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  1. We've come out flat at home.  I hardly expect them to show up on a different continent at 9:30am their time. Expecting a brutal loss, but obviously I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised. 

    How did the Phins do at their home opener Sunday? They were 27-0 down at the half. Makes our 24-7 look pretty impressive. ;)

  2. There'll probably be a lot of English Fish fans, though. Dates back to when the NFL first started appearing on tvs in the UK.

    True, on the whole I'd say more Phish fans than Jets fans over here. BUT - there will be fans of all teams at the game, so a large part of the crowd will be at least "partially impartial" - they don't support either team but may prefer one over the other. Like if I went to Jags - Bills, I'd cheer loudly for the Jags. 

    And there'll be a fair amount of Scottish / Irish / Welsh fans, plus travelling fans for the continent too. Keep a look out for some interesting NFL-E jerseys in the crowd.

  3. Agree.

    They got no sacks, but hit Luck 11 times (I looked it up).  That kind of pressure leads to bad throws, and with real corners, that leads to turnovers.

    The Gilchrist INT was a direct result of major pressure on Luck ... he was still backpedalling, let it go high, didn't get to follow through.

    Hoping for more of the same against Philly this weekend. 

  4. I think one key thing is that we can't get behind early ... this isn't the sort of game you want to be playing catch up and having to get away from our strength (run game).

    Conversely if we can get an early lead, it means we can play keep ball, make Luck take his shots and hope to capitalise on mistakes / trying to do too much.

    Jets need to be patient and disciplined. Two things we're not used to under Rex (especially disciplined!) but I'm seeing under Bowles. Last week's team just looked so much more focussed and alert - reacting to events quickly and decisively (McCown fumble recovery had three Jets all over it, Marshall strip was amazing heads up, to name a couple of plays) and the penalty count speaks for itself.


  5. Quite a few surprise teams at 0-2, which do you think has most to worry about?

    (Hopefully in less than 24 hours the answer is "Indy"! :D)

    Philly were expected to do big things, but look in disarray. Seattle can recover IMHO, they've lost to St Louis lots before, GB is never going to be easy, so not overly shocked by this; plus both games were on the road. Baltimore have to be concerned, especially having lost Suggs for the year and getting 37 points put past them by Oakland. (Their next 3 games are against divisional opponents, starting w. Cincy this Sunday). NO were always a so-so team in a weak division; Detroit is a bit of a worry but have had two road games so far. Houston, Chicago, Gints probably aren't surprises to anyone (not even their own fans!).



  6. Hopefully this week reminds every Jet player of one simple fact - last week don't mean sh*t!

    Colts lost? So what. Jets won? So what. Doesn't affect this week at all.

    Only thing I would say is, Colts are under more pressure - losing is a major set back for them, much more so than for us. They're supposed to win; they're supposed to be real contenders. We're supposed to lose, we're just there to make up the numbers.

  7. Me, and about a billion other people, need them to for our survivor pools.


    F...missed XP.

    Myself included!

    At least with the missed XP they have to go for a TD now, no FGs to tie (not trusting their kicker AT ALL).

  8. One last thing ... after the Jets game, the 1PM US games should be starting up soon after (6PM local time), so it'd be worth knowing where you're heading afterwards if you want to watch these (followed by the 4PM / 9PM local time games). I imagine plenty of places will be showing them, to cash in on the 70,000 or so fans in the city at the time.

  9. This should give an idea of what's available officially ...


    But basically, you can't just turn up with your own BBQ and start cooking food / drinking beer. We don't have huge car parks at the stadiums like in the US (public transport is the main way to get to the games). Plus cooking / drinking in public will no doubt contravene numerous NFLs (No Fun Laws :D)

    There's a good forum on nfluk.com that specifically covers the International Series games : http://forum.nfluk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=22

    Hopefully it'll give a flavour of what they're like.

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  10. lol

    The only question is: why didn't they do it sooner?

    I wondered this too. Only conclusion I came up with was that they kept him around in case anyone got injured Week 1. No one did so he's out the door.

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