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  1. KC win was possibly a worse outcome than Buf win ... KC have a soft schedule to come, I could see them going 10-6 quite easily. I'm fine with Texans winning, but a Colts loss would have helped us - we need Houston to win the division ideally, as we have the tie-break vs. Indy but not Houston.
  2. Still a tough road ... KC won today, and have a soft schedule the rest of the way. We might need to overtake Pitt, who have a few tough games to come.
  3. Miami are showing today that we're really quite lucky with our backup center.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000589812/article/ndamukong-suh-to-miami-dolphins-i-run-this-defense
  5. Has an interim coach ever got fired before the end of the season?
  6. KC has by far the easiest schedule of the legit WC contenders. Buffalo today is their toughest game, and they've two vs. Oakland, other than that it's SD, Baltimore and Cleveland.
  7. Don't you know, it's all Bowles' fault, and he needs to be sacked?
  8. In an odd way, a Buffalo win this week might be better for us than a KC win. Other than Buffalo, the only other real threat to KC is Oakland.
  9. Thought I'd revisit this based on Romo's injury ... suddenly the Dallas game takes on a different aspect, much more winnable with Cassel under center, and it's also more likely that Dallas will be playing out the string rather than in the thick of the divisional battle. (Though it would be most helpful if Cassell could knock off the Bills the week after they lose to us ). Certainly makes the remaining run that little bit less difficult. Poor old Miami just had the unlucky timing of catching the Boys when Romo was healthy.
  10. Here's what I still don't get - I read here that Brees is still great, a top QB, and if you have on of those you can always compete, while he helps groom your QB of the future. If that's so ... why would New Orleans consider getting rid of him? Who's going to groom their QB of the future? Why are they not competitive with him on their team? If he'd be so great for us, surely he should be equally great for his current team?
  11. It's often written on here that we don't beat anyone good, can't beat teams with winning records. I know quite a bit has changed since we played a lot of teams, but at present only ONE team that we've played - out of TEN - has a winning record. No prize for guessing who. And of the remaining SIX teams on our schedule - ONE currently has a winning record. No prize for guessing who. In fact, in a league of 32 teams, only NINE currently have winning records. Is this parity ... or widespread mediocrity? EDIT - looking back, we didn't actually play anyone who had a winning record at the time, other than ... no prize for guessing who.
  12. Coples contract next year would have made teams steer clear of trading for him, just wait till we cut him. He would count something like $7.5m next year if he got hurt too, and no, you don't need to be on the field to get injured ... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000588569/article/redskins-chris-culliver-tears-acl-mcl
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if we drafted a RB in the early rounds to replace Ivory. Keep Powell as a backup, dump Stacy & Ridley, and find a late rounder ST type player who can be your 3rd option at the position. Don't get me wrong, I think Ivory is a good player, and I love his style, but it's not versatile enough for a #1 back, more of a complementary back - the sort of guy you bring in to close out games when the D is gassed, that sort of thing. I just see him wanting decent starter money in what will likely be his last contract; we may need to go down the "year too early" route and let him go at the end of the year.
  14. Revenge game? The beatdown we gave them in London got rid of their crappy coaching staff, the players should be thanking us for it!
  15. I'm thinking Steelers and Chiefs for the wild cards, with Jets and Bills trying to keep pace.
  16. One thing about Ivory that was mentioned on Sunday - he does his best running out of the I formation, and with Fitzy's hand banged up they are running much more shotgun, which doesn't work well together. So could be more than just lingering injuries at play there.
  17. Could be looking to jettison Ridley?
  18. From #5 seed downwards, as things stand ... Pitt - 1 game up on Jets, tough schedule left with 31 wins by the teams they've yet to play. @ Hawks, @ Bengals, vs Broncos are all games we should root for them to lose, which would make them at best 9-7. Outside of that they have the Colts, Ravens and Browns, don't see them losing any of those. KC - same record as Jets, weak schedule remaining with 20 wins by the teams they've yet to play. Double header to come vs. Raiders, that'll be key, plus a game vs. Bills this week. Outside of that they have Ravens, Chargers, Browns. If they sweep Oakland I reckon they'll be in the playoffs; split and they've still got a good chance, esp. if they beat the Bills at home this week Texans - same record as Jets, hold the tie-breaker so we need to finish ahead on record. Upcoming schedule is very similar to the Jets, with games vs. Buffalo, Patsies and Titans, and a few middling teams (Saints, Colts, Jags). Total of 30 wins by the teams they've yet to play (10 of those by one team, all others at 0.500 or worse). Given the tie breaker we should probably root for them to win the division (as we own the tie breaker vs. the Colts). And if they can knock off the Bills en route, that would help us out Bills - 26 wins by the teams they've yet to play. No "gimmes" though - Chiefs, Texans and Jets all 5-5, and a three game stretch vs. NFC East teams who will all be battling hard for their division. Could still come down to that Week 17 matchup Jets - 29 wins by the teams we've yet to play. 3 AFC East games (one each) with the Phins and Bills being key to playoff hopes. Giants, Cowboys and Titans round out the rest, with Giants being an "away" game. If you assume we lose to NE, we need to win 4 out of the other 5 to have a chance; all 5 would pretty much see us in at 10-6, but I think that's out of our reach right now. Have to win at least one of Cowboys and Giants games, and not lose any of the AFC games (other than NE). Oakland / Jax / Phins - all at 4-6, and we currently have the tie-break over Jax and Phins. Beat Phins on Sunday should finish their playoff hopes (and a loss would likely finish ours), and I don't see Jax finishing on a better record than us. Oakland can only afford one more loss, and have 2 games vs. KC, plus @ Denver, vs. Green Bay. I think they've had it, to be honest, but could play spoiler for us against KC. So ... if we mostly take care of business and get to 9-7 (beating both Miami and Buffalo on the way), we need Texans to take the AFC South and either KC to slip up (Oakland can help) or Pitt to struggle with their stretch run. I see Pitt ending 9-7 at worst, could easily be 10-6, looking most like a lock at present. But at the end of the day, we need to take care of our own games or we'll be looking towards the draft in the next week or so. Again.
  19. Our LB's are built to stop the run, in a league where the pass has become more and more prevalent. We certainly need a serious retool at LB in the coming years.
  20. All of them, I think. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  21. Zero credibility = no-one agrees with your opinion Less than zero = everyone automatically agrees with the opposite of what you say - no matter how ludicrous it may seem
  22. Agree 100% with the above. Everyone was labelling the Texans a scrub team, mostly based on their 1-4 start, now after going 4-1 in their last 5, they have the same record as us. Yet they feel a lot better and look a lot better because they have upwards momentum, whereas we seem to be spiralling downwards. Let's see where we are after the last 6 games before judging this a "collapse".
  23. RB wouldn't surprise me ... for all i like Ivory, he's not an all round back and his injury issues do concern me. I wouldn't be overly surprised if we went RB round 1, to be honest.
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