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  1. I don't think much that we saw on Sunday from Buffalo can be transferred to how this game plays out. They ran 36 rushing plays at 7.4 yards per play. Not much need to pass when the run game is that dominant.

    What worries me most is our D getting of the field on 3rd downs. We've struggled lately on that, and Taylor is far more mobile than the QBs we've faced lately. Who do we use to spy on Taylor? We have to limit his running ability, make him try to beat us through the air.

    Even still, I think Buffalo has the edge, and I won't be surprised if they win. BUT, I NEVER pick against the Jets in score predictions, so I'll say 28-27 Jets.

  2. You forgot to mention that our offensive line is weak. Especially with Mangold probably not playing. They can't get Ivory an inch of a crease and the Jets will have to run the ball against Buffalo, or it's all over. They will sack Fitzy like we haven't seen yet, becuase they can rush the passer while the Jets struggle. Good to see Mauldin IV getting going though.

    Hughes got 2 sacks on Tanny on Sunday. That was it for sacks. Not sure on pressures. And Miami were playing from behind, so passed a lot more than they ran it.

    If we can keep it to 2 or fewer on Thursday we should do well. Buffalo has not been racking up the sacks so far.

  3. Look, the gameplan for this week is simple.  Let BUF win the race to turnovers and penalties.  BUF will have 2-3 turnovers this game, we need to keep ours to 0-1.  BUF will have 10-15 penalties.  We need to have less than 5.  We do that and we will beat them.  BUF is gonna come out gangbusters early.  We have to hold on and weather that early emotion, once it dies down it will come down to scheming and mistakes, and we all know Rex teams make lots of mistakes and don't scheme very well. 

    Bills had 13 penalties for 94 yards yesterday; Jets were only 6 for 41. So that could play in our favour.

    Neither team turned the ball over, but until I went to look I had no idea that Buffalo only threw 12 passes! I guess Miami's run D missed the flight ...

    Impressive that Taylor completed 11 of those 12 for 181 yards. However, 8 of those went to Watkins for 168, the other three went to McCoy and Clay for 13 total yards. Something tells me Watkins won't be duplicating those numbers Thursday; someone else will have to step up at WR if Buffalo want to beat us through the air.

    And Rex's D did give up a chunk of yardage again (397, with 106 of those on the ground despite Miami playing catch up).

    One thing that does concern me is 3rd down % - Jets only converted on 5 of 15 (and 1 4th down, so sort of 6 /16). Buffalo were 8 / 13. We can't afford to let them get long drives going, especially early on.

  4. I don't know; team hasn't looked great.  Colon and Mangold are needed; D seems soft, but ...

    ... Buffalo lost to the team we beat today. Buffalo won big and Rex isn't great after after a big win and hasn't won 2 in row often lately.

    However the other narrative about Rex - poor after a bye week - failed to materialise this weekend. So I'm not hanging my hat on that.

    On D we have to be able to account for a mobile QB - not something we've done well at - and we need to do better against their #2 WR option (Cro being out may actually improve matters on that front). Plus we must limit the running game, another thing we've struggled with lately.

    I'm seeing this as a hugely important game as far as our season goes, and in no way do I feel confident based on how we're playing right now.

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  5. I'm in favor of resigning Fitzgerald, but not sure that I agree with Cimini's statement that Petty "won't be ready" next year. Too early to say that IMO 

    I agree with what you say, but I think you have to work on the basis that he won't be ready, and hope he proves you wrong.

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  6. Deal with it Jets fans! We are too consumed with counting our wins, we don't have time to worry about the rest of the league, as you do. When Jets start winning, you'll see you don't pay much mind to the chatter, other than to LOL at them every now and then. LOL

    We are in your HEADS. We bug your lockers and get away with it. We jam your headsets and get away with it. We do whatever we want to you and you are HELPLESS to stop it. Patriots 16-0, and I'll thank you in advance for two of those wins. Keep up the *great* work guys!

    So if you don't have time for the rest of the league ... why are you posting on a Jets forum??? :P

  7. I've only ever seen 4 Jets games in person (three at Meadowlands, and one in London).

    In all 4 I've seen a QB that wasn't the intended starter :

    • 1st two games I saw were Penny's first two starts (Vikings / Browns in 02) after Vinny was hurt / benched
    • Next game was vs. Miami in 03, when Chad got hurt in preseason and Vinny played
    • London we got Fitzmagic after Geno got IK'd in pre-season


  8. In the AFC I think you can count out quite a lot of teams already : Titans, Ravens, Browns, Chargers all have 6 losses and none look a threat for a late season run (quite the opposite, with the way injuries are hitting some of them). Jags, Texans and Chiefs have 5 losses; only way Jags or Texans can make it is if they win the crappy AFC South. Chiefs are now 1.5 games adrift of the Raiders, and again not looking like a team that's going on a run.

    I'm assuming Colts win the South, but even if not, no South team is claiming a Wild Card spot.

    I'm also assuming that the Patsies, Broncos and Bengals win their divisions. I think given that they have 3+ game leads, this is pretty much certain (catastrophic injuries aside).

    That leaves the Raiders, Steelers, Jets, Bills and Dolphins. Those are the 5 teams that are playing for the Wild Card. Jets and Bills play each other twice; if either team can sweep the other it'll put them in pole position for second in the AFC East. Miami have already lost all 3 divisional match ups so are a little further behind.

    Buffalo actually have a fairly OK schedule left - only teams with winning records are Patsies and Jets (twice). As I say those two Jet match ups will be key, and you know Rex will have his team up for those games.

    Steelers and Raiders both have pretty tough schedules still, so it's far too early to say where they'll end up. Steelers losing Bell could be big, but they've done well minus Big Ben, so you can't count them out. They should win their two games vs. the Browns, the Colts and the Ravens  (though that game could still be tricky). Outside of those games they've got the Raiders, Seahawks, Bengals and Broncos. They may need to win 2 of those to earn a spot.

    Raiders seem pretty healthy, but won't be taken lightly by anyone now. I'd still say they should win at least 5 of their remaining games (Lions, Titans, Chargers, Chiefs * 2). Outside of that they've got Steelers, Broncos, Packers and Vikings ... one win out of those (or two if they split with KC) would win them a spot at 10-6. Vikes at home is most likely of those 4.

    Right now I think I'd put my money on the Raiders and either the Jets or Bills from the East. So much depends on our QB status moving forward. Whoever plays, we MUST beat the Bills.

  9. not having Zac Stacy stumbling out to the 15 yard line every time he returns the ball would've though

    Agreed - most of the time I just wanted him to take the touchback, at least that guarantees (a) 20 yards and (b) no risk of a turnover

    However, given that Oakland's first three drives went 70+ yards and ended in TD's, I don't really see that field position was that much of a factor. Terrible defense was what lost the game yesterday.

  10. Is this where people will somehow blame this game on geno while ignoring how the team didnt show up at all today?


    This was a rex ryan esque game and geno is the least person to be blamed. Its actually laughable seeing people blame him.


    The o line and d line got dominated. Our defense couldnt stop a nose bleed. Our special teams continues to be horrendous.


    Regardless of wether its fitz or geno,this team lives and dies on the defense and running. Both had their worst games of the season.


    Its almost shocking how bad our secondary has looked since pryor went down.

    I don't think Geno lost us this game. In fact, I think he kept the score closer than it deserved to be. My disappointment is that after all this time, he still hasn't grasped the basic concept of throwing the ball away when there are no better options.

    Our D lost us this game. First three drives were all 70+ yards ending in TDs. I don't think we got a hand on Carr, never came close to forcing a turnover, and got gashed repeatedly in the running game. we only made one tackle for a loss. The Raiders didn't punt until midway through the 4th quarter. Jets seemed to leave their tackling at home this week.


  11. I accept that he can still make some real smart throws, and has the athleticism and arm to move the ball. But those stupid, stupid sacks show me he still doesn't get the real basics about not making a bust up play any worse by making dumb decisions. Twice at the end of the game he cost us yardage AND clock by refusing to accept the play was going nowhere and just throwing it away.


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  12. I've banged the drum for Geno to get another opportunity, but clearly I was wrong. Those stupid mistakes at the end of the game showed me that this kid just does not get it. You can't be a third year QB in the NFL and make those kids of mistakes. 

    Those dumb sacks at the end of the game showed me that whatever improvements Geno may have made elsewhere, he still has brainfarts around the most simple concepts.

    Throw the ball away = stop the clock, lose no yards. Smart football.

    Take the sack = keep running out the clock AND lose yards. Dumb football.

    How can it be any more simple??? :wacko:


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  13. Yup.  If the season ended today, the Jets would be a wildcard.  Notwithstanding the current problems, looking at the remaining schedule, how can people not think the Jets could wind up being a 10-6 wildcard?  Bills twice, Dolphins, Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Cowboys, Giants and Cheaters.  There are many winnable games there people!  

    Those two Bills games now loom very large IMHO ... win both and we're the likeliest team to finish 2nd in the division, lose both and we're likely fighting Miami for 3rd / 4th. Split and a lot will come down to tie-breakers elsewhere.

    Looking at other teams schedules ... Raiders are playing well, but still have games at Pitt, at Denver, vs. GB, vs Minn, and KC twice - a lot of serious football still to come for them.

    Pitt still has Oak, Indy, Denver at home and Seattle and Cincy away, plus a road trip to Balt who, although not doing well, will make it tough given it's a divisional match up.

    Our schedule still looks favourable but we will need to show up in our divisional games to stand a chance. No QB on our roster is going to win if we let the opponent rack up 34 points on us, we're not built for shoot outs. Defense needs to start playing again if we're going to be in with a shout come Dec.

  14. what fans say on a page is different than a player getting hyped.  

    Dez coming out of college, hyped.  Amari Cooper, hyped.  Any Manning, Luck, LT, our Williams all hyped

    A low round pick who didn't see the field his first season being talked up as a option to be the Hybrid TE because of his size by one fanbase is not hyped. 

    It wasn't just the fan base, the coaching staff were high on him in preseason too.

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