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  1. 3 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

    you don't understand anything about this process.  

    The only thing I don't understand is your entire hypothesis - that trading down to target a guy in Rd 2 who is expected to go in Rd 1 is somehow a stroke of genius???

  2. 2 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

    I disappeared?  that's interesting.

    but he had more yards his 3rd year in oak than his 2nd, that's ascending, right? and you do recall in 2002 he had MVP Rich Gannon as his QB, right? in 2003 is when oak began to crumble, Gannon's career basically ended and the long streak of futility began.  his QBs in 2003:

    Rick Mire 8 games

    Gannon 7 games

    Marques Tuiasasopo


    there are things you need to dig into rather than just looking at stats w/o context.


    Justin Miller was a highly rated corner coming out of college who was expected to go 1st round, it's easy to look back and say he wasn't a corner but that wasn't the reality at the time.  Nugent was a K, was expectec he may go round 1 like janikowski did a few years earlier.  Disagree and bash the picks themselves all you want just not the trade.


    Each situation is different, you have to factor salary, cap, disruption to the locker room.  this is why certain major talents go for what appears to be cheap.




    So if Miller was expected to go first round, and the Jets loved him and targeted him ... why did they trade completely out of the first round, several days before the draft???

    You're story is making less sense as time goes on.


  3. 8 minutes ago, Snell41 said:

    And what if DeMarcus Ware or Merriman fell?  Derrick Johnson?  Marcus Spears?  Braylon Edwards?  Antrelle Rolle?  Cedric Benson?  Jammal Brown?  Guys fall all the time.  There is zero reason to trade down pre draft day from position 23 unless you are getting a king's ransom in return, which the Jets absolutely did not get.  Guys fall all the time.  So your premise that it was a great trade is completely built on the fact they were taking Miller no matter what, which is wrong in and of itself because they drafted Nugent first, and the fact they received "fair" value in return based on the draft chart which is debatable at best.  The only way trading down a late round pick is worthwhile ever PREDRAFT is when you are getting exhorbitant returns.  It never, ever makes sense otherwise, and for that alone it was a horrible, horrible trade. 

    Or ... what if the gem that was Justin Miller got drafted before your first round pick even came around? Then you'd have traded down IN ADVANCE for a guy you couldn't have got anyway.

    Besides the whole "he's the guy we wanted all along" is the easiest line to spin in any draft. No-one can prove you wrong.

    And if you go into a draft targeting two low second rounders and ignoring the first round altogether, you don't belong in a front office.

    Either that, or you're the New England Patriots, 2016. :D 

  4. 1 minute ago, nyjunc said:

    where did I say he is to be congratulated for that? please read my post.


    just for clarification though Bradway worked for us from 2001-2014, it was the most successful stretch in team history.

    You're saying it was a great trade. People usually get congratulated for great trades.

  5. 1 hour ago, nyjunc said:

    ok, you would have been happier w/:


    1. Justin Miller

    2. Mike Nugent

    no Jolley and no Kerry Rhodes.


    Maybe you should be our next GM?


    please don't forget Jplley was considered an ascending pass catching TE and our TE the year before had 100 rec yds while starting all 16 games but yeah we got fleeced.

    So he's to be congratulated for getting three pieces of crap for the price of two?

    Personally I find the idea that we would take those two players, and only those two players - regardless of our draft spot - abhorrent. No wonder we struggled for so long with that moronic approach to drafting.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Warfish said:


    NFL Ratings > My Annual NFL Draft Holiday Saturday

    Used to devote the entire day to that, food, everything.  Now, meh, I watch the first round, may plan food maybe, and I skip watching the rest and just check in here as needed.

    But rating don't lie, it seems the three day thing is a massive success (making the NFL money).

    The late start of Day 1 & 2 basically makes it a no-go for us UK fans - starting after midnight.

    I used to be able to follow live, now I just read NFL.com and JN the day after. 

  7. 15 hours ago, Larz said:

    I think darron lee has a chance to be a deone bucannon type player for us, he's my darkhorse


    194.png?w=110&h=110&transparent=true16. Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State, 6-0 ¾, 232 (4.43)

    He has upper-tier athleticism and finds the ball and closes with big-time agility. Some teams consider him undersized. But a team that makes the right call in fitting him in its scheme in a weak-side role will benefit.

    I was going to say the same thing ... I wouldn't be at all surprised if we picked Lee, I like the read on this guy.

    But hey, I had the same feeling about IK when we drafted him, that he'd amount to something with us - well, he did, but it wasn't quite what I had in mind. :-) 



  8. I would have let Mo walk and gotten a 2017 third round comp pick...with he extra cap on the first 1-2 days of FA I would have signed someone of need.  So to me if we can't trade Mo then it's been mishandled.

    Fair enough, but the guy you sign in free agency could easily cancel out, or at least reduce, that third round pick. Say you let him walk, sign a significant replacement and end up with a fifth next year ... does that do it for you?

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  9. 18 minutes ago, varjet said:

    The Jets will be in a very tough position if Lynch makes it to 19, the Bills draft him, and he ends up like Jim Kelly for the next 10 + years beating the Jets.  It is almost better if the Browns or Niners pick him.

    I think the reason people are frustrated with this, and the last few, drafts is that the Jets are a team with alot of needs, but through coaching, luck and relative strengths have won more games than they were supposed to.  That means that continue to draft in bad spots.  

    I also think it's interesting that we end up drafting after a lot of teams with supposedly much better QBs than us ... despite constantly hearing that a QB is everything.

    Chargers, Giants, Bears, Saints, Lions and Falcons all have QBs you'd rate a lot higher than what we had last year, but are drafting before us. I left out the Cowboys, Ravens and Colts as injury played more of a factor there, but even so it's likely at least one, if not more, would still be drafting earlier than us. I've also left out a lot of developing / younger QBs, as it's a bit early to judge them.

    On the flip side - pretty much EVERY TEAM drafting after us is well set at QB. A couple may be looking ahead to grooming the next guy (Cards, Steelers) but it's by no means a necessity right now. Texans and Redskins are in a "wait and see" situation in that they THINK they have their guy (the Texans better PRAY they do :-) ). Only Denver are truly in the market as things stand.

    All in all, there could be very few teams (about 3-4) genuinely in need of a QB next year ... and it could be less depending on the outcome of this year's draft. The rest will be those teams looking at their future needs, rather than immediate needs. Maybe we just need to wait and make next year "our year" to get a QB??


  10. 1 hour ago, BigRy56 said:

    I don't really know why they'd want one. Tyrod Taylor is a safe middle of the road quarterback.. exactly what Rex wants.

    If Rex and the Bills want to take a first round quarterback and let Tyrod go I would love to have him on the Jets.

    Taylor is also a free agent next year.

  11. 2 hours ago, Villain The Foe said:

    If the Jets pull this off 

    Throwing away valuable commodities for shots in the dark is what the Rams did in order to move up to the #1 spot in the draft. 

    Glennon is a "little bit" more than that. 



    Not quite - the Rams threw away multiple smaller shots in the dark for one BIG shot in the dark. :-) 

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  12. 21 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    well the jets did trade up for sanchez but i get your point.  problem is the browns will want more from the jets even after they throw in wilk.  

    I don't see the Browns being overly interested in Mo to be honest - they seem to be willing to burn it down to the ground (not a big job ;-)) and rebuild completely. I think they want picks over players.

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  13. 45 minutes ago, Powpow said:

    SO you're saying they'll be no talent at the OL, QB, ILB, LB and CB position when its our turn to pick. All these positions are more imperative at this point than a WR.  Marshall has 2 years left. Decker, probably more. Yes WR is equally important BUT right now at LB we are extremely thin. Harris is on his last legs.  At QB, we have already made an attempt to trade down to #1, which I wouldn't totally be against,  so Mac obviously sees certain positions as a NEED and wants to procure the top talent there if he can.  If he cant get Goff or Wentz or Lynch, then fall back to plan B which is BPA at OL, OLB, ILB. 

    I'm not saying no talent - it's all relative.

    Let's say you score all players out of 100. At your pick, you need a LT, and the best one you have rated as 70/100. There's also a WR there who you have rated 85/100, but you don't necessarily need a WR.

    The need pick is the LT, but the talent / value pick is the WR.

    Now it's not always that clear cut - let's say the LT is 70 and the WR is 75, it's a lot easier to take the LT as the difference isn't so great. But overall, drafting for need is why teams pick Blaine Gabbert one pick before JJ Watt.

  14. 33 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:

    Stats don't lie.

    What does Fitz's record from 11 years ago have to do with his current capabilities? Might as well bring in his high school and college records while you're at it.

    I guess by the same logic that stats don't lie, we should sign Joe Montana, after all his career winning record is 71%.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Powpow said:

    Yes it is because we need a QB, OL and LB's and a CB at this juncture.  WR's are a luxury right now.  Why not just say fock it use all 6 picks to redo the special teams unit.  

    Talent is always a need. If you draft primarily for positional need you end up picking inferior talent to fill a hole (either real or perceived).

    The GM has to build a talent base to make this team competitive for many years to come - as mentioned above, if Marshall is gone in two years, what do we have at WR? A hole to fill. Having a greater talent level on the roster makes these holes easier to fill. "Next man up".

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