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  1. that team quit on their HC early in the season and quit again later in the season.  they had a few good games after the coaching change but were a mess the rest of the year.

    we were not a typical 10-6 team, in a normal year we are closer to 8-8, Miami would have been closer to 4-12.  there were a lot of bad teams and it inflated records. 

    Well, the terrible Dolphins went 3-1 vs. teams that made the play-offs this year. It's OK, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000618432/article/cowboys-chargers-lead-2016s-worsttofirst-candidates

    3) Miami Dolphins



    They have a young quarterback in Ryan Tannehill who had a decent 2015, including 350 yards and two scores in a Week 17 winover the Patriots. He hasn't quite put it all together, but he's shown he can be the quarterback Miami needs to compete in the AFC East. The key now will be hiring a coach who can get more out of Tannehill and the rest of the roster, including big-money acquisitionNdamukong Suh. It's also important to re-sign running back Lamar Miller.

    Their division is tough -- consider that the Dolphins were the only team in it with a losing record -- especially with New England perennially at the top. And Miami's 2016 schedule, which will feature theSteelersBengalsSeahawksCardinals and Rams, is no cakewalk. But the Patriots have to fallsomedayTom Brady can't play forever. The Dolphins did, after all, just beat a New England team that was trying to win. It might not be extremely likely, but the Dolphins have a decent shot to emerge as 2016's AFC East champions.

    Is this just a copy and paste of every other Dolphins off season article ever written??

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  3. Miami won 6 games and they were terrible.  there may not have been one '96 Jets out there but there were a bunch of really bad teams. 

    They played some terrible games, but 6-10 is not a terrible team in my opinion.

    Put another way - they finished as close to the bottom as we finished close to the top. If 6-10 is "terrible", then I'd argue 10-6 has to be "excellent". I don't believe either is correct.

  4. I'm aware of what Bowles has said on the issue. 

    The thread was looking for opinions. Mine is that handing Fitz the job outright is a bad idea. And if they do just hand him the job, they better have a viable alternative in place. 

    Well, last year they handed it to Geno outright, but did have a viable alternative in place that got us to within 1 TD of the play offs. So I'm happy to trust their judgement next year.

  5. Bothered in game and still by 1st and 10 at their own 20 right before half, around 30 seconds left, with the wind and 1 timeout. Call a run on 1st down and then give up on 2nd without using the timeout. There is a serious passive streak to Gailey or Bowles or both that manifested itself there and in a lot of 1st halves. 2 or 3 quick passes using the sideline and your single TO can get you in FG position. There were too many games were the the jets did zero in the 1st half and either had Fitz bail them out or lost. Sunday was the latest example. 

    And also not trying to get another play off before the 2 minute warning in the fourth quarter. With the SEASON on the line. I can't fathom that.

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  6. Fitz as a year 2 starter can be / should be / better be >>> Fitz as our year 1 starter

    Advantages - healthy, full offseason with the surrounding cast incl. coaches, definite starter (barring getting punched out by a team mate), continuity / chemistry / all those other "intangibles".

    Possible upsides - better talent to work with beyond the big 2 (either from new players or development of existing players), better support from running game, better D so not needing to chase games late etc ... not in Fitz's control, but feasible for the FO / coaching staff to achieve

    Possible outcomes - doesn't work out, we move on to Plan B (Petty) or Plan C (tbc) OR works out and we finally make the damned play-offs (anything beyond that is gravy as far as I'm concerned). IMHO it's not like hitching our wagon to Fitz next year sets us back 5 years if it doesn't work out.

  7. In order to be en route you have to be in the playoffs. Fitz has never been there. 

    And yes, Fitz has been converting on the last drive of many games for the past month and a half. Im just putting the same level of criticism on him that we've put on prior Jets QB's. sh*t, atleast Fitz had talent around him. 

    Why have a problem with my "future failure" statement. How many years has Fitz been in the league? And how many of those years has Fitz been in the playoffs? Alright then. 

    We've had guys like posters on the forum say things like "Fitz hasnt been to the playoffs because he's consistently had bad teams around him". Well, what happened this year? How about giving ME a break. lol. 

    Look, we can talk about all the things that went wrong in this game, and its certainly not all Fitz fault. I wasnt even super pissed by the endzone INT, that was just great anticipation by McKelvin given that we pretty much run the same post route in the redzone with Decker and you can tell that McKelvin studied tape. However, McKelvin broke on the route before Decker did and Fitz didnt see it because he already made his mind up to throw the football. With that said though, the two other INT's to end the season is inexcusable. 

    I've seen people say "Sheldon Richardson jumping offsides on 4th down was unforgivable" yet I see nothing but excuses when Fitz throws 3 consecutive INT's in three drives in the 4th qtr. to end the season. What part of the game is that? 

    Also, players dropped passes, though that pass to Thompkins wasnt a drop, that was a great play by the defender to break it up. You cant blame that on Thompkins as if he dropped the pass. Also, those drops still dont excuse his 3 INT's in the 4th qtr which could have EASILY been 5 or 6 INT's in this game if not for Bills defenders dropping them. So its cool to highlight the drops by the WR's in order to remove blame from Fitz yet not even talk about the 3 dropped INT's that Fitz threw in the game? 

    Fitz overall had a solid year, but he was 1 qtr of football away from playing a complete season and what he ended up doing was throwing 3 ints. This is what happens when you have the most talented Jets team with the easiest schedule possibly in Jets history and you miss the playoffs. Fitz received his excuses this year, about how terrible his teams were. That wasnt the case this year and we couldnt get a playoff birth. 

    And im putting it square on his shoulders because when we were winning everyone was putting that square on his shoulders. 

    I've been quite a big supporter of Fitz ... still am, hope he's back next year and can be part of that next step forward that the team needs to take.

    And I agree with quite a lot of what you've said above (Thompkins play was a BIG play by the D, as was the McKelvin play - the other team are paid to make plays too).

    But what concerned me about Sunday's game was not so much what happened in the fourth quarter, with the game on the line, but WHY the game was on the line in the fourth quarter. Where was the fast start, the early lead ... we KNOW Rex's MO is to get an early lead and cling on for dear life, and that's exactly what they did. But they were able to do so because our O did so little early on. On our first FIVE offensive possessions, we didn't get past our own 25 yard line. First time we did was because of a Buffalo penalty, and by that time we were down two scores - and never recovered.

    Something that bugged me early on about Fitz's throws, he seemed to be trying to rifle them in there - probably due to the weather, but whatever the reason they were coming in too flat and too straight, which makes them easier to defend and harder to catch. We were already more one-dimensional than we wanted to be, with the run game struggling, and that one dimension was misfiring from the off. It was then that I already had a bad feeing that we'd be playing from behind and pressing too much late on. And although we lost in the fourth quarter, my feeling is that this game was already lost in the first half.

    I saw someone describe us as coming out flat, but I don't think that was it - we came out tight, as another comment went, and I think that describes it perfectly, Fitz especially. It's like everyone was focusing so hard on not screwing up, that we screwed up. Hopefully the coaching staff can realise this and learn from it.


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  8. Playing for a FG there is not a wise move ... Look what happened on the Bills next drive, long, slow, clock consuming drive for a FG, suddenly we're behind again, while board erupts about playing scared.

    And if McKelvin didn't get the pick, there was at least a PI flag coming as Decker was already hauling at him to keep him from catching it, so he was doing all he could to stop the turnover.

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  9. Defense - like swiss cheese - Bills ran with abandon. Watkins looked like Jerry Rice.


    Bills ran a lot (I think 43 times), but were utterly unproductive with it - 2.6 yards average overall, and under 2 yards per carry with their RBs.

    They were only able to run like that and run down the clock because they kept converting on 3rd down passes, and played Rexball - get an early lead and hang on for dear life.

  10. 1991 week 17 at Miami: Jets win 23-20(ot), make playoffs.  this was like a playoff to get to playoffs as winner made it and loser was out



    I still recall that game well ... Raul Allegre was our kicker that day, made the OT kick to win it. :)

    Then we lost in the Wild Card round the following week, in Houston I think. :angry:

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  11. Agreed. Faster doesn't necessarily just mean 40 times... team speed is often impacted by instinctive play and smarts. So, while we definitely need to shed some of the lead-footed LBers, we also need more guys that are smart (as you suggest), who play more instinctively, and less reactively. Fractions of seconds make a difference in this league.

    An example on Sunday was when Watkins bobbled that ball, Revis pulled up for a fraction of a second, and then when Watkins pulled it back in, Revis was no longer in position to make an immediate stop and he gained 10+ more yards on the play. A play that the old Revis normally blows up for an incompletion. Extrapolate those pauses and fractions of seconds to other positions, with players nowhere near as talented as Revis, and you'll see a lot of the plays that burned us throughout the year... on defense, on kick coverage...

    As for offense, I think it goes without saying that our RBs are slow as sh*t, and we have no speed from the TE position or the outside WR spot. Think about the mismatches we'd be able to create and exploit with a legit move TE, or a take it to the house RB.

    Our offense did an excellent job putting up numbers, considering it really only had a QB and 2 WRs.

    We had Ridley plodding at RB, and only three catches outside of Marshall and Decker (2 of those to Ridley for zero yards). So yes, we really did only have a QB and 2 WR. And I guess one big run from Ivory (that still led to zero points :angry:).

  12. Things to consider in favour of continuing with Fitz (other than those already stated) :

    • He'll come into camp as the definite starter. Lots of time to work with both the established guys and the lower level guys to improve chemistry and understanding
    • He'll come into camp fully healthy - last year he was very limited by his previous leg break. Same as above for getting time with the surrounding cast
    • Gailey and he can plan for him being the starter from Week 1. Remember that up until "the IK Incident" we were planning to start Geno
    • Leadership - the offense especially REALLY respond to this guys demeanour, toughness and leadership. That cannot be imported, it has to be grown. Moving on from him now you're back to square one again, and disrupt a cohesive locker room
    • Maybe we can teach him how to slide a bit more often :lol:
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  13. I'm fully on board with letting Ivory walk IF his contract expectations are too high. I'd definitely re-sign Powell, but again the price has to work.

    I would not, however, rely on Powell as my #1 RB next year, I'd want him to be part of a 1-2 punch like this year; we just need that 1-2 punch to work for much more of the season. I'm looking for us to draft a RB early in the draft who can be an all-rounder type (i.e. not exclusively a "power back", nor a real shifty outside runner, but a guy who can run the rock inside and out, and has good enough hands for screens and wheel routes. I'd also look to pick up a shifty change-of-pace type guy later in the draft - we need a stable of 3 productive guys, this year we had two plus two JAGs and that cost us at the end of the year. FA would also be an option for either position, but I'm not sure anyone will be available who would be good enough and young enough, plus affordable (if so, why are they free agents?)

  14. With the Bills' TOP, no mortal defense could be expected to be fresh to the end. The passing game murdered us and kept our defense on the field.

    Which is why it was impressive that even late in the 4th quarter, the Bills run game couldn't seal the deal and run out the clock. The D line held up pretty well, and gave us probably more chances than we deserved to pull that game out. We just couldn't take them.

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  15. As asinine as blaming it on Fitzpatrick.  The defense allowed the Bills to keep the ball 40 minutes. I don't blame it on Revis, but ALL had a hand in it including coaching.

    Defense couldn't get off the field.

    Offense couldn't stay on the field.

    Specials couldn't positively alter field position.

    Coaching failed to adapt to any of the three above problems.

    This was a true team-wide loss.

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  16. --For a team that spent 4 of our last 5 first rounders on defensive lineman... WHAT THE FCK?? Did Mo, Williams and Richardson serious just get pushed around by Icognito?  

    No, they didn't get pushed around. Bills ran the ball 43 times, and netted only 113 yards (2.6 avg). Taylor accounted for 51 of those on 10 carries. 33 carries for 62 yards by the RBs. That's under 2 yards per carry. Against the #1 rushing offense in the league.

    So I'd say the D line played very strongly - lots of lines would tire late with that amount of running plays, but ours didn't.

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  17. Losing a playoff spot at the hands of Rex was like a swift kick to the nuts.

    Nuts which were already still sore from the earlier season game (which, eerily, played out very similarly and ended with the same score ... even had the same scorers for the Jets, Marshall and Decker TDs, FG from Bullock, and a very similar game from Fitz).

  18. sorry bud it's been an emotional day. It was hard not being a bit down. We all bleed green, it's better being Rex free then with Rex, even though we lost.

    As someone joked yesterday, Rex extended his run of keeping the Jets out of the play-offs to 5 years ... I think I laughed and cried at the same time.

  19. We got 10 wins this year with what we thought was a difficult schedule.  It Looks tough right now but things change a lot by the time you play those games.  

    Exactly. This year we were playing the mighty 12-4 Cowboys, the dangerous 10-6 Eagles who only just missed out on the play-offs, the 11-5 Colts ... those three combined for 19 wins and 29 losses this year.

    Things change. Teams change. Injuries happen. The NFL is not overly predictable week to week, never mind year to year.

    (Just ask TX ... three weeks ago he was predicting the Patsies would be resting their starters against us after locking up the #1 seed. ;)).

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