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  1. The Linda Baum fan club on here will be holding a minute's silence ahead of Round 2 starting.
  2. The two picks are good - if not the most priority positions - but they do have a better roster to start with. But who is LJ throwing to next year?? They traded a WR for a C ... not sure that counts as a win for me.
  3. We played a lot of "big nickel" so having lots of DBs to rotate in will be very valuable. It also fits in with having LB / S hybrids rather than your more "pure" LBs.
  4. If you count the injured guys from last year (Lawson and Joyner) we'll have 6 new starters on defense this year. Our only notable loss was Fatukasi. So yes, time for the defense to become an asset rather than a liability. All gas etc etc.
  5. Almost our entire starting defensive backfield last year is our backup backfield this year. Quite the upgrade!
  6. Teams picking ahead of us (trades notwithstanding): Bucs, Vikings, Titans, Giants, Texans Not many of those strike me as likely to take a RB ... maybe Houston? I don't see us taking a RB that early, but I would love it if we did. I'm also not seeing any of them taking a QB ... if TB wanted Willis they'd have taken him late 1st and got the 5th year option. Obviously someone could trade up for a QB, or we could trade down if a guy like Willis is still there. Defense I'd be happy if we took a LB, maybe a S. Other options - OL, TE, DT - I'd prefer if we traded down to get an extra pick first; seems too early to be thinking about depth when we could still pick another starter / rotational guy. Double dipping at WR or Edge doesn't seem likely but would certainly do it for me. Imagine having Wilson, Wilson, Moore and Moore in our passing game!
  7. Early 2nd = #36 overall Late 3rd - #101 Round 4 - #111, #117 Round 5 - #146 I expect there'll be some sort of movement from here - the gap from 36 to 101 seems huge, then we have three picks in fairly quick succession. Having said that, if we get a 4th starter / rotational guy at 36 and use the rest for depth I'd have no complaints.
  8. Walker / Hutch / Ekwonu I'd be certain of. London would make sense too. Could Stingley maybe have been on that list?
  9. Not sure how it compares to previous years, but 18 of the 32 first round picks were involved in trades. And only 1 of the first 8. So of the 24 later picks, 17 were part of some sort of trade. 13 of the second round picks have already been traded too, and you have to think that this will increase once they get underway. Still QBs to be had, and plenty QB needy teams around. It wouldn't surprise me if JD traded back to pick up another pick between the current early 2 (38) and very late 3 (101) - that's quite a large gap. Will depend on who is available I guess - if there's a slam-dunk pick, make it and don't look back. If not, a trade that nets another late 2 / early-mid 3 would make sense.
  10. Plus the guy we drafted last year (Marshall) will hopefully get a look for more rotational time on DL. I seem to recall he did well last year, albeit on limited playing time.
  11. Well done on staying up that late ... I woke up about 3.30am and checked my phone to see the first two picks, felt very pleased but wondered how we were going to fill Edge. Woke up at 7am to see we had traded up and was genuinely surprised that we'd got JJ on top of Sauce & Wilson. Might stay up tonight to see who we pick in Round 2.
  12. Exactly how I feel - I wanted Edge and WR in Round 1 (and Wilson was my preference based on what I read about him pre draft). Getting both was going to be great (I honestly feared we were going to go OT at 4). Getting Sauce on top of that is amazing. Can't wait to see what Day 2 brings.
  13. I get where you're coming from. I think that the comparison that will get made is more JJ vs Thibs (with Sauce as an asterisk on that discussion). If JJ performs at a similar level to Thibs then it'll look like a slam dunk (not that I'm expecting both to pan out the same). And yes, Sauce will forever be compared to Revis, fairly or unfairly. Thing is I reckon he's got the personality to cope with that. Everything I read about him pre-draft was positive, both on and off the field. He felt to me to be such a good player and locker room guy that in the build up to the draft I was kind of upset that I didn't think he'd be the pick because of position / importance within Saleh's D. The fact that we got him AND still filled needs at Edge and WR (my top two priorities for round one) really has me thrilled this morning.
  14. JD leaked this story so that he would drop to 26. TY JD TY!!!
  15. You should change your screen name to Nostradunnie!
  16. Plenty sauce to go with that crow.
  17. All through the draft build up I had wanted an Edge and a WR. Getting both of those AND a top talent at CB too is simply amazing. I must admit I'm not 100% sold on JJ but I'm sure I'll come round - he seems like a well rounded DE that will be able to stay on the field in all situations rather than a blow-your-socks-off DPR, but with the guys we now have up front (plus a bit of depth) we should have our front 4 impacting games a lot more in 2022. Really curious now to see what we do in Round 2 ... Dean or Hall would be the cherry on top for me. TY JD TY!!!
  18. What's that old analogy about infinite monkeys and typewriters? [emoji6] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  19. Zierlein's mock has us taking Icky with Hutchinson still on the board (Giants get Hutch at 5). Seems there's a mock to cover every possible scenario within the top 10.
  20. Interesting how #4 and #10 are Ekwonu and Wilson ... two guys very commonly linked to us.
  21. The tricky thing is, he'll want to be paid as a LT, we may only want to pay him / play him as a RT ... I doubt any extension gets sorted until the rest of the line-up falls into place a bit more.
  22. And then another team panics that there'll be a run on WRs ... which in itself starts the run on WRs. Positions often get picked higher than they "should" ... QBs always do because of the premium at that position. WR is potentially this year's "over drafted" position after the offseason moves and contracts that we've seen.
  23. Plus the amount of roughing penalties if they look the wrong way at the QB ... it's certainly harder to get after the QB than it used to be. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
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