. Hoping he can offer more in 2022 once it is healed up.
  22. This article is very interesting. In the regular season the team winning the coin toss won 86 out of 163 games. (10 were tied). That's about 53%. Almost literally a coin flip. In the post season the team winning the coin toss won 10 out of 11 games. That's about 91%. Seven of those ten were walk off TDs on the opening drive (63%). I wonder why there's such a disparity? Playing to not lose in regular season could come into it a little bit, but I'd be surprised if it was that significant.
  23. One day, the Sheldon Silver type of politician will no longer be on this planet. (This can just run and run ...)
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