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  1. Rex is the obvious choice. 

    (Of course he would probably only run to get the ball and not bring it back as he only knows anything about one side of the game of fetch.)

    Cute little guy your dawg is.

    And after he fetches the ball, he'll bury it at midfield. :)

  2. I'd love to see that stats on all of our Kickoffs that we actually returned. I bet it's pretty ugly & statistically, taking a knee & starting at the 20 is by far the safest approach. 


    This year we rank 28th in avg. return yards with 21.2. 

    Interestingly, do you know who's 32nd with only 16.8 yards per return? New England. We're also ahead of Cincinnati and Carolina (and Buffalo). I found that interesting, that three teams with a total of 1 loss between them are 3 of the 4 worst at returning kick offs.

    And in case your wondering, the best team at kick return average is ... Detroit.

  3. no he wasn't? Didn't he take them to the playoffs in 2011? Yes... And they just beat the at the time undefeated Bengals equipped with WAYYY more weapons than us. Anything can happen any Sunday. If you watch football enough, you know this.

    To be fair, that win was much more down to the Houston D than the offense ... winning when you only score 10 is rare these days. (Rex would have loved it :)).

    I'm more interested to see how our O plays in this game ... there were real signs of life in the Bills game that our run game was getting back on track, I want to see that continue, but we HAVE to limit the turnovers.

  4. I am guessing the whole causation thing is not resonating with you.

    We are also 2-1 in games played in a month which start with a vowel.

    We should also suspend Richardson for the next 4 games - 3-1 guaranteed!

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  5. I cannot fathom why Kelly rested his eggs with Sanchez as back-up, other than there are not any real back-ups in this league. Sanchez is probably one of the better ones in a rotten lot. 

    Well, when you see Brock Osweiler, Case Keenum and TJ Yates taking the field, you look at Sanchez in a different light. 

    Just like we have done with Fitz, who is / was our backup QB after all.

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  6. Which is why Belichick is the best. No detail overlooked. We see how crazy the catch rules are now- there's no reason to(especially on the sideline and in the EZ) to not be going after the football. If the ball moves its going to be called incomplete.

    It's why, for me, it was (past) time to move on from Rex - he doesn't do detail, he does emotion. Emotion will only get you so far. To win consistently you have to do that cold, calculated, detail focussed thing. Use your opponent's weaknesses and emotions against them.

    Not saying Bowles is the answer - too early to tell - but at leas he could be, IMHO. We'll see.

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  7. Pats do all the little things right, which is why they win all of these close games. Best special teams in football gets overlooked- but its the difference between winning and losing these types of games. Also Butler going after the ball is exactly what they're coached to do. Lee Evans all over again.

    This is something I always feel gets overlooked / ignored - too often we hear about how other teams drafted the right player / we drafted the wrong guy, but in my mind it's much more about what you DO with the guys you draft that is important.

    Players don't come out of college with that attention to detail / discipline / situational awareness built in. It needs to be coached in.

  8. We cant beat the Raiders or the Bills, this is not a playoff team. 

    Raiders couldn't beat the Bears

    Bills couldn't beat the Jags

    ... and so on. We get another shot at Buffalo in Wk 17, hopefully it'll be a meaningful one. In the meantime, we've got to beat the Texans next week.

  9. The final seven games of this season is going to be wild.
    And I'm convinced we don't have any "easy games" if we 
    continue to play recklessly with the ball 

    At the same time ... there's no game that we CAN'T win if we go out and execute for a full 60 minutes.


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  10. its one thing to be 5-4 and optimistic because your team is a playoff contender and there are signs of steady improvement.


    when they are 5-4 and looked good earlier and have consistently gotten horrific during a clear downward spiral, then its not unreasonable to be disgusted and want to tune out


    do some of you guys really think the best is yet to come? i dont. i hope im wrong but i think the worst is coming so stay tunes.


    even if we somehow secure a wildcard......how far are we going? it would have to be a metamorphasis of sorts to become a serious contender. so those that want to tune out are entitled to that

    I won't argue with anyone who wants to tune out. Nor can I blame you. Funny how last year all the ups and downs were placed squarely on the QB (the Genocoaster) but this year, with Geno on the bench, no-one is saying a thing.

    Personally, I still think there's more life to come from this team, we started out well, got to 4-1, then everything seemed to change very quickly. I'm hoping it can - and will - change back again just as quickly. Otherwise ... it's a long time till the draft.

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