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  1. I'm torn as to how I feel about this result. Squishing the Phish would have damaged them a lot, and started putting out a lot of doubt about whether they are a legit playoff team. Losing to them has put them in the 6th seed spot. However, at least they "won ugly" in a game that they really should be winning easily if they see themselves as contenders. Hell, Buffalo annihilated us just one week ago, and their playoff hopes are much slimmer. But, had we won, given the way we played i'd have felt down about that. Not about the draft spot, but the fact that we tried to win without a passing game. Good ol' Rex and his 1980's view of the world, running and defense, who needs a passing game. Can you believe our WRs had more yards on the ground than through the air??? This style of Jets football needs to DIE. i don't object to having a preference for running and playing defense, but NOT to the extent that you might as well take the QB off the field altogether. I mean, Jeremy Kerley and Bilal Powell could have racked up that many passing yards throwing out of the Wildcat. Now here's the bit that really has me wondering. The FO forced the decision about playing Geno. Rex fought back by limiting Geno so much he might as well not have played at all. Yet there don't appear to be any repercussions. Does that mean our FO are HAPPY to throw games?? They wanted Geno to play - not Vick - yet do you reckon we'd have won that game if Vick had started? I do. And it was the FOs decision to go with Geno over Vick. Looks like the FO are more interested in draft spots than wins ... and that does not bode well IMHO. All in all, i'm starting to care less and less about this team ... can't even get all that interested in the post-season at this point. I just think we're mired in such a mess that it'll take several off-seasons before there's reason to hope again, and I'm usually a fairly optimistic fan.
  2. MM says no question Geno Smith should be fined for impersonating an NFL QB
  3. If Miami collapse down the stretch, they could be headed for a very uncertain offseason - new coach? New QB?? Who knows. Hurting a divisional rival - twice, potentially - means more to me than the draft spot.
  4. You could see this in Mark as his time here progressed - he'd hold onto the ball more and more, waiting for the perfect throw, the wide open guy, and end up missing opportunities as a result, or taking a sack.
  5. NFL Europe was NFL has-beens / never-will-bes trying to audition for a practice squad place. Hence the lack of real interest. What I find concerning in the talk about London getting a franchise - most of the fans who go to the Wembley games already support a team, in many cases very avidly (holidays to US to watch their team etc - not cheap!!!). Go to any Wembley game and you'll see jerseys from pretty much every NFL team there, regardless of who's playing (yes - we even have Patsie fans ). So who's going to support an expansion franchise? Will fans who've followed the Bears, Cowboys, Dolphins, Redskins, Giants - and yes, even the Jets - since the game took off in the UK in the mid 80's suddenly switch allegiance? You might end up finding that more people turn up to support the away team than the home team. (Insert witty Met Life analogy here ...) So while it's a nice idea in principle, i just don't see it being practical. You'd need a generation to build up a local fan base, IMHO.
  6. Geno wouldn't make it beyond the end of the street ... remember we drive on the LEFT over here.
  7. Wembley games sell out fast every time. No matter how bad the teams we get sent!
  8. Some fans will still be talking about tanking the season for a better draft pick ...
  9. But he was mostly expected to be an in-the-box type safety anyway, who's not being used that way due to injuries elsewhere. It'd be like taking a blocking TE and expecting him to be a great pass catcher just because you need him to be. I think Pryor will play better once he's back doing what he knows best.
  10. But ... is he bad because he was bad to start with, or has he not been well coached / well developed? I'd suspect the latter more than the former.
  11. So if Idzik wanted him gone, why not just fire him last season? He had enough justification.
  12. Do you think he'd consider hiring Rex (or Rob) as his DC? [emoji12]
  13. Anyone reckon Payton could be out in New Orleans? If so, would he be worth a look?
  14. Jets inactives - the whole team
  15. Good job Rex hasn't lost the team, it could have been ugly if he had ...
  16. Must dig out that screen shot I have of TX declaring himself unbannable over on JI ...
  17. Interesting how in this article the terms "leader" and "coach" are treated as the same thing pretty much. To me they are very different. I'm sure Rex is a good leader. I'm sure he's not a good head coach.
  18. I signed up this morning and the e-mail arrived instantly.
  19. Hello, another JI lifeboat occupant here looking for a new home. Good to see so many familiar names posting in this thread, both old and new. I tried Scout when the whole move thing first came up, never really got on with it plus it was somewhat quiet. After nothing else happened for ages I wondered the whole thing would just blow over, but with the final eviction notice finally going up and people suggesting we come here, I thought I'd give it a try.
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