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  1. My concern about Becton is that he may come into camp next year "behind the curve" as far as the zone blocking scheme goes. The rest of the OL had a season's worth of game action to iron out the details and get it all ingrained - think how much better they looked as a unit later n the year compared to the early weeks. Becton still needs to go through that process to consolidate the stuff he learned / will learn in camp with the realities of going up against different opponents week after week. I'm not saying I am "pro-Fant" (if that is a thing) - he did well in pass pro but his run blocking was average at best, and we clearly want to be a run heavy team, at least while Zach develops. As a couple of posters said, a Fant / Becton combo would be great, whoever plays LT / RT, and we do have some depth issues to address. Moses was a godsend this year, but if he moves on we have a whole lot of nothing. Wouldn't surprise me if we sign a FA swing guy and also draft a T in Rd 3 / 4 to keep stocking the pipeline.
  2. Remember though that the strength of this draft is seen as being in its depth rather than the top end talent. Our extra draft capital on Day 2 and 3 are potentially more important than our Day 1 assets in this scenario. We have the potential to upgrade about 5 or 6 starter positions through this draft (in addition to picking up some much needed depth).
  3. Are you saying we're not trading up?
  4. I think that Houston will be the key to who ends up being available (assuming, like you, that there are no trade ups). I highly doubt Jax go Edge, based on their recent drafting at that position and bigger needs elsewhere - I see them being the most likely candidates to take Neal, even if he's not seen as the best value player at #1 overall. Detroit on the other hand seem like a lock to go Edge - glaring need, best draft value. Houston I'm not so clear on - if they want the value pick then they may go Edge, or maybe S if Hamilton is seen as the best overall prospect. They could also look at CB if Stingley is seen as being "all that". if they don't go Edge then we get either Thibs or Hutchinson in this scenario. If they do ... not sure who the Jets pick at #4, but I'm sure "meaningless wins" will get flogged to death.
  5. I agree with what you say; the one exception I would highlight is where I hope we "double dip" at real positions on need. Thinking mainly of TE, I want us to sign a Day 1 starter in FA but also draft a prospect early to come in and contribute Year 1, without needing him to be "the guy" out of the gate.
  6. Just means that the GMs and scouts have to work that bit harder to make sure they identify the talent that is out there. We often criticized Macc for making the "easy pick" in Round 1 - the guy everyone had listed as the "best player in the draft". A good GM will be able to find those guys even without a consensus among the talking heads and fan forums. It's time for JD to show us what he is made of.
  7. Several posters have also been accused since of "getting emotional" in their defence of BB.
  8. I've heard they're really high on Trey Downe ...
  9. But who in their right mind would give us multiple first rounders for a friggin' safety? ... ...
  10. Praying that Stafford gets the win next weekend too. Far more likely to knock out TB than the Cards ever were.
  11. Already a better article than the one that was posted!
  12. Formatting aside ... that article really is quite dreadful IMHO. I agree with the intent in most cases, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. TE - "roll with in house options and sign Gesicki". Our in house options are dreadful - Griffin is maybe a useful #3, rest are awful. We need to sign a FA AND spend a high-ish draft pick on a TE this year; and Gesicki may be a good talent but I'm not sure he fits what we want at TE as he is not an in-line blocker at all. WR - "bring in Calvin Ridley as our #1 WR". A guy who sat out on the previous team who he was a #1 WR for? Not a guy I would be trying to rely on to help my young QB develop, not in any way. LB - "sign Anthony Barr". "Barr can hold his own in coverage and the occasional blitz" - one of the weakest endorsements I've read for a FA in quite a while. DB - "draft a S and a CB in Round 1". I actually wouldn't be adverse to drafting Hamilton Rd 1 - depending on who else is / isn't available - but to also draft a CB because the position is "a wasteland"??? By all means add another guy to compete with the current players, but to bring in a high draft pick and essentially hand him a starting position would go against everything that has been said about team culture and players earning their spots. Our CBs acquitted themselves admirably in 2021, and don't deserve an outright demotion. And ... no change to our anemic pass rush other than relying on Lawson to come back 100% healthy and effective after a major injury?
  13. "One day the Dan Brown type of player will not be on this team".
  14. Have you got your invite to the next owners' meeting yet @Maxman? You'd better be banging the table on this one - that guy sounds upset!
  15. No one is rooting against a better roster. Seriously. But if you were to rank the WR class of 2021 for the Jets in terms of their impact on the games we played in, you've pulled out the guy who would probably be #3 on a list of 7 or so to pick on as being the "scrub" that needs to be replaced. Moore, Davis, Berrios, Cole, Crowder, J Smith, V Smyth, Mims ... that would be my approximate list. Purely subjective, yes, and other lists are available, but it seems mighty odd to me, and most of the rest of the board, why Berrios gets your ire when there are numerous other worthy targets that would represent a far bigger improvement in team talent if they were replaced by a draft pick with upside. He may not be a superstar, but he's far from being the bottom of our barrel as far as talent is concerned.
  16. Try looking at it this way. Assume we have something like 6 to 8 offensive possessions per game that start with kick returns. Either start of game / half, or kick returns after opposing TDs / FGs. 5 more yards per return equates to an extra 30 to 40 yards of field. If you added that to a WRs yardage total, or a RBs total rushing yards, or a QBs total passing yards, that would be quite a nice boost to their stats. ST yardage is often referred to as "hidden yardage" because it doesn't show up on the headline stats. But getting 30 to 40 MORE yards per game than an opponent can make a lot of difference.
  17. Don't forget "baby poop soft" [emoji23] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  18. 174 posts in that thread. 833 (and counting) over here. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  19. I wondered earlier on if SF going for FGs instead of opting to go for it might come back to haunt them. I think they can consider themselves lucky it didn't.
  20. Assuming we re-sign Berrios, it'll be interesting to see what his role is in 2022. We may see more "designed plays" for him now that he's shown what he can do on jet sweeps, reverses and all that "trickeration". Not trying to compare the two but I could see him doing more of a poor man's Deebo Samuel role where he lines up in many different spots in the backfield / slot and provides a dual rush / pass threat. A lot may depend on how far his route running / separation skills can develop, as he is already very effective in the RB sort of role. But if they do bring him back I think it will be with an expanded role in mind so he should get more work in camp to improve in those areas.
  21. Mangold is the team's media ambassador (or something like that) to the UK now. Part of the whole thing about international media rights. Sounds like he'll turn up at fan events as the team rep, that sort of thing. Similar to the recent London game where he was very involved.
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