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  1. Unless its in cookies, I don't think so. Pay him, Mo, Sheldon, and Williams? 

    Sheldon and Williams are already "paid" - they're under contracts that are pretty affordable.

    Paying Snacks and Mo will depend on moves we make elsewhere with our other FAs and high paid / not-so-high performing players; and on what moves we want to make elsewhere to bring in other guys.

    Macc will be earning his money this year.

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  2. Fitzpatrick is a has been that never was also. 

    Might as well get rid of most of the team, by this line of thinking ... we just got the best year out of Fitz that he's ever had, so clearly he's finished. :rolleyes:

    Marshall has never been to the play-offs, and just had one of his best years, shall we get rid of him too? 

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  3. So waste money signing Fitzpatrick?  We got all we are getting out of Fitzpatrick and the schedule is tougher next year this year he only beat 2 teams with winning records.

    So you'd prefer to throw a rookie, a has-been and a 4th rounder from last year into the mix against this tougher schedule??? :blink:

  4. We got the best out Fitz we are going to get he's never won a playoff game in his career he's nothing more than a journeyman QB we are a QB starved team his mediocre play is the best we've seen in years, I'm happy your happy others are happy but where are we this weekend home watching other teams, 

    So which play-off winning QB are we going to go after in free agency this year? :mellow:

  5. that was my original point, lol

    I thought the implication was that it wasn't talent related, more that they didn't get on.

    Decker was Gailey's preferred slot player. Decker is far more talented than Kerley. So maybe the argument should be that the outside player opposite Marshall was lacking, which I'd agree wholeheartedly with.

  6. It always gets me that people are looking at bringing in free agent QBs to unseat existing free agent QBs ... when in the past 30 years or so there's only been a handful of free agents that have actually won a Superbowl with their teams. In the 27 Superbowls since I started watching the game, I think there are only 5 times where the QB was not drafted by the team that won.

    I'm not saying it can't happen, just that it's much less likely. 

  7. I think he would have made a better 3rd option than enunwa smith or thompkins.  a good coach finds a way to use talent

    A good coach also knows when to stick to what works rather than trying to please everybody ... given the number of passing game records set this year, I'll defer to Gailey on this occasion. :)

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  8. You speak out of both sides of your mouth, its crazy. On one hand you basically say if we don't win a SB, the season is worth nothing. Then on the other side, you say I am so grateful that we got to AFCCG's. 

    There are no trophies for going to AFCCG's, not any more than going 10-6 and missing the playoffs. You get 3 more weeks of Jet football, that is what you get, and a more heartbreaking loss when it happens.

    This year we got 4-5 more weeks of meaningful football and a heartbreaking loss.


    But there can be banners :



  9. The scary part for me is that lots of guys expect Fitz to just take up where he left off.  (Okay, not exactly where he left off in that last debacle of a game in Buffalo.) Personally, I think this season Fitz had his dream season, statistically.  IMO, it's downhill from here.  Or, reverting back to what he has always been: A JAG QB who has never made the playoffs.

    Just remember, at the start of 2015 he'd never won more than 6 games in a season. ;)

  10. Bullock was a good pickup. He was ok, not great, He's not that inferior to Folk. He should have a job next season. He was cut by the Texans for missing two extra points but overall in the NFL there were plenty of missed extra points. I would assume he doesn't want to go to a team like the Jets where he's rated the no. 2 kicker. When all teams only carry one PK. He did well enough here to go into training camp as a team's no. 1.

    Dan Carpenter in Buffalo missed 6 PATs this year.


  11. that is a reach.  if we play for 3 and make it we are up 20-19 w/ almost 11 mins left.  you think we are holding that lead? as it was Buf took over at their 20 as they likely would have on a KO and took 7 mins off the clock and kicked a FG.  why would that have chanced? they dominated our D all day long.

    Exactly - and we'd be killing the coach for "playing scared" and not going for the win when we had momentum etc ... 

    I fully agree with going for the TD, it was the execution that failed, and that's on Fitz. If it isn't there, throw it out the back of the end zone and move on to the next play. 

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