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  1. Loving the fact that the stench of the Tannenbaum era is traveling to multiple directions in the AFC East without being present in our own organization anymore. It's like we cultivated and released Ebola but figured out how to cure ourselves. 

    Sadly we've yet to infect the damned Patsies ... 

  2. lol yeah, I just read it on nfl.com. You never see a team that changes coaches like this midseason suddenly make a run for the playoffs. It's basically a 3 team race in this division now. 

    I'm just hoping that the coaching change can get them a couple of wins against NE / Buffalo, make it easier for us to challenge for the division. ;)

  3. Maybe I said that wrong. I guess what I should have said was that Ivory's ability to gain yards after contact was even more on display on Sunday. I hear stat this week that was crazy. Of Ivory's 166 yards, over 100 was after first contact. Thats amazing, but not something thats accomplished every week in regards to the amount of yards. Ivory was in the zone for real. 

    My reply was agreeing with you - he was certainly more Ivory-esque against Miami than elsewhere. The stat is impressive, but based on the "eye test" not overly surprising.

    How much was down to Miami dogging it I'm not sure. But he abused them. And now the DC has been fired! :)

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  4. You hear about yards after contact often with Ivory though its usually not as noticeable. This past Sunday though, wow. 

    I don't recall a single time he went down on the first contact. Every single play he seemed to at least fall / drive forward for 2-3 yards after contact, and many he got away altogether and took a second set of hits to bring him down.


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  5. What I dont understand is how does the NFL give Fitzpatrick a 91 QBR yet PFF gives Fitz a negative score? Its funny because Fitz game wasnt really great yet if you were to solely look at the QBR stats it would look like Fitz had the 2nd best QB peformance of all QB's on Sunday. 

    I guess the more accurate conclusion would be somewhere in the middle. 

    Guess it depends on the exact criteria ... I presume PFF is more situational?

    In QBR terms, missing on a dump off pass would be the same as missing on a Hail Mary, as both simply count as incompletions. But if my QB is missing on dump off passes regularly, I'd be a lot more worried than if he's missing on Hail Marys. 

    Similarly you can get an OK QBR while regularly throwing for 8 yards on 3rd and 10. Nice stats, but the result isn't what you want.

  6. i actually thought he took a dive on the interception that wasn't flagged for pass interference

    At first I thought he'd been pushed / tugged, but it was on the far side of the field to where I was. Guy next to me thought he just tripped.

    There was another play though, Smith and the DB going down the sideline stride for stride, and Smith looked like he altered his route to get out of the DB's way when the ball was coming, rather than fighting for the ball.

  7. What I like about this guy is that he seems to really understand this team has a long way to go.  Still a lot of room for improvement and winning games isn't enough - they have to keep getting better.

    In the game day programme, there was a great quote from Bowles, about how he isn't satisfied by anything other than wins. He doesn't care if they did their best, played their hardest and lost. Results are all that matters. So yes, the above is 100% consistent with that approach. He'll never proclaim the team as having succeeded until they win the Superbowl.

    Quite a contrast from what we've been used to for the past several years (and what Buffalo are enjoying now). :)

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  8. Anyone looking past the fins are in for a huge disappointment, I hope the Jets understand that. These guys are going to come out like a bunch of craz animals. They are 1-2 and they damn well know if they come home 1-3 the Soflo press are going to eat them alive.

    I'm sure they knew they'd get chewed up if they lost to Buffalo at home last week too ... didn't change a thing for them then either. :)

  9. Here's something interesting I found over on the NFLUK forum :


    As with the Madden curse for players, the International Series Games are looking like a curse for the Home team Head Coach. Look at the list below of coaches of the home team at Wembley and whether they survived the season...

    2007 Dolphins, Cam Cameron - Fired at end of season (1-15)
    2008 Saints, Sean Payton - Survived 8-8 season
    2009 Bucs, Raheem Morris - Survived 3-13 season (curse would not be beaten, see 2 years later...)
    2010 49ers, Mike Singletary - Fired after 15 games 5-10 (McDaniels visiting team HC also fired in season)
    2011 Bucs, Raheem Morris - Fired at end of season (4-12, his non-Wembley year he went 10-6)
    2012 Rams, Jeff Fisher - Survived 7-8-1 season
    2013 Vikings, Leslie Frazier - Fired at end of season (5-10-1)
    2013 Jaguars, Gus Bradley - Survived 4-12 season
    2014 Raiders, Dennis Allen - Fired after Wembley game! (0-4)
    2014 Falcons, Mike Smith - Fired at end of season (6-10)
    2014 Jaguars, Gus Bradley - Survived 3-13 season
    2015 Dolphins, Joe Philbin - ?
    2015 Jaguars, Gus Bradley - ?
    2015 Chiefs, Andy Reid - ?

    (This also shows that none of the 11 teams to have played as the home team at Wembley has yet posted a winning record that season)


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  10. Not for nothing, but Fitz has like no reps with Smith.

    Perhaps Fitz threw to the right spot, but not having reps with this kid he didn't realize how fast he is. Or perhaps Smith allowed himself to be pushed off his route, changing the timing of everything.

    Or perhaps yes, the ball was underthrown. 

    QBs underthrow passes all the time. They don't get benched for it. 

    2 passes to a rookie WR that missed all of camp, hasn't had reps with the QB, and the QB missed most of camp too... I'm going to go with both players involved need more time together. Neither needs to be benched because fans need to do a pee-pee dance over a respectable loss.

    Philly's DBs played a good game last week. The guy who had step for step coverage with Smith and was perfectly placed for the INT deserves credit for his play. He got on Smith's inside and positioned himself perfectly.

    Sometimes the other guys make plays. It happens. We just didn't make enough of our own.


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