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  1. And here's a good one for ya. The whole  week before the game the Providence Journal was praising the Pats up and down, pretty much making it look like the Pats were a lock. This culminated in one of those "who has the edge" pieces, where they examined about a dozen areas, and they concluded the Pats had the edge in all but 2 areas. So today I'm expecting a huge admission they were SO wrong all week. Instead, they had a GIANT headline that said, in effect,the Pats beat themselves. Nothing about the Denver D dominating the game. ARRRRGH!

    Those two areas were ... the first half, and the second half. ;)

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  2. OK given a choice of Mo at 16 million or Von Miller at that price which would you pick?? How much more effective would Williams and Sheldon be?? 

    I'd worry about giving either $16m. One on one, with our current team, I'd take Miller, to be honest.

    However, if we can get Mo and a 1st round impact OLB, that'd be my preferred scenario. Just need to see how much Mo actually wants, rather than speculation & posturing. I don't recall him or his agent talking JJ Watt money, I thought that was Sheldon & his motor mouth.

  3. So horrible how the NFL has morphed into the NBA over the years ...after every incomplete pass you have someone screaming at a ref just like after every missed shot in the nba , I don't know how they fix it but the league has to do something .

    In soccer, they started booking the players that complained and whined ... maybe start throwing flags on the whiners? That'd stop it pretty quick.

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  4. The player the Pats feared was Shaun Ellis who always played the Pats tough.. Snacks and Mo play different positions what's next Snacks isn't the QB Fitz is?? No one is saying Mo isn't a very good player the question is how much do we have to lose player wise in order to sign him? To you it seems Mo by himself could get sacks with no other linemen with him..If Sheldon and Snacks go Mo will not be the same player.. When did Mo break out?? 2013 when Snacks and Sheldon were full time players..

    Here's another question / perspective ... how much more dangerous / effective could Mo be for us if the opposing offense had to worry about a true edge rushing OLB as well as the DL?

  5. I'll be upset if they have to pay Fitz $8MM but that's probably so. Skrine is making $7.5 next year...to be the slot guy? Maybe, but only with the embarrassment of riches they should have at CB, even without Cro. Whether it's Williams, Milliner, or McDougle. 

    With the amount of nickel D on the go these days, a good slot corner is pretty much a starter on your D.

    Whether Skrine is good enough to merit $7.5m ... that's another discussion. But we're not able to do anything on that number, so he'll be there.

    Personally I think they can lose Cro and see what they can get out of the other guys ... might be a step back overall but if they can improve at LB, it should offset that.



    I don't think Hammer was thin skinned necky.


    He was just so opinionated he had a hard time handling a debate with anyone on the opposite side.


    Remember the time he wanted to meet up with RichardSeymour at some exit off I95?


    That was too funny.


    His "Pig is Ripe" thread is right up there with the "Raiders got a Snowjob" as the greatest threads of all-time.



    "The Pig is Ripe" took on a life of its own ... there'll be people quoting it today that don't know any of the history.

    And on of these days it'll come true!! ;)

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