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  1. Here's how I see it ...

    The league is trying to create parity - a less bipolar league of haves and have nots like back when there were dynasties and also-rans, and you were either one or the other. And for the most part it's working. But you can't make it work all the time; there will always be some organisations that defy, either by being consistently good or consistently bad. So teams like the Browns may have a good year, but revert to form the next 10 years, or teams like the Patsies or Packers will have a bad year but revert to form. 

    What this means is that since there are fewer bad teams, there are also fewer good teams, and the play-offs tend to end up being the usual suspects ... as does the top of the draft. Some teams will fluctuate here and there in the short term - look no further than our 4-12 to 10-6 Jets - which gives excitement and the illusion of progress. But overall the bulk of the league remains mostly in that middle ground.

    Is this any different from how it used to be? Better or worse? Depends on what team you support ... the 49ers and Cowboys of old are replaced by the Patsies, Broncos, Packers and so on. The colours change, but overall the set up to me remains the same - haves and have nots. And when your generationl coach or QB moves on, someone replaces you and the wheel continues to turn. And the money continues to roll in.

  2. Stop, ffs it's a broken bone, no ligament damage at all. He's fine. It does nothing to his value



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    I always love the argument that says we have to pay him JJ Watt money to keep him, but we'd be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for him. :rolleyes:

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  3. The Seahawks O-line looks like swiss cheese so far.

    Something that surprised me as I was looking at cap stuff yesterday - Seahawks spent the third smallest amount on their O Line ($12.8m) this year.

    Jets spent the most ($33.2m)

  4. err, not true, as paraphrasing Mac (thx DaBallhawk) http://forums.theganggreen.com/threads/maccs-season-ticket-holders-presser.86221/


    RE: Cap room for '16
    Focus last year was to put the most competitive team we can out there. The thought process was to add these veterans to help the younger players to grow, mentioned guys like Revis, Skrine, Cro and Gilchrist. Great veteran presence. Long term success comes from developing young players, drafting good players so that's why we added those veterans. It wasn't because of a closing window or that we have to win now, the goal all along was to get veterans to carry this team for 1-3 years and help develop the young guys to take over for them at some point and play at a very high level. I'm assuming he's referring to guys like Marcus Williams.

    I'd say Mo fits into both these categories - young and good. I'm sure they'll make every effort to resign him at the expense of older players (looking at you Cro!).

  5. In fairness, they're rumored to be letting one of them go because he decided not to play this year when he found out he was going to have to do what the coaches asked of him, not what he felt like doing.  That's going to create a huge hole for them.

    I'm seeing the whole thing as another knock on Rex's greatness ... I always heard he needs really good talent run his D, now I hear he needs really good self-motivated talent.

    You give a guy like Mario Williams to a DC he should be eating opponent QBs for breakfast. Rex has him covering TEs and RBs. What a waste.

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