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  1. Or Saturday, in the case of the Dallas game.
  2. Bills and Dolphins also both lost to Jacksonville.
  3. In his first year in Houston he was perfect from within 40 yards but missed 9 of 22 from 40+. Improved a lot in Year 2 - 30 / 35 (and 2 were blocks, not misses), going 19/22 within 40 yards and an impressive 11/13 from 40+. Year 3 (this year) he missed 1 FG and 2 PATs (from the longer distance) - and that got him cut. Has gone 6/6 for us so far.
  4. Hard to see KC losing another ... yes, they've 3 extremely winnable games, but they finish the season with Oakland at home - the same team they just beat on the road who still had play off hopes (but won't come Week 17). I'd argue Pitt are our bigger rivals, and the Oakland game could be the decider against us on tie breakers (% record in common games). But I agree that out of KC, Pitt and us, we are the lest likely to qualify. Pitt have a brutal two week stint coming up, but we have to take care of our own business first and foremost.
  5. Bullock was run out of town based on a small sample size, IMHO ... he missed 2 PATs and one FG earlier this year (and that's with the new PAT rules). Last year, although he missed one 20-29 and 2 30-39 kicks (the sort you could call "routine"), he hit 7 of 8 at 40-49 and 4 of 5 from 50+.
  6. People read the press clippings early in the year - Texans at 1-4 - and wrote them off as garbage. Then the Dolphins beat down reinforced that (incorrect) perception. Just like people wrote off the 1-5 KC Chiefs. The same Chiefs who are now on a 6 game win streak and could easily extend that to 10 and the #5 seed.
  7. Marshall doesn't strike me as a guy who's thinking of walking away any time soon. And the Jets would be deranged to get rid of him.
  8. For the year, Folk has 13 TBs on 39 kick-offs (33.3%). Bullock has 11 TBs on 21 kick-offs (52.4%). And before you ask, Folk's career numbers are a touch under 20%, his last 4 years are 30.5%. Bullock is a touch under 50% (4 year career). FG wise- career for Folk is 80.6; Bullock is 81.7. If you take last 4 years only (to compare more accurately), Folk is 83.9 on FGs. Breaking down by distance (again, last 4 years) : Bullock 20-29 94.1% 30-39 91.3% 40-49 76.7% 50+ 50% Folk 20-29 96.8% 30-39 90.6% 40-49 60% 50+ 73.3% That's quite surprising, to me ... Folk has struggled at 40-49 (3 of 6 this year) but is very good from 50+ (2 of 2 this year). Even Folk's career number at 40-49 is lower than Bullock to date (71.1). So it depends what you're looking for ... Bullock is more reliable on the 40-49 kicks, but Folk has been superior on the 50+. I guess it comes down to Folk post-injury - can he still do it - and money.
  9. At present we hold the tie-break over Pitt because we're 5-4 in conference games and they are 4-4. it's misleading because we've played more conference games, we have 3 left and Pitt has 4. Let's assume Pitt goes 3-1 to get to 10-6. They then have a 7-5 conference record however it plays out. Jets can get to 10-6 in different ways - if we win our 3 AFC games and lose to Dallas, we'd be 8-4 conference record and win a tie-break over Pitt. If we go 3-1 any other way, we'd be tied on record AND conference record. After that it goes to win % in common games (minimum of 4 games needed). This is where it gets confusing to me - we have both played 1 game against Oakland and Indy. Pitt are 2-0 in those, we are 1-1. Our other common opponents are New England and Cleveland, but we play NE twice, Pitt play Cleveland twice. We're 1-1 with one to play, they're 1-1 with one to play. So far it's advantage Pitt (though I'd argue that the tie-breaker is heavily biased towards Pitt due to the opponents in question). Using the simulator though, even if we both end up 10-6, where we beat NE and Pitt lose to Cleveland, if either of our other losses is in the AFC we're still out, presumably based on the next tie-breaker. However, that's such an unlikely scenario I'm not going to worry too much about it. So from what I can see, our game vs. Dallas is pretty irrelevant (as far as us vs. Pitt goes) - if we both finish 11-5, Pitt get in anyway. If we both finish 10-6, with our only loss being to Dallas, we get in, but if we beat Dallas and lose elsewhere, Pitt are in. Only way the Dallas game becomes relevant is if KC slip up and both Pitt and NYJ finish with better records (if all 3 end up 11-5, KC and Pitt are in, Jets are out). I can see some anxious weeks and serious scoreboard watching ahead!
  10. Pitt finish with Ravens and Browns, not Raiders. If Jets and Steelers both finish 10-6, it'll be down to conference record ... Steelers would have 5 losses (4 so far, plus any remaining loss is definitely a conference loss). Unless the Jets beat the Patsies, Bills and Titans and lose to the Cowboys, we'd also have 5 conference losses. After that it goes to common games, and I'm not sure how it goes from there ... we've both played the Pats, Colts, Raiders and Browns, but we played the Pats twice and Pitt play the Browns twice. Would that count? If so we're screwed, with 2 losses and a possible third. But that wouldn't seem a fair tie-breaker. So I'm stumped as to how it would end up. We currently only have the tie-break over Pitt as we've played more conference games (we're 5-4, they're 4-4).
  11. I keep hearing commentators call Ridley a change of pace back. It can only mean he's a lot slower than Ivory and Powell.
  12. 3-1 could be good enough ... our main challenge will come from Pitt, and they play Cincy & Denver the next two weeks. If Pitt win both of those, it'd be hard to begrudge them a spot in the post season. Other than that, it's probably Buffalo and Houston, and we're a game up on both right now.
  13. I fully understood the decision ... finish the game right there. FG makes it 13pt lead, 2 TDs you lose and everyone second guesses you anyway. The play call may not have been the best, and the execution was lacking.
  14. But ... have you ever won more than 6 in a season?
  15. ... and lost at home to KC last night, rather handily.
  16. Some good WIN in this thread (Marshall, Powell, Bullock, ...). And some ... not-so-win.
  17. I thought the funniest comment from the commentating last night was when a Jet player (I think Enunwa) tried to make a grab, the ball stayed in the air / on top of the players, and a Giant player came up with it ... commentator was saying "why is that not an interception? That's an interception! Why is it not being called an interception?!?!". The replay then shows the play from the other angle where the ball goes from Enunwa, to the Giant DB, onto the ground, to another Giant DB. Commentator : "That's an interception! ... right up until it hits the ground".
  18. Exactly - even if we go 9-7 / 10-6 (or even 11-5) and don't get in, at least it shows we're a far better team than that sorry excuse from last year.
  19. Giants had plenty other chances to do something in that game ... I know the 4th down decision is going to be the most scrutinised, but it's far from the only reason they lost.
  20. It would take an epic collapse from a team that is not known for losing more than 3 or 4 games a season, PLUS an epic run-the-table finish from a team that is not known for winning double digit games in a season. I think there's a better chance of the Germans bombing Pearl Harbour ...
  21. I think we root for Oakland ... they've a tough run in, but KC doesn't.
  22. He's not even allowed to win more than 6 games in a season!
  23. Powell for sure - he played a great game, given his supposed JAG status.
  24. Umm ... don't you consider BOTH possibilities and play call accordingly?
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