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  1. He can get a suspension now for the allegations / bringing the game into disrepute etc. Then if / when the results of any civil suits come about they could suspend him again based on the actual outcome. I doubt this one will be over for a long time.
  2. Perfectly set up for next offseason to be an endless debate of "did we get better in the second half, or was it the schedule".
  3. Let's just show the world we're not a bunch of horses' asses!
  4. Patsies are usually not at their best until after the first 6 weeks or so ... how many years have we seen them look vulnerable early then turn it around mid season and go on a late run that has them in the mix, or the playoffs? If this is the game then bring it on. Let's see what this Mac Jones kid has. Show him the 2022 Jets are much more dangerous than the 2021 Jets.
  5. It's only going to make you miserable if you choose to buy into it personally. What the overall fan base / this board feels and what you feel individually do not need to match up. I usually take the approach of not getting too high with the highs, nor too low with the lows. I feel that works out. Especially in the regular season where every win is a proclamation of Superbowls aplenty and franchise QBs, and the next loss has the fan base dusting off the pitchforks to storm Jets HQ. "On to Cincinnati" or something like that. This forum will be super high for several months. Zach will "look great" in camp, Becton will be "beasting", that UDFA you never heard of will be the steal of all steals ... Just take it all with a pinch of salt (and a couple of cold beers).
  6. Key thing, in my opinion, is the subsequent run on receivers would potentially have been very different if we don't take WR at 10. Trade ups could have looked very different and you get a whole ripple effect. Or if we take a different WR. E.g. do Detroit trade up from 32 if we take Williams at 10? Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  7. I can see him potentially playing end on early downs and switching inside on obvious passing downs. he's definitely far more of a pass rush threat at DT than a run stopper. General rotation and depth should help too. Saleh doesn't want his DL guys playing a large amount of snaps.
  8. Could be worse, we could have drafted Ekwonu. Or Ekongwu, Ekwongu, Enkwono, ... and his various other epithets.
  9. Bear in mind where Allen and Jackson were picked ... they were not the highest draft picks yet they've worked out best. Our we do find ourselves needing a QB next year we should at least have a far stronger surrounding cast and a more established system to bring them into. And if there are at least 2-3 bona fide talents there will still be other guys with more questions that are available later. Like Allen, Jackson etc. Maybe even like Mahomes and Watson who don't go so high due to perceived issues or limitations. Hopefully all of this is academic anyway and all the QBs mean that talent at other positions is available to us further down the draft. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  10. I sometimes wish I could detach like that ... I do go through phases of being a reader rather than a poster so as not to get dragged into silly circular arguments, but still need my fix of news & updates from the excellent camp reports that get posted here.
  11. Z Wilson's first incompletion / INT ... G Wilson's first drop ... someone catching a ball against Sauce ... the overreactions will be glorious! Oh, and anytime Becton rests for 5 minutes or sits out a drill.
  12. I'm hoping that next year is when we start to look at FA to plug those one or two last gaps, and the draft is about restocking with talent rather than filling specific holes. It's taken a lot to get to the point of feeling we have a good foundation in place. Last thing we need is for their to already be cracks in that foundation.
  13. How refreshing to talk about which potentially decent players we end up cutting - rather than which scrubs we end up keeping!
  14. That was the example I thought of earlier. They had to move on from Cooper because they are cap strapped. Not because they paid their QB, but because they overpaid for their RB.
  15. Agree with what you say. We've now moved on from "losing because of lack of talent". There is hand picked talent at pretty much every starting position. Even the "may not work out" guys are not necessarily key to our success any more (again, looking at you Denzel!). "Losing because of inexperience" is still bound to happen - but that should be the cause of a close loss in the last minutes of the game (like we saw in TB). Not getting blown off the field continuously like we saw in the earlier part of the season. And that is mainly what my expectations are for 2022 - we have to look the part of a team that was competitive in pretty much every game, that we could have won if it wasn't for a drop, or a fumble, or a bad decision here and there. We can't look inept. Or else the offending coaches and players are going to start feeling a lot of heat.
  16. Keep Marshall, Huff maybe. Don't see the appeal in Shepherd, he is what he is at this stage. Are any of them eligible for the practice squad?
  17. "... working with my team to investigate how I got busted."
  18. I wondered where we are now at with the "laying the foundation" stage, so I thought I'd go through our roster (starters / rotation guys, not going into the full 53) OL - 2 draft picks & 3 FA by JD QB - draft pick by JD RB - 2 draft picks by JD WR - 3 draft picks, 2 FA by JD TE - 1 draft pick, 2 FA by JD So on offense only a bit of "depth" remains from prior DL - 1 draft pick, 2 FA by JD; 1 draft pick from Macc LB - 2 draft picks & 1 FA by JD; 1 FA by Macc CB - several draft picks & 1 FA by JD S - draft picks & FA all by JD Other than Mosley and Q I think we're all JD on defense? Now I'm not going to say that we're "done" - not all the draft picks will pan out (looking at you Denzel!). Many FA pick ups were "hold the fort" guys. We're still lacking depth in many areas. But this is now a JD roster through and through. Time for the coaching staff and the players to show what they can do.
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