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  1. I found this article that acts as a counterpoint to the OP. It looks at all the successes that the FAs we got rid of had this past year. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/lists/how-did-recent-new-york-jets-departures-fare-with-their-new-teams-sam-darnold-breshad-perriman/?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0QVLoAYpcbRrLlaQqHrblHXDnuCy7SDLQoZ73jiv0rCOyPuOzp0_xvwAo In summary of the two articles - got rid of a lot of trash, ended up getting some back in return. I think that sums up FA in general. Maybe a couple of areas that got a bit better, but not night and day. And people still want us to "spend big" in FA this year?
  2. Big money?? That list contains illustrious high priced stars like Dan Feeney, Justin Hardee and Tyler Kroft, Other than Davis and Lawson I wouldn't consider any of them "big money". We spent lots based on quantity, not quality.
  3. I tend to look at teams in terms of how they are positioned for the future. KC are rolling along pretty nicely - their franchise QB is signed long term, is young, and they've got lots of talent around. Need to improve on D, but that is manageable. Probably should be favorites to win it, but also highly likely to be in the mix next year too. Cincy are a team on the rise - probably don't have all the pieces / experience to go all the way this year but should be able to come right back next year and try again. Rams are in win-now mode - lots of FA signings and trades at the expense of draft capital. Should be NFC favorites (plus home field) but you have to think that they could fall off quite quickly if they don't win. Playing in the NFC West doesn't help either. SF are a curious case ... a team one win away from the SB that don't even know who their QB will be next year. Got to imagine the offseason discussions will be interesting there, to say the least. If they move on to Lance it'll probably be some time before they're back in the playoffs - can they afford to take that step? And if they fall short with Jimmy G, can they afford not to? My vote goes to LA without a doubt. The most "win now" team with the biggest expectations on them.
  4. Of all the playoff teams only LV Raiders gave up more than 400 points (439). Next worst was the Steelers at 398. Of the weekend teams, Cincy gave up the most at 376 and outside of Buffalo, TB were the lowest at 353. So all tightly grouped. Bills were the real outlier at 289. 376 is just over 22 points per game. 353 is over 20. Jets were over 29 ppg. We'd need to give up one less touchdown every game to get within range of the playoff field from this past weekend. Doing the same on offense ... of the weekend team the lowest scorers in the regular season were Tennessee (419) and SF (427). That's around 24 / 25 ppg. Jets were 310 - just over 18 ppg. So we'd need to score one more touchdown every game to get within range of the playoff field from this past weekend. Not surprisingly we need both offense AND defense.
  5. GB had a potent offense all season (Top 10 in points, 13 wins etc). The loss at the weekend is being put down to bad special teams play. But what was their offense and MVP QB doing up to that point? They seem to escape judgement for some reason, which was largely my point - we judge the plays that end the game but not the plays that made those "make or break" moments.
  6. Cincy game was quite the exception IMHO ... that amount of beating up the opposing QB will get you the win more often than not. Tanny shat the bed, and Burrow played phenomenally - you can do that once in a head to head situation but not week in week out. Let's not forget that Buffalo held KC on quite a lot of drives (2 punts, 4 FG attempts). That still requires defense. I can't see our Jets stopping Mahomes from scoring a TD 6 times in a game.
  7. Similar to the Cowboys game ... so much focus on the last drive, where was the high octane offense for the other 58 minutes? SF are showing that you can still win with defense and ST, but I think their luck will run out this weekend.
  8. The weaponz better be vastly improved next year. I doubt they'll be on a par with the best teams by that point, but if they have the pieces to develop it'll be a massive step forward. Right now we don't even have question marks at most positions ... we have nothing. If we see Moore and Carter progressing and bring in similar promising picks at WR and TE we'll be on the right path.
  9. Is that easier or harder than tackling a cow on roller-skates? Asking for an ex-Jet QB ...
  10. Cynthia Frelund should do a nice long video about probabilities, win percentages and ... whatever else.
  11. Buffalo were doormats for most of this century. Historically long play off drought. Two 9-7 seasons was the best they had to show for 15 years. Gaps can be closed.
  12. I think GB had something similar happen a few years back - returner was told to take a knee but ran it back and fumbled, something like that?
  13. I think SF's time is up next weekend ... they've done well to get this far, but winning on the Dak non-spike and a blocked punt TD return will only get you so far. They just don't seem to have that ability to kill other teams off - they have to rely on the other team to implode.
  14. Agreed - I'd much rather lose like that than get torn apart 38-10 and not look like I even belonged there. Bills are so close. Guys will likely stay with the team to get another crack rather than sign elsewhere and probably never sniff another game like that. It can motivate players to put in that little bit extra in the offseason to come back and give it another go. Good coaches will use this as a positive for next year, a way to focus the team on getting back to that spot (or better yet, make it a home game next time).
  15. This might seem an odd thing to say but ... does it really change anything? You build the team the way you believe in, to be the best that it can be. Then you take on the opponents that are on your schedule. You don't draft / develop to counter what other teams are doing or you end up chasing your tail. We play 17 games a year - you have to build a team to play well in all of them, not just focus on the top teams and the players they have now. If you do that, but the time you're ready to compete they could have moved team, got injured, regressed, retired ... who knows.
  16. You can't control what other teams do, nor can you let it affect how you build / prepare your own team. Stick to the plan, put the best team on the field that you can, with the best coaches you can get, and take it from there.
  17. Bills fans probably felt the same after Allen's rookie season. Keep building, keep developing, you never know.
  18. 3 out of 4 home teams out. KC next???
  19. So they can throw the game away in regulation, rather than OT.
  20. No option for "scumbag"? Disappointed.
  21. Both soft as baby poop ... [emoji16] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  22. And Perriman! Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  23. Any word from the other side on whether one day the Braxton Berrios type of player will no longer be on this team?
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