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  1. what fans say on a page is different than a player getting hyped.  

    Dez coming out of college, hyped.  Amari Cooper, hyped.  Any Manning, Luck, LT, our Williams all hyped

    A low round pick who didn't see the field his first season being talked up as a option to be the Hybrid TE because of his size by one fanbase is not hyped. 

    It wasn't just the fan base, the coaching staff were high on him in preseason too.

  2. There were two offensive holding penalties, one apiece (Jets one was offset by two defensive penalties).

    (3:53) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass short right to 11-J.Edelman to NYJ 20 for 9 yards (41-B.Skrine). PENALTY on NE-71-C.Fleming, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 29 - No Play.

    On the above, what would have been 2nd & 1 at the Jets 20 became 1st and 20 at Jets 39, and eventually was a Patsie FG to go 13-10 up.

  3. Saw an interesting stat this morning ... San Diego have given up 24+ points in each of their 7 games this season. Only the 3rd team in 25 years to achieve that. So yes, Oakland did put up a load of points against them last week, but I'm taking that with a pinch of salt.

    Still not taking anything for granted. Real gut check time for Bowles and the Jets, tough opponent on the (long) road. But teams that want to claim play off spots win these types of games.

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  4. If it's a QB league ... how come many of the teams with top QB's are struggling?

    New Orleans, San Diego, Baltimore, Gints, Seattle, Indy ... all have QB's that the Jets would take in a heartbeat.

    Not saying QB isn't important, but it's not the be all and end all. You need a complete team, or as near to complete as you can get.

  5. And yet in the Rex Ryan Excuse Thread we were hearing how they've played "two undefeated teams" which excuses two of their losses (apparently).

    People are always looking to crown teams as front runners / best in football after less than half the season - and, vice versa, to write others off (like NE last year). So glad Bowles sees this as just another game - not the Superbowl that Rex tended to make it.

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  6. Wonder if the Patsies are worried about Sheard's angle injury?

    OL Cannon, Marcus Toe DNP      
    LB Johnson, Rufus Illness DNP      
    G Mason, Shaq Knee DNP      
    DE Sheard, Jabaal Angle DNP      
    DL Flowers, Trey Knee/Shoulder LP      
    LB Hightower, Don’t’a Ribs LP      
    G Kline, Josh Shoulder LP      
    RB Lewis, Dion Abdomen LP      
    WR Slater, Matthew Knee LP

    I heard it could be acute:lol:

  7. Rex even said that the Bills are his last coaching job and that hed like to be on TV.


    Rex would be perfect for TV and TV would be perfect for Rex. No one on TV (or the media in general) is ever held to account for their outlandish proclamations, but the one time they get something right (or even close) they get plaudits for being a "genius". :rolleyes:

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  8. CRxIReTXAAAotLH.png

    LOL.  And on the other side, we have Mo, Sheldon, Leo, Snacks, Coples, Douzable......d-line needs to eat this game

    I recall the exact same being said about Washington last week ... how few starts their O line had, how we'd be sacking Cousins all day long.

    Patsies are 5-0 with most of that line - I think there's only one change this week.


  9. Good post.  I'm no fan of Rex...but they've had a tough schedule so far.  They're 3-3 but lost to likely the two best teams in the AFC.  The Jets have yet to play a team with a winning record.

    As a Jet fan right now, it's tough to boast considering who we've played and who they've played.

    Bill's are still a good team and going to be in this thing at the end of the year.

    Exactly Fidelio.   The real test for the Jets will be this Sunday when they play the Patriots.  The Bills have a fairly easy schedule over the next month when playing the Jags, having a bye week, then the Dolphins.    By the time we play the Patriots again,  I hope that Ryan makes some adjustments to the dline scheme and the majority of our injured players should be back.  

    Sorry, I can't agree with this line of argument. Winning teams win because they beat the losing teams. Dolphins and Colts would both have winning records if we'd lost to them in our games. Skins would be at 0.500.

    If Bills had won those games they'd be on the same record as the Bengals & Patsies. You make yourself a winner, you don't rely on playing lowly opponents.

  10. Loving the fact that the stench of the Tannenbaum era is traveling to multiple directions in the AFC East without being present in our own organization anymore. It's like we cultivated and released Ebola but figured out how to cure ourselves. 

    Sadly we've yet to infect the damned Patsies ... 

  11. lol yeah, I just read it on nfl.com. You never see a team that changes coaches like this midseason suddenly make a run for the playoffs. It's basically a 3 team race in this division now. 

    I'm just hoping that the coaching change can get them a couple of wins against NE / Buffalo, make it easier for us to challenge for the division. ;)

  12. Maybe I said that wrong. I guess what I should have said was that Ivory's ability to gain yards after contact was even more on display on Sunday. I hear stat this week that was crazy. Of Ivory's 166 yards, over 100 was after first contact. Thats amazing, but not something thats accomplished every week in regards to the amount of yards. Ivory was in the zone for real. 

    My reply was agreeing with you - he was certainly more Ivory-esque against Miami than elsewhere. The stat is impressive, but based on the "eye test" not overly surprising.

    How much was down to Miami dogging it I'm not sure. But he abused them. And now the DC has been fired! :)

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  13. You hear about yards after contact often with Ivory though its usually not as noticeable. This past Sunday though, wow. 

    I don't recall a single time he went down on the first contact. Every single play he seemed to at least fall / drive forward for 2-3 yards after contact, and many he got away altogether and took a second set of hits to bring him down.


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