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  1. This 100%. and do the same with TE while we're at it. WR in Round 1, TE in Round 2 (or after trade down in Round 1 potentially).
  2. Agreed - and I think Mack was after a second trade down too. Trader Mike did really well to manage the trade up. Drafter Mike did not so well on the pick.
  3. Personnel wise sure ... that really is a "did less with more" scenario. But they need to look at the whole game execution-wise, not just that last drive. How come the offense was stagnant for so long? If not for SF playing it safe and kicking FGs they could have been dead in the water mid way through Q3, if not sooner. Many more issues than just that two minute drill.
  4. Imagine pulling off a trade like that these days?
  5. A lot of fans don't remember much other than how their season ended ... and potentially a lot of FO / coaches too. We lost to Pittsburgh in the playoffs because of missed FGs, so we went and drafted a kicker high in the next draft. Like that was all we needed to do. Never mind how the rest of the season went and what else was important, what other holes we had. You even see the same in game - everyone is talking about how Dallas messed up their last drive, but why were they in that position in the first place? Why did they only put up 7 points in the first three quarters? Far more important than whether to rush for 12 yards vs 17 yards, how much they practice the spike process etc. Focus on what really matters!
  6. Yeah I remember that ... was it Mangini that wanted a laundry list of his old (scrub) players and all we added was one additional pick? EDIT - our #1 (17 overall) and #2 pick, Abram Elam, Kenyon Coleman and Brett Ratliff.
  7. Considering the opposition in 2 of those three games, that's pretty good going. Earlier in the year he looked dreadful (probably while still at CB) - I think I recall him getting penalties on ST, possibly D as well, and feeling he was a liability. But if he can develop into at least a depth guy that will be great.
  8. No Jet GM lasts longs enough to do so!
  9. This is the key thing IMHO. We have to start winning division games otherwise our progress elsewhere will count for nothing. Miami are in some flux - new coach, who knows what they do at QB etc. Patsies were good at points but not the dominant team of old, we need to be able to split with them at least in 2022. More about beating BB than the players on the field in some ways. Buffalo ... eh, doubt we do much there. Outside the division - Detroit & Jax - no reason not to look at those as winnable. Minnesota are very much like Miami - good but not great, new coach coming in, could be a new QB in the works, even a major tear down. Pitt - won't be the same ole Steelers, good year to play them. Denver - again, new coach, possibly new QB / rebuild. Chicago - new coach and a 2nd year QB learning a new system. Long way away but I'm not looking at that list of teams and thinking "we're doomed".
  10. Key thing to remember is that FA comes before the draft. The make up of this team will look quite different by the time we're on the clock. If we re-sign Moses and still have Fant and Becton, I'd say that may lower the chance of us going OL at #4. Even if we don't re-sign him, we'll have Fant and Becton as our presumptive starters, so any pick at #4 is likely going to have to move to RG for their first year. Yes, they can be cover for Becton getting injured / Fant moving on after 2022, but is that really going to "move the needle" on the team short term? We'd be spending the #4 pick to draft a replacement for a guy we could just re-sign if the interest is there on both sides. There's also a possibility that we make a FA signing at RG which could make all of the OL talk a moot point.
  11. If we make draft decisions based on our track record, we'll have no-one left to pick at all. S - no, Adams QB - no, Darnold / Sanchez DT - no, D Rob / Leo CB - no, Milliner Edge - no, Gholston OT - no, Becton (it's coming!) A GM has to be like a CB at draft time ... a short memory, put mistakes behind you.
  12. Exactly why it's so vital you get the right guys running the ship in the first place, and give them time to build. Stability brings a lot to a franchise ... but it takes patience. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  13. "Good players" have to be able to all work together though ... no use having a mish-mash of power guys and agile guys on an o-line and expecting the scheme to make it work, they have to work as a unit. Same on D - if half your guys are suited to 3-4 and others more to a 4-3, you're in a muddle. Remember when we had D-Rob and Vilma in a 3-4 scheme? Ugh.
  14. It's all about performance. Take a safety who racks up tackles, but little else ... meh. Take a safety who racks up tackles, gets 6 INTs, a few FF, multiple PBUs and is a "leader of men" ( j/k)? No issues there at all. What about if he takes an Edge player that barely gets any sacks his rookie year in a "situational" role?
  15. The article writer does state that he believes Hamilton should be considered at the #1 overall pick. If he truly is everything that the article claims, you take him - or rather you STEAL him - at 4 and don't look back. But I have a hard time reading the article and not thinking "I've heard all this before ... every year". A generational unicorn with no-one to compare him against ... hmmm. Maybe. Maybe not. Glad it's not my job to decide.
  16. Positional value is all well and good, but individual player evaluations and projections should be the driving factor in determining who to pick (IMHO). Although the actual process is far more nuanced than this, I think it captures both sides of the discussion (positional value vs talent). Let's assume a binary situation for #4 - Karlaftis or Hamilton. And all comparisons below are purely hypothetical to support the discussion - I'm not claiming any of these guys are going to be any of their comparatives. If the evaluations are that Karlaftis is the next JJ Watt and Hamilton is the next Ed Reed, in my view you take Karlaftis - top Edge player trumps top Safety. Nice and easy to start with. If the evaluations are that Karlaftis' ceiling is the next JJ Watt but his floor is the next Vernon Gholston, and Hamilton's ceiling is the next Ed Reed but his floor is the next Calvin Pryor, again in my view you take Karlaftis - top Edge player trumps top Safety, and both have the same "OMG what were they thinking" bust potential. Now let's make it a bit trickier. Karlaftis is the next Calvin Pace / Bryan Thomas, Hamilton is the next Ed Reed. Pace and Thomas were both good / OK players, long term starters, but neither were considered great, like Reed was at his position. Great safety vs. good / OK Edge? Harder to pick - personally I'd rather have the great player (but I understand that other opinions are available and equally as valid). And that is in the context of me seeing Edge as our #1 need to upgrade this offseason. I could post many more floor / ceiling options here but I don't think that would further the discussion. And of course - all this comes down to projection and guesswork, no one knows in advance how these guys will actually play out.
  17. I'm hoping that there are and it's just that they're not so clear cut as they usually seem to be. Time for GMs to show what they're made of and find those game changers.
  18. IMHO you need to bring in a FA vet and draft another guy ... Pinnock looks like he could be a keeper but based on a small sample so far. Having one experienced guy in there would help (think the Mosely / captain of the secondary sort of role). Have the other guys compete for the #2 / #3 and depth roles.
  19. My concern about Becton is that he may come into camp next year "behind the curve" as far as the zone blocking scheme goes. The rest of the OL had a season's worth of game action to iron out the details and get it all ingrained - think how much better they looked as a unit later n the year compared to the early weeks. Becton still needs to go through that process to consolidate the stuff he learned / will learn in camp with the realities of going up against different opponents week after week. I'm not saying I am "pro-Fant" (if that is a thing) - he did well in pass pro but his run blocking was average at best, and we clearly want to be a run heavy team, at least while Zach develops. As a couple of posters said, a Fant / Becton combo would be great, whoever plays LT / RT, and we do have some depth issues to address. Moses was a godsend this year, but if he moves on we have a whole lot of nothing. Wouldn't surprise me if we sign a FA swing guy and also draft a T in Rd 3 / 4 to keep stocking the pipeline.
  20. Remember though that the strength of this draft is seen as being in its depth rather than the top end talent. Our extra draft capital on Day 2 and 3 are potentially more important than our Day 1 assets in this scenario. We have the potential to upgrade about 5 or 6 starter positions through this draft (in addition to picking up some much needed depth).
  21. Are you saying we're not trading up?
  22. I think that Houston will be the key to who ends up being available (assuming, like you, that there are no trade ups). I highly doubt Jax go Edge, based on their recent drafting at that position and bigger needs elsewhere - I see them being the most likely candidates to take Neal, even if he's not seen as the best value player at #1 overall. Detroit on the other hand seem like a lock to go Edge - glaring need, best draft value. Houston I'm not so clear on - if they want the value pick then they may go Edge, or maybe S if Hamilton is seen as the best overall prospect. They could also look at CB if Stingley is seen as being "all that". if they don't go Edge then we get either Thibs or Hutchinson in this scenario. If they do ... not sure who the Jets pick at #4, but I'm sure "meaningless wins" will get flogged to death.
  23. I agree with what you say; the one exception I would highlight is where I hope we "double dip" at real positions on need. Thinking mainly of TE, I want us to sign a Day 1 starter in FA but also draft a prospect early to come in and contribute Year 1, without needing him to be "the guy" out of the gate.
  24. Just means that the GMs and scouts have to work that bit harder to make sure they identify the talent that is out there. We often criticized Macc for making the "easy pick" in Round 1 - the guy everyone had listed as the "best player in the draft". A good GM will be able to find those guys even without a consensus among the talking heads and fan forums. It's time for JD to show us what he is made of.
  25. Several posters have also been accused since of "getting emotional" in their defence of BB.
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