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  1. 3 minutes ago, Cyberjet said:

    Agree. Was that game an anomaly? - maybe, but it’s definitely a trend that has been creeping into the NFL for sometime and it’s what the NFL wants. They won’t fix games but the NFL  will increase the likelihood that offense will succeed - they will stack the deck.

    I agree with you - you don’t change your philosophy. If you try to copy them you are doomed. You protect your QB, maximize the depth and talent on the defensive line and you go man to man on wide receivers. San Francisco 49ers  are the antidote - it’s just a matter whether the NFL will let them succeed. 

    I think SF's time is up next weekend ... they've done well to get this far, but winning on the Dak non-spike and a blocked punt TD return will only get you so far. They just don't seem to have that ability to kill other teams off - they have to rely on the other team to implode.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    I mean they leave the game knowing their QB is able to go toe to toe with the best so even in a loss you'd feel pretty good about the future. 

    I'm sure they're devastated though. Knock of KC and they're likely the favourites to win it all. 

    Agreed - I'd much rather lose like that than get torn apart 38-10 and not look like I even belonged there.

    Bills are so close. Guys will likely stay with the team to get another crack rather than sign elsewhere and probably never sniff another game like that. It can motivate players to put in that little bit extra in the offseason to come back and give it another go. Good coaches will use this as a positive for next year, a way to focus the team on getting back to that spot (or better yet, make it a home game next time).


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  3. This might seem an odd thing to say but ... does it really change anything?

    You build the team the way you believe in, to be the best that it can be. Then you take on the opponents that are on your schedule. You don't draft / develop to counter what other teams are doing or you end up chasing your tail. We play 17 games a year - you have to build a team to play well in all of them, not just focus on the top teams and the players they have now. If you do that, but the time you're ready to compete they could have moved team, got injured, regressed, retired ... who knows.


  4. 13 minutes ago, oatmeal said:


    i personally believe this is the regime that  will  finally turn around the Jets. One thing about football you can never get too caught up with who’s on top at any given moment because players will get hurt, key players get disgruntled, etc. 

    We see it every year

    I really personally love what the future holds for the NYJ 

    You can't control what other teams do, nor can you let it affect how you build / prepare your own team.

    Stick to the plan, put the best team on the field that you can, with the best coaches you can get, and take it from there.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Warfish said:

    After watching a weekend of playoff football, it's hard to see Zach Wilson on that level anytime soon.

    But I guess we'll just have to help he can.

    Bills fans probably felt the same after Allen's rookie season. Keep building, keep developing, you never know.

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  6. 1 minute ago, NYJets43 said:

    Sadly, Mangini probably won the trade. 

    He drafted Alex Mack with one of those picks. 

    Agreed - and I think Mack was after a second trade down too.

    Trader Mike did really well to manage the trade up. Drafter Mike did not so well on the pick. ;-) 

  7. Just now, NYJets43 said:

    I get Dallas. Jones is probably thinking that there really isn’t much else I can do from a personnel standpoint to improve the team. 

    Personnel wise sure ... that really is a "did less with more" scenario.

    But they need to look at the whole game execution-wise, not just that last drive. How come the offense was stagnant for so long? If not for SF playing it safe and kicking FGs they could have been dead in the water mid way through Q3, if not sooner. Many more issues than just that two minute drill.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    I just dont get it.  Kingsbury went 5-10-1, then 8-8, now 11-6 and a playoff appearance.  And they are furious and thinking about firing everyone.  

    Same thing in Dallas.  McCarthy goes 6-10 year 1 then goes 12-5, wins the division and makes the playoffs.  And they want him gone.

    Same will happen here when we go 8-9 next year.  And this board will be up in arms about firing everyone.

    Its really unbelievable.



    A lot of fans don't remember much other than how their season ended ... and potentially a lot of FO / coaches too.

    We lost to Pittsburgh in the playoffs because of missed FGs, so we went and drafted a kicker high in the next draft. Like that was all we needed to do. Never mind how the rest of the season went and what else was important, what other holes we had.

    You even see the same in game - everyone is talking about how Dallas messed up their last drive, but why were they in that position in the first place? Why did they only put up 7 points in the first three quarters? Far more important than whether to rush for 12 yards vs 17 yards, how much they practice the spike process etc. Focus on what really matters!

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  9. 1 hour ago, NYJets43 said:

    The Jets traded up for Mark Sanchez. Actually moved up from 17 to 5 and gave up very little to Do so. 

    Yeah I remember that ... was it Mangini that wanted a laundry list of his old (scrub) players and all we added was one additional pick?

    EDIT - our #1 (17 overall) and #2 pick, Abram Elam, Kenyon Coleman and Brett Ratliff. :D  

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  10. 5 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Forget the season record for a moment, are we going to finally win a game in the division for the first time in 3 years?

    This is the key thing IMHO. We have to start winning division games otherwise our progress elsewhere will count for nothing.

    Miami are in some flux - new coach, who knows what they do at QB etc. Patsies were good at points but not the dominant team of old, we need to be able to split with them at least in 2022. More about beating BB than the players on the field in some ways. Buffalo ... eh, doubt we do much there.

    Outside the division - Detroit & Jax - no reason not to look at those as winnable. Minnesota are very much like Miami - good but not great, new coach coming in, could be a new QB in the works, even a major tear down. Pitt - won't be the same ole Steelers, good year to play them. Denver - again, new coach, possibly new QB / rebuild. Chicago - new coach and a 2nd year QB learning a new system. 

    Long way away but I'm not looking at that list of teams and thinking "we're doomed". 

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