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  1. its one thing to be 5-4 and optimistic because your team is a playoff contender and there are signs of steady improvement.


    when they are 5-4 and looked good earlier and have consistently gotten horrific during a clear downward spiral, then its not unreasonable to be disgusted and want to tune out


    do some of you guys really think the best is yet to come? i dont. i hope im wrong but i think the worst is coming so stay tunes.


    even if we somehow secure a wildcard......how far are we going? it would have to be a metamorphasis of sorts to become a serious contender. so those that want to tune out are entitled to that

    I won't argue with anyone who wants to tune out. Nor can I blame you. Funny how last year all the ups and downs were placed squarely on the QB (the Genocoaster) but this year, with Geno on the bench, no-one is saying a thing.

    Personally, I still think there's more life to come from this team, we started out well, got to 4-1, then everything seemed to change very quickly. I'm hoping it can - and will - change back again just as quickly. Otherwise ... it's a long time till the draft.

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  2. Jets just need to skip, or better yet just trade out of the second round of the draft altogether. They make absolutely abominable second round selections. Vlad Ducasse, Stephen Hill, Geno Smith, just to name a few. Devin Smith will soon be on this list. For a guy who is supposed to be fast, he doesn't get much seperation and fumbling on a kickoff? Guy just stuck his hand in there and out comes the ball, so how strong is this guy? Needs to get some maturity also, with his tweets about Jets fans....sheesh, who is he, the second coming of Geno?

    Or, we need to do a better job of developing the talent we do select. Drafting well is important, but it doesn't end there, that's the start of the journey.

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  3. I agree with this, but we have to look out for the steelers and raiders, the have the best QB's left in the WC hunt.  with 4 teams chasing 2 spots it will come down to tie breakers, and lets face it, week 17 vs fatboy

    Steelers schedule : Browns, @ Seahawks, Colts, @ Bengals, Broncos, @ Ravens, @ Browns

    To get to 10 wins they'd need 2 wins vs. Browns, Ravens, Colts and one from Seattle, Cincy and Denver

    Raiders schedule : Vikings, @ Lions, @ Titans, Chiefs, @ Broncos, Packers, Chargers, @ Chiefs

    To get to 10 wins they'd need to beat Chargers, Chiefs twice, Lions, Titans and one of Vikings, Broncos and Packers

    So no-one has an easy ride as things stand

  4. the tie breakers took a hit the last few weeks.  I just hope the last game in buffalo isn't some sort of coronation for the bills making the playoffs I really hope it is a meaningful game

    Bills schedule between now and Week 17 : @ Pats, @ Chiefs, Texans, @ Eagles, @ Redskins, Cowboys

    If we assume 10 wins is a play-off lock and 9 is a chance w. tie-breakers, then they need to win at least 3, likely 4 of those to make the Week 17 Jets match up relevant to their play off hopes.

    I'm going to be somewhat bold and assume a loss @ NE. :)

    Can they win 4 of those other 5? I'm not sure they can. 3 would be more realistic, but if they can continue their momentum then 4 is possible. A lot could depend on their KC game ... 3rd consecutive road game, short week off a Mon night game against Rex's arch-nemesis. Losing both would be very bad for them.

    Jets schedule between now and Week 17 : @ Texans, Dolphins, @ Giants, Titans, @ Cowboys, Patriots

    I'm going to be somewhat bold and assume a loss vs. NE. :)

    Although we're technically the away team vs. the Giants, it's essentially 3 home games which, combined with a visit to the Texans constitutes the easier part of our remaining schedule. For us to have realistic play-off hopes ourselves, I think we need to win at least 3, if not all 4, of these. If we come out of this stretch at 8-5, we have a chance at 10-6 if we can beat both Dallas and Buffalo. 9-4 and we will only have ourselves to blame if we DON'T make the play-offs.

    Question is - can we get out of recent slump, get healthy and start playing like the early season Jets, or are we going to stumble through these upcoming games and render the end of December meaningless (other than the insufferable debates about playing to lose so we get a higher draft pick)?

    Overall I'd still say the schedule favours us more than Buffalo before our Week 17 match up. But right now Buffalo are healthier, playing better football and have momentum. We'll see how their visit to Foxboro affects each of those three things.

  5. the last time Fitzpatrick beat a team over .500? 2011

    Well, that "streak" will have to last a bit longer ... we've got three teams on our slate that have winning records as of now; debatable whether the Gints will still have a winning record when we play them in 3 weeks. After that it's Week 16 for the Patsie rematch, and Week 17 for the Bills rematch (again, they may not have a winning record by then).


  6. This game pretty much makes or breaks our season, that's for sure. We are @New England on Monday night football night week, which is a garunteed loss. We will be 4-6 after that game if we lose tonight. That can't happen if we want to make the playoffs. 

    OK, I can see how a loss would have been more of a "break" for you guys - but there are still 7 games for both teams to play, neither team could have felt, with a win, that the play-offs were a reasonable expectation. Maybe I didn't word it well.

    Putting it another way, I don't see the fact that we lost as being the end of our play-off hopes. And I'm quite sure you don't see it as being "woo hoo, play-offs here we come!" as things stand.

    There were too many people trying to make this bigger than it was - play off decider, Rex. vs. Bowles and so on. Play-offs don't get decided in November, and "who's the better coach" will probably still be running in 217 between Bowles & Rexy.


  7. This game does not make or break our season. Our aim is the playoffs, not proving that Rex sucks. This is one battle, but it doesn't determine the outcome of the war - lots of football still to play after tonight. For both teams.

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  8. All this debate about whether Revis is the #1 CB in football ... you don't get a trophy at season's end for having the #1 CB. Or the #1 D.

    He's still one of the best in the game, and I'd rather he was on my team than anyone else's. If all our other CBs played up to his level, our pass D would be almost impenetrable. 


    The difference between winning and losing is being 2.5 games ahead of the Bills for the WC or being a half game behind them. This is not just any game.

    I agree it'll give more separation, but neither outcome gives us anything there and then. It's not us vs. Buffalo in isolation, and there are still many weeks to play.

    Even if Buffalo win, and we're both 5-4 ... Buffalo play NE next week, we play Houston, so we could easily end up back where we are now, 1 game up. Just look at Oakland - in the play-off spot last week, now in 8th place after one game.

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