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  1. How long have you followed the Jets, a while I think, it never ends well. We are an Old team, we've drafted Sh@t for years. I like Super Mac, I think Bowles unlike Rex can learn by his mistakes. It's just we have key FA's and old vets on to much $.

    I was trying to think back, it's probably 30 years this year since I picked the Jets as my team (yes, I chose this ... :lol:).


  2. Dude I agree with you, I just look at the age of our team, this was our chance for a while, I don't see 10 wins next year. 

    I didn't see 10 wins this year either. You never know.

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  3. Not with next years schedule they won't. The 2015 Jets are a mirage. They had a patty cake schedule that allowed them, a mediocre team, to beat a lot of terrible ones. The only team they beat out of 10 wins that had a winning record was the banged up Patriots.

    Washington ended up with a winning record too. Though not at the time we played them. So it depends on your point of view if that counts or not.

  4. They would be the #1 Seed in the AFC playoffs, think about that for a minute!

    Hopefully Bowles, weeds out the guys who just don't care, and we don't have these types of inexcusable losses next season, and can be that 12-4 team with the top seed in the AFC.

    If we'd won in Foxboro we'd have been AFC East champs.


    We didn't.

    Strong season, but a painful end.

  5. Great how we've gone from the narrative of "Rex never got given the talent" to "the talent doesn't buy into Rex's system".

    So, he can only win if he's given the right talent AND the talent likes him and believes in him ... anything else?? The list of excuses is getting longer.

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  6. Rex threw Sparano under the bus?  Did you think they should have kept him?  He was quite possibly the single worst coordinator I can remember. 

    Given it was Rex who hired him only the year before, you could argue that he at least gave him a push, if not threw him under.

    If he was that bad, why did he hire him in the first place? Shared blame IMHO.

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  7. His system worked just fine his first 2 years, winning 10 games and his division each year.

    Last year he went 10-6 and missed the play offs. Dallas won the division at 12-4. Detroit and Arizona got the wild cards at 11-5.

    And the year they won the division, they lost at home in the Wild Card game to New Orleans.

  8. If I had a vote, it'd go to Carson Palmer.

    It's usually a QB, due to the nature of the position being the most valuable to every team, but this year has seen a lot of movement among the previous top QBs. Manning injured / aging; Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Rivers and Brees playing on teams that for various reasons just aren't getting it done (plus some injuries).

    Palmer, Brady, Newton, Dalton and Wilson are the top 5, IMHO ... you could argue that Dalton deserves a lot of consideration, look how his team have done without him. Seattle are doing well now, but struggled early, which probably hurts Wilson a bit.

  9. Unbelievable. He went 10-6 in back to back seasons. I thought that would be enough to earn him one more year.

    I guess it had to do with personnel moves more than anything else. Murray and Maxwell got big contracts but played really poorly. Bradford got $13 million and had a bad season. The receivers he drafted couldn't make plays and dropped a ton of passes. His newly built offense fell off a cliff.


    That's the same thinking that meant we kept Rex way longer than we should have done.

  10. Miami.....

    I hope so!! :)

    IMO just wait until Chip has to face Bellichick, Bowles and Rex on an ongoing basis...... He will wish he was in another dvision fast.

    Well, he did beat all 3 of these AFC East teams this year. ;)

    So maybe Miami will jump at the chance? Is their big top big enough for that size of circus??

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  11. He looks like a totally different player this year. Faster, stronger, and great vision. I don't know what changed for him, but he is playing great right now. 

    I think they're calling plays that suit what he does well. Playing to his strengths.

  12. I think comeback player of the year and league MVP are not out of the question.  It may be a bit early to get excited but I think we could be looking at a potential future Pope with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    After that, only need a couple of certified miracles and sainthood awaits! :D

  13. I'm a little mad at myself that I couldn't see through all this guys bull sh*t because of the exciting start to his tenure.  Those were some of the best years as a Jets fan for me.

    Now, it's very easy to see how his antics impact everything that happens with a team.

    Glad to be wrong.  I love Bowles and his demeanor.  He's learned from some early mistakes and has this team cruising.

    good riddance 

    I think many of us were happy to be winning and relevant again - and as Rex had just taken over he got the credit, whether it happened because of him or in spite of him.

    What started to get to me was the constant and continued ill discipline - the dumb penalties, lack of communication, breakdown of fundamentals like tackling. And funnily enough, that seems to have followed him to Buffalo ...

  14. dude jets lost to TJ Yates in Houston, AJ played very well in a hostile stadium vs the #1 ranked def in NFL. He made himself some coin when he goes FA  in 2 yrs

    Jets lost to TJ Yates and the rest of the Texans TEAM ... their D played a much more important role than the QB in that game, in my opinion.

    If we meet again, I doubt you can draw any conclusions from that first game as to how the second one would pan out. Though hopefully the Jets account a little more for that Watt fellow. ;)

  15. I think there is alot of truth to it.

    If...and that is a big if the Jets take care of buisness in Buffalo look at what you have

    Denver with the 30 minute man Brock Osweiler at QB

    Cincy: If they get Dalton back then they become very dangerous. Probably the team with the most talented 53 man roster in the NFL. If Dalton is not ready and McCarron has to go, that could be a major problem

    Houston: What are they on their 5th QB this year ?

    KC: The other interesting team because I don't think alot of people know what to make of them. It is Andy Reid's best coaching job but considering the division I don't think they get alot of respect.

    Then you have the Jets....Winners of 5 straight, a team that not only has beaten the Pats but could have beaten them twice. You have an offense that right now is probably the best offense we have seen since 98. A QB who is playing out of his mind, a WR corp that could very be one of the best in the NFL, a very solid defense, and most importantly they are probably the most healthy of all the teams.

    If the Jets get in they can be a very dangerous team. Just take care of the Bills and Sunday and let's go.


    Here's a scary thought ... I don't normally play the "what if" game with past results, due to knock-on effects and so on. But if the Jets had won in Foxboro, and everything else stayed the same ... we'd be playing next week for the AFC East, and a possible #1 seeding.

    That's how close the margins are in the NFL these days.

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