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  1. I almost don't want to win out. The aggravation of finishing 11-5 and on a six game winning streak and not making the playoffs might not be worth it.

    I'd rather miss the playoffs at 11-5 than 9-7 / 10-6. And it's not like the difference would affect our draft pick either - 11-5 and no playoffs would give us the same spot as 9-7.

  2. I wouldnt count on AJ beating that broncos def in denver. They wont need much from brock to win, then denver has SD

    I quite agree ... there are many scenarios in which we CAN get in, and "stranger things have happened / any given Sunday" can still apply. But right now we're looking like the best team to not make the play offs.

    My own personal view is that our best chance now is KC ... but I still have a tough time believing they'll lose to one of their two remaining opponents, even if we do win out.

  3. smh mon, dude is now comparing cam to fitzy...only in jets land

    You're the one who said Fitz's play didn't count because he was playing a cupcake schedule. I'm simply pointing out the fallacy of that by showing that Cam (and Brady) both have very similar schedules to Fitz.

    I get that you (and Villain) think Fitz is garbage. Just don't use "weak schedule" to knock any good games he has, as you can do that with pretty much most players if you look hard enough.

  4. Remember KC was 1-5 at some point this year.

    Seattle & Arizona probably depends on where we play them. 

    But again, this is pointless. Nobody knows what injuries and general degredation of skills can do from one team to the next. You are making a point that is irrelevant right now

    I wouldn't care if Fitzpatrick is playing against all college teams. He deserves credit and not ridicule


    Seattle at home, Arizona on the road.

  5. I would have no problem giving more props if he had beaten some good teams, jets def is rated in top 5 and is carrying the load for the most part. Ummm AFC North and NFC west is a huge step up, like playing and ACC schedule and then moving to SEC.

    Jets offense is also in the top 10 this year. When was the last time that happened? And is the QB not the lynch-pin of the offense?

    And regarding our schedule next year ... last year at this time we were looking at playing the 12-4 Cowboys, 10-6 Eagles, 11-5 Colts, 9-7 Texans, 9-7 Bills and 8-8 Dolphins. And we were just the crappy 4-12 Jets. How did that work out? ;)

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