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  1. Seems they have made better choices I would say


    Whether it's better choices, or that they've done better with what they've chosen, the results on the field speak volumes. They've drafted a lot of defensive players that didn't work out, probably as many as we have, so I tend to think it's more about developing the draft crop better, rather than drafting better.


    Part of it too is complementary football - they've invested in a defense to support a strong offense, and defending a big lead is always going to work better than defending when trailing in a game.


    The Jets however draft defense ... because they do.

  2. Sad really, 6 years wasted chasing a team he couldn't catch. A team that is playing better ball now on defense than they were playing in 2010. While Rex presided over 6 years of defensive draft picks our defense got worse overall every year.



    It's worth pointing out that the Patsies have spent more picks on D over the past years than the Jets have.

  3. WOW. Psychic energy. I kid you not i was about to post a thread titled What if? but it was going to be What if Rex and Idzick dont get fired and they stick with geno...


    In that case, the New Jersey billboard business will skyrocket.  :winking0001:

  4. Rodgers would've had the ball with 4:57 and the game tied 31-31.


    What if Mornhinweg (a 20-year NFL coach) learned the rules and knew an OC couldn't call TO?


    Or simply trusted his QB to sort the alignment issue in the first place - which he did?

  5. I gotcha...And maybe I'm a little more salary cap conscience than most but $7mm goes a long way in cap dollars - having $51mm in cap space is still much better than having $44mm.


    Just seemed to me no good reason to bring him on...If it was done a month prior I would have loved the move, if he was under a reasonable long term contract I would have loved the move...I like Harvin as a player and don't even care about the character issue...


    From a straight positives and negatives - the negative of losing $7mm in cap space FAR outweighs the positives of bringing him in after the season was already lost.


    I guess a point comes where there's simply more cap space than you can actually spend ... if we have $51m and we have to spend the majority of that we'll end up in a situation of diminishing returns, where you're paying players just because you have to.

  6. My first thought about this thread title was ... it's depressing that we never have to think "which one does he mean?"


    24 points yesterday ... 5 FG's, 1 safety, and 1 TD. And one pick-six to offset it.


    Sad.  :mad0259:

  7. what if Sheldon RIchardson didn't call that ill-fated TO in Green Bay?   


    the Jets offense looked as good as it's looked in years in the 1st half of that game.  The int at the end of the half was costly but w/o the TO the Jets still win the game, Geno is a confident hero, and the Jets are 2-0 heading home to play a weak Bears team. 


    Yes, this season is about draft position and cleaning house but does anyone wonder what the record would be today if the ref followed the rules and didn't call a TO?  


    We'd have tied the game, not won it. Still more likely that GB win IMHO.

  8. Sooth sent us this link http://www.adweek.com/news/press/ceo-building-yahoo-men-160393 when someone asked what his vision was for JI moving forward and thats when I knew it was truly over.


    I read that link a couple of weeks back and I thought to myself - it's a vision, sure, but not one that does anything for me. I don't care about college football, I don't follow any other American sports, and I am not in the least bit interested in hunting or fishing (which seemed to get a lot of focus in the vision of "Yahoo for Men").


    IMHO, the more you push for a generic "something for everyone", the more you get away from "everything for someone". At JI, I got all the Jets news I wanted to read on the one forum (rather than having to go round all the different sports sites); I got some very good football insight (thinking more of the technicalities of the game, schemes and tactics etc); you could get the BEST reviews of training camp you could hope for, and all year round you could talk football with like-minded people (and a few complete nut-jobs  :winking0001: ). It was everything I needed to follow the Jets year round, and as someone living in the UK, where (American) football is very much a minority sport, it was the only way I could get my "fix". In short, it was "everything" for me.


    I've only been here at JN a few weeks now, but it seems that I'll not miss a beat on the 365-days-a-year Jets coverage that I was used to, based on what I've seen so far, how many of the good JI posters are posting over here, and the fact that the board is not like something from 1991.


    All i need to do is find out how to switch off avatars and signatures so i can still browse safely while at work.  :sign0163:

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  9. I'm wondering if anyone actually wants to win the NFC South ... the winner will draft 21st as thing stand, but the second place team will draft 8th. That's one hell of a change in return for getting blown out at home in the wild card round.

  10. I'm torn as to how I feel about this result. Squishing the Phish would have damaged them a lot, and started putting out a lot of doubt about whether they are a legit playoff team. Losing to them has put them in the 6th seed spot. However, at least they "won ugly" in a game that they really should be winning easily if they see themselves as contenders. Hell, Buffalo annihilated us just one week ago, and their playoff hopes are much slimmer.


    But, had we won, given the way we played i'd have felt down about that. Not about the draft spot, but the fact that we tried to win without a passing game. Good ol' Rex and his 1980's view of the world, running and defense, who needs a passing game. Can you believe our WRs had more yards on the ground than through the air??? This style of Jets football needs to DIE. i don't object to having a preference for running and playing defense, but NOT to the extent that you might as well take the QB off the field altogether. I mean, Jeremy Kerley and Bilal Powell could have racked up that many passing yards throwing out of the Wildcat.


    Now here's the bit that really has me wondering. The FO forced the decision about playing Geno. Rex fought back by limiting Geno so much he might as well not have played at all. Yet there don't appear to be any repercussions. Does that mean our FO are HAPPY to throw games?? They wanted Geno to play - not Vick - yet do you reckon we'd have won that game if Vick had started? I do. And it was the FOs decision to go with Geno over Vick. Looks like the FO are more interested in draft spots than wins ... and that does not bode well IMHO.


    All in all, i'm starting to care less and less about this team ... can't even get all that interested in the post-season at this point. I just think we're mired in such a mess that it'll take several off-seasons before there's reason to hope again, and I'm usually a fairly optimistic fan.

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