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  1. Are you saying the pig ISN'T ripe for the slaughter???
  2. 2016 Jax went 10-6 and won their division, lost in the AFC Championship game.
  3. The flyover was definitely the best Jet performance of the day!
  4. Hey, we had a come from behind game on Saturday night where we looked dreadful in the first half, did everything we could to lose, then fought back to a nail biting finish. Difference is, we actually WON.
  5. Huh? I didn't see any issues with effort at all. Ability yes, either knowing the assignments or being able to execute them, but there was no quit that I saw.
  6. Also worrying to see in that clip how quickly and totally the right side of our line got destroyed.
  7. I just hoped she had some ear protection for when those jets went overhead. And breathing apparatus for the smoke they dropped.
  8. Not sure if you're being facetious or genuine.
  9. No, everyone is happy to do it the right way ... just so long as it translates to immediate success. Because so many other teams have done this (apparently).
  10. Of those, I look at the Bills as being the one that we should look at to see how they got to where they are. Pitt, NE etc have been good for a long time, but Bills were bad for a long time and have built themselves up to where they are in recent years. (They also had Rex as an ex-HC like us ). They took a QB that many thought was boom or bust and made him boom. We have to do the same with Zac.
  11. So ... fire everyone and start "Rebuild IV : This Time We Get It All Right"?
  12. Agreed that this is the phase that is most in need of improvement (unless the plan is actually to dig a deep hole ). I'm just not sure what Saleh means that Q1 is game plan - executing it? Figuring it out? By end Q1 yesterday Atlanta had had over 11 minutes of possession, 10 points, and we didn't even have a first down. So did we have a good plan and fail to execute it, or did the plan itself suck?
  13. Would having Zac sitting on the bench help with any of his issues about the speed of the game? I don't see how much he'd learn watching Mullens or Minshew getting beaten up instead of him.
  14. What good would Minshew have done? He'd be 0-5 / 1-4 and the fan base would be screaming to "Free Zac"!
  15. Which other team with a rookie HC / coaching staff and rookie QB have fielded truly competitive teams from Day 1? I keep hearing that you can build a competitive NFL team almost overnight but the ones that keep winning are the ones that have continued and sustained organisations - not the ones that chop and change every two years.
  16. So what do you think the plan should be? Fire Joe, bring in a new guy, fire Saleh & co so new guy gets "his coach", then "his coach" needs "his players" and we go round and round again ... 2025 we might be at Year 3 of Rebuild 9 and expecting to see some progress right? There's a reason we keep spinning our wheels - it's because we want the new guys run out of town if they don't win straight away. If that's what we want, then screw the draft, screw developing players, just load up on a ton of vets for a 1 year run then blow it all up ... wash, rinse, repeat.
  17. Jax may catch a break with having Miami up next week.
  18. Precisely what we need more of - whether it's Mims, Davis, Cole, Berrios, don't care. But they were simple and they WORKED!
  19. I can just picture this board if we'd brought in a past-his-best vet like Foles and sat Zach, our #2 overall draft pick. "You can't judge the guy if he's sat on the bench". "How's he ever going to learn if he doesn't play?" "Why did we draft him just to sit him behind a washed up vet?" "JD sucks / Saleh sucks / LaFleur sucks!" "Free Zac!"
  20. Last year we would regularly fall behind by three scores and stay there. Big blowout losses became a matter of course. This year we fall behind three scores and fight like fury to get back into the games. "Playing hard" may be a cliché but the team doesn't fold when they get behind. When it was 17-0 yesterday I worried it would turn into a rout, but the Jets did themselves proud by showing up and clawing their way back. Yes, too little too late, but it shows the character of the team that they never quit. That is something that comes from the HC. Now if they can just work out how to
  21. Do you reckon we'd have done better, or worse, playing in ATL? In a far noisier dome. Likely with Calvin Ridley playing too. Yesterday was more like a home game for NYJ than ATL ... the crowd was far more pro Jet than pro Falcon.
  22. Atlanta took a time out on either their first or second drive too, no real need. It happens.
  23. We didn't have anyone worthy of those spots in the first place?
  24. The difference as I see it ... last year the Jets would dig a three score hole, and stay there. Now we dig a three score hole, fight like fury to get out, but don't quite make it. Progress, of sorts.
  25. If you want to get an idea of where she was singing from ... have a watch of this video from the stadium web site: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/the-stadium/visitor-attractions/the-dare-skywalk/ The golden statue is what she was standing in front of. 46m above the field. Not for the faint hearted. Plus the Red Arrows fly over would have been a LOT closer / louder up there!
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