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  1. Joe Burrow was going to tear us apart ... or so I read ahead of the Cincy game. He's a far better QB than Wentz, at least in my book.
  2. Definitely an area that will see significant change in the off season.
  3. I believe we also get a chance to match any offer he gets; if we decline then we get the pick.
  4. I was happy with us spending much of our draft capital on offense. Still am. I said during the offseason that I would be fine if our offense was scoring much more and we struggled to win because of giving up too many points. Still am. I believe that a defense can be built / fixed easier than an offense, and I'll not be surprised if we see a lot of movement on that side of the ball in FA and the draft. After years of chronic (criminal?) under investment in offense we needed the injection of talent we got, and so far AVT, Moore and Carter look like they are good players who are only going to get
  5. Well, no-one would have any game film of his, so that's one advantage.
  6. Crowd noise can also affect the referees too ... it's easier to keep a flag in your pocket when 100 fans are screaming at you than when 50,000 are screaming at you. Hence the "home calls" advantage that most teams seem to get (some more than others ). Plus the potential disruption / fatigue from long flights and living out of temporary accommodation and training facilities for a few days, being away from family and home environment ... all little things that can add up.
  7. I wonder how many people calling Becton soft / injury prone and writing him off as a bust were also bemoaning our "pathetic" backup QB position not long ago? I also wonder when the narrative on Fant starts to focus on him missing some playing time each of the last two weeks. Guess he's "injury prone" too now?
  8. "He is the messiah, and I should know, I've followed a few!" Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  9. The scene after White scored the 2PT conversion was delightful. He was so pumped and the rest of the team was clearly with him.
  10. After I watched the play a few times I saw that the guy who GVR would have been blocking (or the guy in his zone) drops off rather than rushing, leaving no-one to block. So GVR helps out with McGovern's man rather than just blocking air. I guess it's just one of those things, they line up 6 and drop 1, but you don't know pre-snap who - if anyone - is going to drop. If the blocking had gone left instead or right, maybe the other guy drops and you have a free rusher from the RG spot rather than LG.
  11. I was referring more to this thread rather than the QB situation itself ... thinking about it, it was probably on JI that there was a double digit paged thread called "Kellen Clemens doesn't read defenses". Chuck Norris even made an appearance.
  12. Calvin Ridley?? Um ... he wasn't even on the same continent when we played Atlanta.
  13. Good God, it's Kellen Clemens all over again ...
  14. This is what I wondered - is it up to McGovern or White to change the protection? Or is it a situation where you just have to say "get the ball out quick one way or the other"? Lots of moving parts and very little time to respond. It makes what AVT did all that more impressive, in my view. First he anticipated it, second he decided to do something about it (like you said, he could just block "his guy" and hope for the best), and third he had the physical talent to delay one guy and unbalance the second. I also tried to imagine how Zach would have played that - he'd likely have rolled
  15. I felt he was making steps too - but he was also overreacting to pressure to much (IMHO) and escaping the pocket too soon. Whether he didn't read the defense pre-snap or whether he just has too little faith in the blocking, I don't know. But he needs to address that to come back stronger. If he could do the quick read and short stuff that White did, PLUS have the deep strike he has shown so far - he'll be a winner. But sorting out that short stuff is not a given.
  16. Great post. It's one thing to do it when the opponent doesn't know what is coming. If you can keep doing it, at a high level, when they do know, then you keep the job. All credit due to Mike - he got a chance and played out of his skin. Exactly what you want from a backup QB. And he's had an experience that he'll never forget, nor will the league ... he's on that very short "QBs that threw for 400+ on their first start" list. Now let's see if he can play another strong game, and another. He will fall at some point - everyone does. But when he does, does he get back up the next game?
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