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  1. Strength of schedule in April is a bunch of crap.   You don't know anything about injuries, the draft or anything.  

    The division only plays 2 different games.   That's it.  The jets get the Chiefs and the colts.  The pats get the Broncos and Texans.  Seems about the same.  Jets schedule looks harder than pats because they play the pats who had more wins and he pats play the jets who have less. 

    I agree to an extent, but the AFC East plays the AFC North and NFC West, which are both strong divisions. So overall the AFC East teams may end with a lower overall record, making seeding and wild card spots harder.

    Put another way ... who wouldn't rather play the NFC East / South, and the AFC South, this year?

    Having said that - good teams win the games they have in front of them. Those other teams' fans are probably looking at the AFC East and seeing a tough schedule too. No-one can use the weak schedule excuse this year to belittle player / team performances.

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  2. Not a very nice schedule for us Johnny Foreigners over here in Europe ... after Rams on Nov 13th there's the bye, two night games (1.30AM kick off here), 49ers game then another 1.30 AM kick off). Then Xmas Eve and New Year's Day both at 6pm ... I reckon I'll only see one game in the last 7 weeks. :-( 

  3. Interestingly, the value of Tenn's top two second rounders (#33 and #43) is exactly the same as their 1st rounder (#15).

    I'd be surprised if they gave up the two higher picks straight

    Also, a flip of picks in Round 1 could be included in some sort of deal, if we wanted to move up in Rd 1 a little. Lots of options, and plenty time to explore those options ... you can bet Macc and Tennessee will be talking quite a bit in the coming days.

  4. I did think that the timing of this was interesting ... only reason to make the trade now, rather than draft day, is to lock out other parties. If you're the only guy seriously trying to move up, you agree a deal and keep hush hush till the day itself.

    Depending on what happens at #1, Jets may still be in play for trading to #2 (hmmm ... trade with the Browns to draft a QB, that sounds familiar ...). My worry would be that the Browns will expect a deal very similar to what Tenn got from LA, could lead to an interesting poker game on draft night; in a way, rumours that we walked away could work in our favour as it'll prove to Cleveland that we won't overpay for their pick either. Wilk to the Browns - makes sense I guess, but I'd feel sorry for him if he does get traded to that franchise. Maybe the possibility of that'll frighten him enough to sign a more reasonable deal to stay in NY longer term. :D


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  5. Does anyone find the timing of this move interesting?

    My main thought is, why announce it now, and give everyone else time to adjust? Surely if you've got a deal worked out, it'd be better for the teams involved in the trade to hold it until draft night, and be ahead of all the other teams in terms of preparation? The one reason I keep coming back to is that there was another team involved, wanting to trade up (and serious about it, not just enquiring). Rams didn't want to risk missing out, so pushed for the deal to go through well in advance.

  6. 23 hours ago, Dcat said:

    and this is based on what, exactly?  His 2013 Liscfranc did not give him problems again.  And last year was the ACL. Unrelated.  Most, and I mean the VAST majority,  players recover from ACL just fine.  Other than his age (29) what reason do you have to think he will reinjure his foot or ACL or come up with a new injury?

    To a degree it's like a coin toss ... just because it came up heads X times in a row, means nothing about the next toss. It's still the same odds as any other coin.

    Clady is as likely to have an injury as any other player on the roster.

    Except for Dee Milliner. ;-)


  7. 49 minutes ago, 32EBoozer said:

    I LOVE the enthusiasm that the Spring brings to the NY Jet Football Fandom.

    I'm going to up the ante to 12 -4!

    No penalties this time of year.Go Jets!

    Hey, why not, it's better to be enthusiastic this time of year, and depressed from Sept to Jan, than to be depressed all year. ;-) 

    Last year we were only truly out of 1 game (Oakland) - our other 5 losses were each by 7 points or fewer. Or putting it another way, if we scored 36 more points (in the right places) we're 15-1. (Less ludicrous - 4 more FGs or 2 more TDs against Buffalo and we're 12-4, tied w. NE, and in the playoffs).

    Of course that works both ways - score 21 fewer points (in the wrong places) and we're 6-10.

    Either way, it shows what awfully thin margins are actually involved between being poor, mediocre, good, and awesome.


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  8. 8 minutes ago, Ex-Rex said:

    As I have said repeatedly, Mo Wilkerson can be replaced with a guy already on the roster - Leonard Williams, so there is no need for the franchise tag, which basically makes him untradeable. I would and will pound the table for Mac to remove the albatross from the Jets necks which is the franchise tag on Mo. He is NOT worth QB money to any team in the NFL and that is what the Jets will have to pay him. 15.7 million is ludicrous, and unwise. Plus, if the Jets keep him they will be in the same position next year and will lose him FOR NOTHING. Take the tag off and he immediately becomes tradeable and if he leaves so be it, like I said the team has his replacement in house.

    If you take the tag off, he becomes a free agent ... so there is no trade, he just walks. So we lose him for nothing THIS YEAR.

  9. Yea, Jets beat the Pats 3rd stringers.

    Awesome win for the Jets.

    Did that incredible win propel the Jets into the playoffs?

    Didn't realise Brady was a third stringer ...

    And we may not have made the playoffs by beating you, but we did cost you home field advantage.

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  10. 20 hours ago, Jet in PA said:

    Yeah they should try something with restructuring all of the guys you listed but it's criminal to ask Marshall to take a pay cut for Fitz. I'm a Fitz supporter but if Marshall wasn't there stealing picks and digging balls out of the ground we're not talking about the type of money that Fitz wants. Honestly I think even if we had a ton of money we still wouldn't up his offer.

    No need to ask anyone for a pay cut - restructures usually only mean rearranging the terms of the deal, converting base salary into bonuses etc. Marshall could end up with a longer deal and / or higher amount of guaranteed money, and the team reduces his short term cap figure into the bargain. The risk is that it pushes the cap hit into later years, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - it tends to be bad if (a) the guy declines and he's now overpaid or (b) your drafting sucks and you have to sign more free agents to compensate.

    The real key is that you can afford some expensive vets IF you have a young, inexpensive base to your team from good drafting & development. We are currently in the opposite position - we needed to bring in expensive vets BECAUSE we had a poor team base due to bad drafting & development over many years. It'll take a while to rectify this, in the meantime you have to potentially take a few risks on future production to free up space.


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  11. On 23/03/2016 at 8:30 PM, Shadetree said:

    I'm a big fan of Henderson and I'm happy he's signed. 

    I guess the possible Ragland pick @ #20 is no longer an option.

    Mac doesn't draft to fill need, he drafts to pick the best talent.

    If Ragland is BPA per our board, he'll get taken.

  12. If the wrist injury was that bad, from week 3, why did it take till week 17 to be a problem?

    And if it was that bad, why wait till now for surgery?

    I honestly don't see that being why they played Watkins as they did. If Revis was hurt, they could easily switch to another CB + safety help on Watkins on every play, and Revis one on one on the other side.

  13. 1 hour ago, PatsFanTX said:

    If that is true, then it was an incredibly stupid game plan by Bowles.

    If you want to control Taylor's scrambling ability, then you put 1 spy on him, not the entire friggn' secondary playing 10 yards off the receivers.

    You mean like one of our speedy linebackers?? ;-) 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    I don't disagree with anything you say here and think Geno is out of the picture unless all of the following happen: Fitz doesn't return, Petty is horrible, and a 2016 draftee is as unready as Petty/Geno were as rookies. So forgetting about Geno starting for a minute, if you substitute Fitz where you typed "what if" re Geno, and then what do we do in 2017? Start Fitz again in 2018 because Bowles likes him the way Ryan liked Sanchez, and well he's under contract for $10-12M and no one else has seen a full game so let's go with him again in 2018?

    I take for granted that any incumbent - unless he gets his face smashed in by a psychopath - will be the frontrunner to start the season. What that doesn't allow, though, is that another guy might have done better even if they don't look as good in practice. Look at Geno vs Fitz in practice, where I'm sure Geno's superior physical attributes made it easy to go with him. What if Petty (or a 2016 rookie) would look less ready over the summer, but by the time October rolls around, the first month of live action would have accelerated his growth to the point where he's now the best QB on the Jets? It happens.

    I think part of the reason Mac doesn't want Fitz to have a starter's salary is because he wants it to be easier to bench him when the time comes; where "he's our starter" isn't chiseled into granite because he's getting paid like a starting QB for the next 2 seasons. Not the reason, of course, but I think it's a contributing reason.

    Totally agree ... it's always easy to move on when the incumbent isn't getting the job done, and if Fitz has another "oh so close" year next year we'll be in a very similar position (though probably without the contract issue, as I doubt he'll ever accept a one year deal). That's possibly another factor in the stand off ... it's easy to say Jets are offering X years at Y million, but depending on how it's structured it could very easily end up being a one year deal. I don't see Fitz's camp wanting to play that game.


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