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  1. I believe the Pats was the 8th easiest.  But they also won more game and will get the number one seed in the AFC with the second most injury depleted roster in the NFL.

    But I thought the Patsies were the bestest ever at overcoming injuries - next man up, the Patriot Way, and all that BS.


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  2. And this is only the the Jets second win this season against a team that currently has a winning record.  The other being Washington who is 8-7. I know the Jets are somewhat better this year, but some of it is playing the easiest schedule in the NFL.

    I'd be careful about going on about ease of schedule, given that Jets and Patsies had pretty much the same schedule. So if ours was the easiest, Patsies was pretty damned close.

  3. Pats* are down to practice squad guys on o-line, the coaches are just trying to teach the how to subtly hold and not draw a flag

    Looks like they did a pretty good job so far. And on some plays there was no "subtly" about it - and still no flag.

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  4. Exactly. If we clean that up, we can win this game easily

    I was a little concerned with the number of fumbles yesterday ... Not a big deal since we won the game, but a different bounce on either of the RB ones and it could have been goodnight Vienna.

    Bowles really has to emphasise ball security this week in practices.

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  5. Mauldin was face masked on that last NE TD. Overall the D is coming together. The secondary has been playing well and the D line has stepped up. Sheldon was outstanding

    I saw the face mask, couldn't see who it was, but it was blatant. And, what a surprise, no flag. :rolleyes:

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  6. The way we felt the last two weeks...wondering if the Chiefs or Steelers would EVER lose a game.  That's how the Steelers' fans feel now.  They have to be asking themselves how the Chiefs and Jets could possibly win 10 straight and 6 straight to finish the season but there it is right in front of them.  Very possible and would doom the Steelers, who might have been the most dangerous team in the AFC until this week.

    The football gods are fickle and right now, the Steeler fans are getting a dose.  Better them than us.

    So that's it - Beli wanted the Steelers OUT of the play-offs, but couldn't be seen to intentionally lose the game vs. the Jets, so they pull the whole "confusion at the coin toss" trick so that we win! Boy that Beli is such a genius!

    There you go Patsie trolls, perfect excuse. :lol:

  7. pats were called for just 1 penalty for 7 yds, that's how you keep the game close. with that piece of crap OL, i dont believe they were called for 1 hold the entire game

    They weren't. Patsie linemen never hold.

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  8. Haha. Bellicheat is such an arrogant tool. Why in the world would anybody elect to kick in OT when a TD wins the game? How can this decision be defended? What a fool.

    He clearly trusted his defense to get the stop.

    Fitz had other ideas. :D

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