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  1. I think we need to wait and see on Williams before any meaningful decisions get made. Jets hold the cards right now, but Williams has yet to play a down. Anything could happen. And if Mo starts kicking off / skipping camp, it'll just feed Williams more reps, making Mo's position worse rather than better.
  2. So we give up a top talent DE in his prime, in order to replace a good LT with an unknown quantity? Why not just use our own #1 pick next year on a LT prospect, and keep Mo? You can find a LT outside of the Top 10.
  3. Quick thought on the 2 pt conversion. Now that the D can run it back if they cause a turnover, does that make it more likely that the team going for 2 will keep it on the ground (straight run, or QB bootleg with the primary aim of running it in and only pass if necessary)? It'd seem more likely that the D will get a turnover and a return from a pass play than a run play. So I wonder if this might factor in at all.
  4. Should make Geno a bit more valuable, as he has as much chance at running in a 2pt conversion as he has passing for one (or maybe even more). Whereas with the likes of Brady / Manning, you're not going to see them running it.
  5. Patsies will be waiting to pick up whoever we cut at CB during training camp.
  6. I'm pretty impressed that the billboards have made it into the Brady news story over here in the UK on BBC News. Everyone who got to hear how the Patsies were world champs now gets to hear how they're world cheats.
  7. No. If the Jets cheat like that I'll find another team to root for.
  8. Who cares? Being the "favourite" is like getting a good draft grade the day after ... it's just people writing stuff for the sake of writing stuff.
  9. And no first round pick next year. [emoji6]
  10. Maybe the fans of the rest of the league should counter sue, given that the Patsie cheating basically meant they weren't watching a fair contest all year?
  11. He'll just blame the fact he was never given a QB he could win with.
  12. We don't need to settle on our roster / practice squad till much nearer the season. Well know by then where Fitz is at with his health. If he can't go in camp they could put him on the PUP list and keep Simms as backup, but I doubt it'll be that bad.
  13. I'm wondering if he'd have been our second pick in the seventh until the Stacy trade ... In which case, good job by Mac getting both on them. (Plus a certain amount of luck )
  14. Just means we aren't relying on Ridley to recover from his injury and be back to playing form. Stacy gives us a contingency / competition in camp.
  15. I wouldn't include Milliner ... Pressure for a roster spot maybe, but not pressure to be able to play. We're fine at CB without him, and it's a plus if he does contribute. The guy just needs to get healthy, and with Revis and Cro he can take the time to do that. Agree on Geno and Gio, and Colon must already be feeling the pressure with the number of younger guys looking to crack the starting line up.
  16. But at the time everyone wanted the guy who went to the Eagles after the trade down... and he did even less than Boar Hunter as I recall.
  17. How much the gap has closed How ripe the pig is for the slaughter How beastly our D is going to be How many wins everyone projects us to get How wrong everyone is regarding (1) - (4) above
  18. Guess someone better slaughter it pretty soon then? [emoji6]
  19. Correction - they just need to cheat differently to before.
  20. Because the pig has been getting ripe for SO many years now, it's gotta happen soon!
  21. If he's genuinely BPA then I have no issue. But I just don't see a scenario where he can be truly BPA at 6.
  22. Well, since we have so little chance of winning the Superbowl this year, I guess we should just tank all 16 games and secure that top draft pick for next year ...
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