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  1. Offense to look threatening. Not just competent but looking like it could be potent. Able to take strikes downfield as well as nickel and dime teams to death when needed. Sustained drives, quick drives (that lead to points). Cutting down on turnovers. Win because of our QB, rather than in spite of him.

    Defense just needs to look competent initially. Stop getting run all over. Get things like sacks and turnovers like other teams do. Get off the field once in a while. Make the opposition actually work for their points for a change - none of the three play 75 yard scoring drives we saw too often last year.

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  2. 56 minutes ago, FootballLove said:

    From what we got to see 'behind the scenes' from last year's draft, JD gives every player a grade: 5.3, 5.9, 6.0, etc.

    I only see 4 guys in this draft that JD would grade out a 6.9 or 7.0, worthy of a top 4 overall selection: 

    Travon Walker (edge), Ikem Ekwonu (LT), Aidan Hutchinson (edge), Ahmad Sauce Gardner (DB)

    Based on his HC, I don't see JD drafting a DB super high. So even though Sauce has a top grade, I think he's off the list. That leaves the other three: Walker, Ekwonu, Hutch.

    To me, these are the ONLY guys JD would draft at 4 overall. I think JD's preference would be Ekwonu, but Saleh's preference will be Travon Walker. But the gloves won't have to come off in the draft room, as MOST likely all three of these dudes will be gone, or only one will still be an the board. Hutch, Ek, or Walker, whichever on is still there at 4. 

    Now...if all three are gone, JD will still have Sauce but I believe he'll trade down just a bit and pick up another valuable draft pick. There will still be a ton of good players where ever he trades down to, and we still have a ton of needs.

    Me? I'd love either Travon Walker (highest ceiling, edge) or Ekwonu (nasty MFker to round out our oline for the next decade). Nation's top WR at 4 would be sweeeet, but I believe JD grabs at least one really good WR further on, but not at 4 overall.


    The more I think of the likely options and the GM / HC we have, the more convinced I am that we'll end up with Walker at 4.

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  3. 1 hour ago, k-met57 said:

    i understand that, but there is a time limit on building without results

    2019 7 wins

    2020 2 wins

    2021 4 wins

    2022 - 6 wins (projected)

    Douglas will now have 2 years on his deal with a 6 win team thats made up completely of his players. What would the expectation be for 2023? 8 wins? and then are you extending him after not being over 500 for 5 years as GM?

    Why can the bengals go from 4 wins to the SB and we have to be ok with loosing year in year out because we are winning 6 games instead of 4? the responsibility to build a winning team falls on Joe Douglas, its black and white... he has same amount of money as everyone, he has the same opportunity as everyone, and he is NY/NJ not in Jax. Its a results business.

    Anyways, as i said i am a supporter....but everyone should now expect results from Douglas and crew...i am sure they expect it of themselves 4 years in.

    Cincy had 2 wins three years ago then 4 wins two years ago. Yes they turned that around and made the Superbowl, credit to them - but it was the guys that got them there that also got them into the 2 win and 4 win situation in the first place. 

    Their "jump" year went from 4 wins to 10 ... I'm not expecting that big a jump from the Jets (it would be a nice surprise!) but I'm expecting strong improvements. Not necessarily in W-L record, but in how we win and lose. Close games vs. blowouts, are we scoring points or still struggling to gain more than a yard on first down, is our QB an asset or a liability - that sort of thing. I've said elsewhere I'd rather have 6 good wins and a bunch of close losses than 8 "lucky" wins and a lot of horrible losses like last year.

  4. Yes, I'm a known Douglas pessimist, but honest question to all of you: are you really willing to give Douglas another season if the Jets go 6-11? That would be 19 wins over his 4 seasons, which comes out to an average of less than 5 wins a season. That's pretty pathetic. 
    Overall record is overused, IMHO. If the Jets go 17-0, tear through the playoffs and win the Superbowl 70-0 we will still have a losing record under Joe Douglas.

    The only record that counts is the upcoming year. Yes, 6-11 may not be what we want, and will leave a lot of posters here upset. But more important will be the "eye test" on whether we look like a credible team or a bunch of horses' asses. No more so than at QB - give me a team that scores far more points than last year, even if we're losing shootouts. Better than losing blowouts.

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  5. 42 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    If we stayed away from Divas, we wouldn't be able to field a football team.

    Most pro athletes are divas these days.  At best they're all a bit off, a bit odd.  

    Errr ... have you see these Jets lately? :D  

  6. 1 hour ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    Want to "stop Hill"? Build an offense that can both control the ball AND score 30+ per game. 


    Only idiots like Rex think the way forward in the NFL is through Defense. 

    And a defense that can put his QB in the dirt or at least force an early / off target throw due to pressure in his face.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    It was an option at many of the picks, for example instead of the 2nd Edge, the TE or the 2nd LB.

    Ultimately, I am in the "Becton gets another year" camp on the O-line, and would not draft his replacement yet.  But one could certainly argue OT as a mid-round or later round pick (instead of the C for example) could be quite reasonable.  

    I just don't see using a top pick on an OT now, not yet.  Next year, if Becton blows his chance, absolutely.  But I really want to believe Becton will be back and play well in 2022.  Call me the homer for a change, lol.

    The other big "we didn't get help" was at CB/DB.  But I have to hope with our FA signing, and Hall and Co. in their 2nd year, and with a (hopefully much improved) pass rush with Lawson back and two new high-pick edges, that the existing DB's will be adequate.  Can't fix everything in one year, and CB could be a top priority in 2023 if we draft in the direction above, admittedly.

    Our CBs were a pleasant surprise last year, I would have no issues with going into camp as we currently stand. Give the younger guys another year to really come into their own and see who surprises, who has already peaked etc.

    If McBride is still there in Rd 3 then he's a great pick. If not and this becomes a backup / potential future starter at OT that would fill that particular need.

    Overall I like the draft and can easily see us going Walker at 4 ... I know it will split opinion about "potential" vs "production" but with the doubling down at Edge in Rd 2 and the stated desire to rotate guys in at DL I can easily see this happening. I picked Walker as "who will we draft" in Sarge's poll earlier today.

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  8. With the draft start time and the time difference to the UK, it makes it difficult to watch it live. I had thought about staying up late this year to see how it goes, given how unpredictable it is ... now I'm starting to think otherwise. Knowing my luck we'll end up trading down and / or picking guys that are a bit "meh".

    It's not like I'm expecting real excitement about who's on the board at 4 or 10, like in other years where you could feel you got a "steal". This year feels that it's as much about who we don't pick than who we do.

  9. 59 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    8 wins is my measuring stick.  

    I'm of a similar mind set as far as wins, but it's tough to be absolute about it.

    8 wins with Zach looking like crap doesn't do it for me. 6 wins where Zach plays really well but we get outscored would be more palatable. And so on. Losing games by 6 vs losing games by 16. Winning against good teams vs. beating up on all the lesser teams. 

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  10. He traded for Carson Palmer in April 2013 before his first season.   He gets a lot of credit for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons.  Palmer got hurt in 2016.  He also traded Cooper and a 2nd for Chandler Jones who was a monster for them on the edge for years. 
    Thanks, hadn't noted that in my quick skim through FA moves and draft picks.

    Question remains, though possibly to a lesser degree ... did he take over a promising roster and add the few missing pieces, or did he take over a barren roster and put together a winner straight away? Similar debate in a way to the question with Mangini, I guess. Good coach, lucky timing, or bits of both?

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  11. Playing devil's advocate on Fant ... it's he good enough that he's a sure fire starter this coming year?

    His pass blocking last year was very good, no complaints there. But his run blocking was average at best. Given that we want to be a "nasty" running team, is it possible that they want more from a LT if it's available?

    Becton offered this in his first year, and IF (yes, big if) he stays healthy and plays like his year one self, he'll be our LT in 2022. If he stays healthy but doesn't play up to his year one abilities he'll more likely end up as RT.

    This suggests to me that the team is less sold on Fant at LT than we may think. His recent tweet may tie into this ... "what's a guy got to do" to get paid like a LT rather than a possible RT? Do JD / Saleh see him as a long term LT? If so, why had he not been extended as one?

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  12. I've never quite got why teams are so keen to issue timelines on injuries. What is the benefit in doing so?

    Teams duck and dive on so many other questions - how long till this guy starts, how many more losses till you bench the QB, that sort of thing. Why not do the same on injuries? Why do the media have a right to an answer on this topic? It just seems to set you up for a fall later.

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  13. On 4/9/2022 at 11:03 PM, jeremy2020 said:

    I ask you, what GM took more than 3 years to make the playoffs? Out of those, how many did it more than once? 

    I think I found one ... Ryan Pace took over as Bears GM in 2015, made playoffs in 2018 (Year 4). Then made it again in 2020 after missing out in 2019.

    Not one we would hope to emulate, certainly, but best I've found so far. ;-) 

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  14. On 4/9/2022 at 11:03 PM, jeremy2020 said:

    I ask you, what GM took more than 3 years to make the playoffs? Out of those, how many did it more than once? 

    To turn the question the other way ... what GM has taken over a comparable situation to ours and made the playoffs in 3 years or less? 

    I'm not saying none exist, or challenging the question, I'm just genuinely curious if it has actually happened. The examples I've seen are usually rather different situations - i.e. not full rebuilds.

  15. On 4/9/2022 at 11:03 PM, jeremy2020 said:

    I ask you, what GM took more than 3 years to make the playoffs? Out of those, how many did it more than once? 

    Depends on what you consider to be the GMs influence specifically.

    The example I'm thinking of is Arizona. Steve Kelm was promoted to GM in 2013 after the Cards went 5-11 / 8-8 / 5-11 in the three prior years (before which they had two playoff years and a Superbowl appearance). In 2013 they went 10-6 but missed the playoffs, and followed that up with 11-5 / 13-3 and two playoff years. Does Kelm get he credit for turning it around Year 1, or were the main pieces already in place? It's tough to tell, IMO. His first draft was Jonathon Cooper (an OL that was injured and never lived up to his draft spot :-) ), followed by Kevin Minter and some guy called Tyran Mathieu. FA moves were nothing to write home about ... Rashad Mendenhall, Drew Stanton, Jerraud Powers.

    Probably his biggest move was bringing in Arians as HC. He was Coach of the Year in 2014 as they made the playoffs (lost WC) and went further the following year after a 13-3 year and a Championship loss. Then it all went south ... 5 years not in the playoffs, with two 8-8 seasons the best they managed. Then 11-6 and playoffs this past year.

    Kelm bein credited with the first playoff run is debatable ... but that point the team was pretty much built. But he absolutely gets credit for getting them back there after 5 years of nothing. 

    I realise this doesn't 100% answer the question, but he took a team to the playoffs after 5 pretty lame years. If you treat the first playoff spell as because of him, then it doesn't count, but if you see that as being more down to good timing rather than immediate impact, then it sort of does.

    Might seem an odd example, but I was struggling to find a GM who took over a perennial loser and took them to the playoffs, regardless of how long it took. Plenty examples of coaches, but harder to pin it to a GM.

  16. On 4/9/2022 at 10:46 PM, southparkcpa said:

    The only people who think JD is executing a terrific plan are a few kool aid drinkers.   There is plenty of reason to be skeptical.  This draft and season will be the proof of yes or no.

    I would say that the plan is sound, but the execution so far is mixed. How this year works out will swing the balance one way or another ... we've had arguably one bad draft and one good one; this year's will sort of be the tie-breaker. But also the continued development of players will play a big part. We have a very young and inexperienced roster; if more of those guys step up than don't, we're headed in the right direction. And none is more important than Zach.

    We could have a so-so draft and still be better in 2022 because of the young guys we already have. Conversely, we could knock the draft out of the park and still end up bad / worse, depending on how the current guys progress. I would argue that the progression of the 2021 draft class is more important for this organization than the impact of the 2022 draft class.

  17. 10 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:


    Deal with their 2nd contracts in 4-5 years. For now, throw more darts.

    I imagine that IF we ended up with those two late firsts, we'd end up trading back up from one of them for a guy who we like.

    But as it's not likely to happen it's not worth bothering too much. :-) 

  18. 12 minutes ago, jetsons said:

    When moving into the top 5 you can throw all those numbers out the window... that trade is NO WHERE Worth the Value. 😉

    Way too many hypotheticals involved ... suffice to say KC would be crazy to give up most of their draft to get a guy who will still be on the board many picks later where he'll cost them far less. Whatever the rumour mill is churning out at the time about other teams being "interested".

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