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  1. This is just like 2002 where a dumb loss to the Bears meant we had to beat the defending Super Bowl Patriots to avoid elimination and set up a three-things-must-happen situation the following Sunday to get into the playoffs.

    This year's dumb loss was to the Bills.  The question is, can we beat an elite, winning team in the Patriots?  It's been beaten to death of course, but we've beaten nothing but scrubs so far.  Yeah, I know we can only play the schedule we were given, but we haven't beaten a quality football team in years.  I hope we beat Dallas so that next Sunday is for huge marbles, MetLife will never have rocked so hard.

    SAR I

    If you look at our wins / losses in detail, you can see how fine the margins are between winning and losing in the modern NFL :

    Two of our wins were against teams that are currently 3-10

    Three of our wins have been against teams that are 5-8

    Three of our wins, and four of our losses, have been against teams that are 6-7

    One of our losses was against a team that is 11-2

    So 10 of our 13 games have been against 5-8 / 6-7 teams, and we're 6-4 in those. Any one loss to a 6-7 team changes the narrative - for both teams - as both would be 7-6 (and we wouldn't be talking playoffs). Conversely, any one win against one of those 6-7 teams and we're in a much stronger position down the stretch.

    Of our 5 losses, 4 have been by a single score (only Oakland was a two-score loss). But of our 8 wins, only 2 have been by one score (Jax, Gints).

    So we are what we our record says we are - good enough to be just a little ahead of the pack, but not good enough to be looking into January just yet. But just one, maybe two scores here and there and we could either be booking playoff tickets ... or all hanging out in the draft forum looking at next year already.

  2. Who the hell cares! Almost every single QB has dropped potential INT's virtually every game. It is literally bizarre the level some will stoop to diminish this guys accomplishments. The guy is a late round pick from Harvard who has a cast on his left hand and he is courageously leading his team to a winning record with a potential record setting season, and people are still trying to spew garbage on him. WTF???

    There were 71 offensive snaps for the Jets in that game - that's 71 potential fumbles!!! What a bum!  :D

  3. Apparently Blount is done for the season.  Should help our chances.  Not that they run a lot on us, but he is a beast and if they have to kill clock at the end of game he is usually who they do it with. 

    Last time we played them, Blount had 3 carries for -3 yards. Brady was their lead rusher.

    I'm not seeing this make much difference, if any.

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    Why would the FO be reticent to let him go?


    HC salaries have no impact whatsoever on the team's salary cap.


    $27.5MM is chump change to Pegula.



    I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they sit down and review the year. :)

    Take a 9-7 team, with a strong D and a limited O. Improve the QB position significantly, add key pieces at RB, CB, OL, not lose anyone in particular ... put them up against an arguably weaker schedule (AFC South, NFC East) ... and AT BEST finish at 9-7.

    Engage bluster-mode and initiate empty-promise protocol!!!

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  5. "Obviously, very emotional at the time. He probably would have regretted some things he was going to say, and that's why he probably chose to do it the route that he chose. Does he have a right to his opinion and do different things? Absolutely.



    Rex should take this to heart and try doing this himself ... might save him some embarrassment.

    "We were the better team, we just happened to lose". :rolleyes: He should get that on a T-shirt.

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  6. If the Steelers lose to the Browns and the Jets lose to the Bills, leaving them both at 10-6 to end the year, do the Jets pick up the common opponent advantage? If the Jets beat NE, which Pitt lost to and they already beat Cleveland, who the Steelers would have split with, is that enough for them to edge out Pitt?


    Not a likely scenario, but not impossible.

    According to the ESPN simulator, we still miss out ... I think that would be based on strength of victory working in the Steelers' favour. They've beaten teams like the Cards and the Bengals (and in this scenario, the Broncos too). Our best win in this scenario would be vs. NE, but other than that there's a whole lot of so-so.

  7. We did miss them... But honestly we've been phenomenally lucky with regard to injuries this year. Look around the league at all the major players who have gone down -- we really haven't lose anyone significant for more than a couple of games.

    We lost Geno ... most significant injury we've had all year, you could say. ;)

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  8. So, basically, if Denver beats Pit this week it makes the Dallas game meaningless. We need to beat the Patriots and the Bills regardless.

    How can it be meaningless? What if teams like the Steelers lose again? We could get in at 10-6 if the steelers lose 2 of their last 3. 

    It's not meaningless. Want to go into the game against NE hot.

    This is correct - if both Pitt and NYJ lose this weekend, we control our own destiny in the last two weeks. If both win, we don't.

    Of course, best scenario is Pitt lose, Jets win. ;)

    But we'd still have to beat NE and Buffalo either way (unless Pitt lose again). Hence why the Dallas game is pretty irrelevant as far as play-offs / tie breaker if Pitt lose.

  9. I don't understand why we hold number 6 right now if we will lose it even if we win out. Is it because the other two 8-5 teams have only conference games remaining?

    It's due to the conference games tie-break being incomplete ... we've played one more than Pitt, so our W/L % is currently better.

    If Pitt and NYJ both win next week, the two will swap places. Oddly though, if we both lose next week, we then control our own destiny again - win out and we're in!

  10. Much worse than that. We do not go in any tie with Pitt scenario I could find.

    IF we both end 10-6 ... AND the Jets loss is to the Giants ... THEN we get in as our Conference record will be 8-4, Pitt 7-5.

    Still pretty far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.

  11. Let's see what Mo ACTUALLY wants first, rather than just running with the same old "JJ Watt-style money" adage that's been trotted out every time the subject comes up.

  12. Steelers have Broncos, Ravens and Browns (let's hope Ravens are still playing for pride)

    Jets have Cowboys, Pats and Bills

    Needed the Bengals to win this week but the games still matter

    Ravens have both Pitt and KC coming up ... would really help us if they could win at least one of those.

  13. thanks for the info..I thought we controlled destiny. I stand corrected!

    Us being #6 seed is due to the incomplete nature of the conference games tie-breaker. We've played one more conference game than Pitt, so our win % is higher.

    If we both win next week, Pitt will move into #6 and we'll be out at #7. Unless KC stuff up.


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