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  1. 3 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    Again, I know. 

    Theres a gigantic difference between needing to go for 4th down because you're in a bad situation, and choosing to do so when you're not. 

    Good job Mr Nuts had the incredible fortitude to take over against the Jags then, otherwise he'd be in the exact same boat. ;-) 

  2. 11 minutes ago, TMAC said:

    Just tested positive.  I have been fully vaxxed with the booster.  The symptoms are like a middle of the road cold.  However, my grandchildren have it worse.  Hopefully will build up an immunity to this.  Good luck everyone.

    Hope everyone feels better real soon. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, Peace Frog said:

    Oh the flu shot. One of my partners got the shot then got the flu (not Covid) and was laid up for a week. 

    Doctors told her the flu shot does not work this year. 

    But get it…you know…anyway.


    Flu vaccines are as much a factor of human input as anything else.

    Flu comes in so many strains. Each year's vaccine is produced based on what variants are expected to be circulating that year - there's no "one size fits all". The better the prediction, the better the vaccine will work overall, but if you guess wrong it's not going to be a lot of help. Some years here in the UK the effectiveness is estimated about 40-50% (that is to say, it prevented about 40-50% of the cases that would have happened without a vaccine). But one year recently it was only about 15% efficacy. It wasn't that the vaccine didn't work in and of itself, it was just the wrong one for what turned out to be doing the rounds that year.


    With Covid we only really have "Version 1.0" vaccines so far ... it'll be more effective against the initial variants, which is why this latest Omicron variant is causing so much alarm right now. I'd guess that over time things will become similar to the situation with flu ... many variants, many vaccine options, and they try to match the annual / seasonal vaccine to the expected variant. And as it becomes more "business as usual" people will make their own decisions based on their own circumstances and beliefs. 


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  4. 15 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

    How do you tell the difference between that and watching a Jets game? 

    Get well soon.

    I had both together - tested +ve on a lateral flow Sunday (followed up with a PCR Monday). Watching the Jets game was one of the few things that actually made me feel better. Crazy world or what? 

    As for lateral flows - not sure where the 50/50 stuff is coming from - studies have presented figures of 80%+:

    https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/2021/oct/lateral-flow-tests-detect-most-people-risk-transmitting-covid-19#:~:text=The peer-reviewed paper%2C published,infectious when using the test.


    The peer-reviewed paper, published today in Clinical Epidemiology, uses a new formula to show that lateral flow tests (LFTs) are likely more than 80% effective at detecting any level of Covid-19 infection and likely more than 90% effective at detecting those who are most infectious when using the test. 


  5. 15 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Just got back from NY. People were testing nonstop to get to a positive to get out of seeing people lol.  No one tests in FL. The constant testing is either super neurotic or a way to get out of stuff.

    It's amazing what you can do with a bit of red crayon ... "oh shoot, sorry guys, looks like I'll be spending Christmas without you this year" :D 


  6. If the Jets beat Tom Brady and/or the Bills and screw up their playoff seeding in some way, I’m gonna whip out the ban hammer like I’m playing whack-a-mole on anyone crying about meaningless wins. 
    Sad to think there are some here who will be happy to see a smiling Brady on Sunday while fantasizing about draft picks.

    Personally I'd like nothing more than a "meaningless win" and making TBs route through the playoffs that bit harder.

    I realize the chances are slim to none, but that's football. Go Jets!

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  7. 9 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Uhm, we still have to worry about that possibility.  Zach has hardly cemented his place with this franchise.  Beating maybe the worst team in the NFL (aided by a 103 yard KR and a fluky run) shouldn’t put anybody’s concerns to rest.  If Zach stinks next year we’re going to be right back in the QB market. 

    Disclaimer: This does NOT mean I am rooting for Zach to fail.  I want him to be great.  

    Very true. He may improve a whole bunch next year, maybe just a little, may stay the same ... and he may plummet off the face of the earth.

    I'm hopeful - but not convinced. Can't afford to be hitting the big reset button again in one or two years' time.

  8. 5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I am.  And since that game the Texans have been moving in a positive direction while we’ve gone the opposite way.  They just put up 41 pts today with a rookie QB under center.  Must be nice.

    Houston is better than us.

    But they're out of playoff contention so all their recent wins are meaningless. Therefore they are a worse team than us.

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  9. A few random thoughts to add the conversation / carnage:

    • We keep saying we want Zach to improve. He needs experience to improve. Experience comes from playing and succeeding. He isn't going to suck tremendously for 14 games then suddenly "ping, I'm a great QB". It just doesn't happen. Winning is the best sort of experience to build on. Just my opinion.
    • Zach was ripped apart for throwing all those INTs in his earlier games. He has thrown zero in the last 3 games, and only 2 in the last 5 (since his return from injury). Compare that to the 9 INTs in 6 games before his injury and ask ... is that "progress"? Is that "development"?
    • Carter had his first 100 yard rushing game this week. And he looked really good doing it - behind a second string O line and against a D that knew the Jets were running it anyway. You can almost smell the "Pepsi Zero Sugar". Good to see a foundational player continuing to step up and improve as the year goes on.

    Lastly, on a personal note, the game was just what I needed to see, having tested positive yesterday for bloody Covid - it was crazy, it was wacky, it was entertaining, and it cheered me up when I needed it. Far from meaningless in my books. Think of all the fans, especially the kids, who attended the game and hopefully had a good time with their dads, making memories. Try to tell them that we should have lost because in 4 months time we could then draft a player who in 10 months time might make the team a bit better.

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