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  1. On 3/28/2022 at 2:19 PM, nycdan said:

    With the cost of top WRs exploding through the roof, the value of drafting a great WR would seem to have gone up significantly.  It used to be QB, Edge, LT were the big 3 because resigning the good ones was so expensive.  Well WR just blew past LT and is squarely in Edge territory.  Next year, the Franchise tag on WRs is also going to skyrocket.  So in principal, I have no issue taking a WR in the top-10 or even top-5 FOR THE RIGHT ONE.  


    A lot will depend on whether Joe D (and other GMs) see this off season WR surge as an aberration or as a sign of things to come. If a lot of these high paid WRs underperform this year, more GMs will be wary of handing out such big deals next year which would suppress the market. If however they do well (or light it up across the board) then you can expect more of the same next year.

    I'm hoping that we go WR somewhere in Rd 1 and again in the later rounds - it's been way too long since we've developed our own guys at this position and we need to have a pipeline of options ... if you end up with "too many" WRs in a couple of years it sets you up for trades with needy teams. WRs rotate in and out so you can justify having 6 on your roster easily (especially if some of them also double as ST guys like our man BB).

  2. On 3/25/2022 at 8:20 PM, Maxman said:


    Here is the secret to my mock.

    I took the highest rated EDGE on the board at each pick. Kind of wish Idzik and Maccgnan did their drafts the same way, just using one of those online rankings.

    Macc did ... it took till Round 3 to spot he'd filtered the available player list to safeties only. :-)  

  3. Guys doing mock drafts are not sitting looking all that in depth at 32 different philosophies on team building. This is probably a simple "need defense, give defense" scenario and Sauce / Hamilton were his highest ranked players at those spots.

    People take silly season way to seriously around here. ;-) 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Snell41 said:


    Honestly I’d draft WR at both, London and Williams. Everyone on this forum has conceded this coming year we will not be competitive, so why not spend this year boosting the ever loving sh*t out of our QB. Give him one of the most dangerous offensive units in the league by having 4 legitimate WR option. Corey Davis will likely be gone next season anyway. With the return of players like Lawson on D plus the signings we made our D will be better than last year. Nothing we add to D in the draft makes us a contender this year, just as adding it on O doesn’t either. But stacking our offense gives our very vulnerable QB a fighting chance, why in the world would we not be doing that?

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    Williams is an interesting one ... you know you won't get anything out of him this year, but if he's there at the right spot he'll be good value. I wouldn't want him at 10 though. Will he last till late first / early second? Essentially you're spending a pick this year for a guy that you could potentially draft similar in the first round next year, so picking the right spot is key. 

    Like you say there's a lot of perceived value behind drafting WRs after the crazy FA signings, but that could be a blip that corrects itself next year ... or a sign of things to come. That's what JD gets paid the big bucks to decide on. Given his philosophy so far I'll be amazed if it happens (barring a trade up or a fall to Rd 2).


  5. 2 minutes ago, Snell41 said:


    We need defense, we need S and CB. We need a pass rusher and a stud DT. This year we should draft Sauce and Hamilton, or Sauce and Jordan Davis maybe. Zach has built up a lot of chemistry with Vyncent and Jeff Smith, I don’t think we should mess with that. Plus with Berrios cementing his spot I think our offense will be unstoppable.

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    Is there a single poster on this entire forum that has hyped either Smith as being any part of this team?

    Berrios ... maybe one or two :D - but no-one thinks we are OK running it back with Smith and Smith.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Snell41 said:


    Again, if you read my post I clearly said we have to roll with Becton. JD should not have the luxury of throwing 1st round picks at mistakes he made barely 2 years ago. He signed Lawson to be our pass rusher. He extended Franklin Meyers to man the other side. He drafted Becton in the first round 2 years ago. For better or worse we roll with those guys. Our first 2 rounds need to go full offense. We have not had a consistent top 10 offense since the 1960’s, why did we waste a #2 overall pick on QB?

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    What do you see as being the positions of the first 2 picks - WR is one, what is the other? Other than a double dip at WR I'm not seeing an option for two picks on offense, if OT is ruled out (which we both seem to think it should be).

  7. 2 minutes ago, Snell41 said:


    We don’t need a top D, we need a top 15 D. Top 20 even. We have that simply from the return of injured players. We signed Carl Lawson to a big contract and gave Franklin Meyers a big extension and now we’re already drafting a replacement? We haven’t had a homegrown top 10 offensive player since the 1960’s. How is this tolerable to you people? How do you stand drafting a QB top 3 twice now, and the best receiver we gave either QB is Corey ******* Davis. How can you stomach that? Yes, let’s draft defende again, I hope it’s a Safety and DT with 4 and 10, you idiots deserve that.

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    Don't get me wrong - I'm dead set that we need a WR with one of our first two picks. I also want us to draft another RB, TE and WR later in the draft to build a continuous pipeline as these are guys that we can rotate in and develop behind our (presumably) shorter term FA signings.

    But to say that we are fine on D with what we have is an overstatement. I'm seeing in almost every post about our top 2 picks that we have to draft an OT because Becton missed last year - and yet our D will be elevated by Lawson who also missed all of last year and no-one knows what he will be like after is injury. JFM is also likely to split time at DE and DT (DE on early downs and DT on 3rd down / obvious passing situations) so we do need other DEs to boost the pass rush. I couldn't actually name any backup DE on the team without going to look at Sarge's latest roster updates. This still leaves us highly susceptible to injury and having to sign the Shaq Lawson type to fill a starter role.

    I'm not looking for a super unit on D. Top 20 would be fine for this year. But to get to that Top 20 mark - based on scoring defenses in 2021 - we'd need to cut our points against down by 106. (Pittsburgh were #20 on defense with 398, we were 32nd with 504). That's pretty much 1 fewer TD every game just to get to a degree of decent. To get to top 15 would mean 132 fewer points against. Lawson coming back (and losing Foley) isn't going to move the needle that much.

    I'm pleased we've made moves at CB and S in FA to improve those units as it makes us less reliant on drafting these positions - I'll be happy with Day 2 / 3 picks here but not premium picks. My ideal 1st round is Edge and WR. Round 2 is a lot less clear but another offensive piece (OL or "weapon") coupled with a LB would make sense.

    Drafts don't need to be all one side of the ball or the other - what we need this year is balanced impact on both sides of the ball.


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  8. 6 hours ago, Green Ghost said:

    Saleh said it himself today in his PC… we had the worst defense in football last year. 
    We need to fix that. 
    Not to beat a dead horse again, but our offense looked pretty damn good when Zach was out last year. I give him a break because it was his rookie year, but he needs to step up this year.

    Our defense gave up 504 points last year. 

    Only two offenses in the league scored more than 504 points last year. (TB and Dallas).

    But people will still post that defense is irrelevant and we just have to outscore all our opponents by having an amazing unstoppable offense. Like the highest scoring offense last year maybe? (Dallas, 530 points). Worked so well for them! :D 

    EDIT to add - TB and Dallas gave up 353 and 358 points last year to go with their top scoring offenses. That gives point differentials of +158 and +172. For us to even have half that margin, with how many points we shipped last year, we'd need to score 583 points (just under 35 points every game).

    Last year we scored 310, so we're looking at an extra 273 points on offense, or 16 more points per game. And if we really want to be elite we'd need twice that! :D :D :D 

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  9. 9 hours ago, Alka said:

    I have an answer for you, but you're not going to like it!

    The answer is that if Zach missed multiple games this year, his backup is someone who won a Super Bowl.  His name is Joe Flacco, and the reason that the Jets traded a 6th round pick for him last year is for exactly the reason that the Jets don't need to draft a QB at #10 or in the second round.

    To add other reasons to the argument, the Jets have a starting offensive tackle who missed most of the entirety of last season with an injury, although only expected to miss 4-8 games, missed 13 or 15 games. (something like that).  The year before, he missed a good amount of time for injuries, and right now, the confidence in him playing an entire season is low, even if the jets wont openly admit it.  

    The purpose of solidifying the tackle position is to protect your quarterback from getting killed, and missing significant time due to injury.  You don't draft a QB to protect your offensive tackle, you draft a offensive tackle to protect your most valuable player, the QB.

    Won a Super Bowl ... how many years ago? ;-) 

    I get your point, but to me, saying that Flacco is our backup plan is like saying that McDermott is our backup plan at LT. Neither is more than a placeholder, and you hope that it never comes to that.

    So, looking at LT, there are various options, if we assume we draft a guy at #4:

    • Fant is our starter
    • Becton is our starter
    • New draft pick is our starter

    In all three we need a backup plan that is better than McDermott. So we either have one of our three viable starters as a backup, or we move on from them via trade / release - in which case we STILL have McDermott as our backup. Does any of that make us all that much better than last year?

    Last year our LB position was manned mostly with Day 3 draft picks and waiver wire pick ups. Our S position was rotating on a weekly basis with guys that no-one had heard of. And we continued to give up a boatload of points every week.

    We have two viable starters at LT and RT. To pick another OT based on possible injury, possible attrition in 2023 due to contracts, would be a luxury pick. Especially when we have JAGs lined up to start at a lot of other positions. If we need injury cover for Becton, draft a guy in Rd 2 or Rd 3, maybe even later. He may not even see the field, or if he does it may be spot duty here and there. If we need to plan ahead for maybe not re-signing Fant next year, draft a prospect or two and see who works out. But let's at least field a team with actual starter material at all positions before planning for the what ifs and the 2023 contract situation.



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  10. 8 hours ago, Jetpain said:

    All the guys that are ripping Douglas for taking another tackle in the first round are the same guys that will be calling for him to be fired for going into the season with only Edoga & McDermott as backups if Becton or Fant were to go down with a serious injury.   

    How about those of us who want neither scenario? :-)

    Edoga and McDermott are meh as backups - agreed. But if we are looking to create depth / pipeline for future, you draft those guys in later rounds, not round 1. If you draft a guy Top 10, you expect him to start Day 1, not be a backup.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    I agree although I am pretty certain that if we take a tackle, we are likely trading Becton (or Fant). We can't have all 3 on the roster week 1. We aren't good enough to have one of those guys end up being a backup. And if we keep Becton but he loses out to fant/rookie, then we have killed his trade value.

    And since Becton is still cheap and has shown he can be a beast, at times, we can definitely get a nice haul of draft capital back for him. 

    I'm not so sure on the whole trade idea ... only way we trade one of the guys we have is after we draft his replacement, at which point you have reduced the trade value and you're in "take what you can get" territory. Doesn't seem like JD's MO to me.

  12. 3 minutes ago, doitny said:

    this is the post of the week!

    we have no other Edge and cant rush the passer....

    can anyone tell me who our 3rd LB is?

    Joyner is our other Safety...

    and Mims is an injury away from starting.......

    oh and after MC1 we have no RBs...

    and JD wants to draft an OL for a 3rd year in a row. he shouldnt even draft one in rd 2 this year.

    what do you do with Becton? bench him? or trade him for a bag of donuts cause thats all hes worth now if you try to trade him. if he does Woody should fire him right after the draft. 

    Smokescreen (1964) - IMDb

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  13. 15 minutes ago, Alka said:

    Because the quality of the offensive tackle position will be there at the #4 pick.  By picking a offensive tackle at #4, you are cementing the position for hopefully the next decade.  If as you say, we pick a right tackle in the 3rd round, well, we've done that before, and it didn't work out.  We drafted Edoga in the 3rd round a few years back, and it really turned out being a bad pick.  He has floundered at the position.  To get the real deal in the first round would be great, especially if the Jets will be moving on from Fant, and protecting the Jets against the thought of Becton getting injured again this year, and not having a worthy backup to insert at the position.

    To play devil's advocate ... we drafted a LT in the first round two years ago and that didn't work out either. ;-) 

    I guess my point is that you could end up with only 1 starting tackle this year, you could have 2, or you could end up with 3, depending on Becton + draft. Having 3 is nice depth / contingency, but nothing more. It doesn't add value to your team that goes on the field.

    Should we draft a QB at #4 or #10 because Zach missed multiple games this year? (Hypothetical question, I know we won't, but the argument is kind of the same).

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  14. Here's a question for the posters feeling we must draft OL in Round 1. What would honestly be so bad with starting Fant at LT and say a 3rd round draft pick or a FA pick up at RT? If we assume Becton is out and out toast, do we have to pick a RT at 4 or 10? Very few teams have 1st rounders at RT, and even fewer are Top 10 picks. 

    Sure, Fant may want a better contract next year, and we may not wish to pay him that much ... but do we draft his potential replacement 18 months out? And at some point we have to pay someone a decent contract - why not have it be a LT?

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  15. Fant will be entering his final year of his deal.  I'm told they are working on a new deal, but a lot of time has eclipsed, and nothing has transpired in terms of a new deal, as far as I can tell.  Which tells me that the Jets might be okay with moving on from Fant if Fant doesn't want to accept what they think is fair, and Fant might want a big time contract.  My guess is Fant wants something in the line of what Tomlinson got, like a 3 year $40M deal.  My guess is the Jets are offering a 3 year $27M deal.  My guess is that both sides would be firm in their positions.  
    If that's the case, then the Jets would be foolish not to draft a offensive tackle at #4.  First, without Moses from last season, the Jets don't have a legitimate backup if either Fant or Becton gets injured.  With Fant leaving after this season, the Jets would be scrambling once again to fill the spot vacated by Fant.  And what happens if Becton gets injured once again, even if he misses 4 or 5 games.  That is too much time to miss after the last 2 seasons, and would make the Jets seriously consider moving on from Becton and not giving him a new deal with Becton entering his 4th and final season after this coming season.
    I get where you're coming from on Fant, it's a valid point. I'm just not sure that we should be using the #4 draft pick to draft a replacement for a guy who's still under contract in 2022.

    Drafting OT essentially makes you decide this year to move on from one of your two current starters. Feels like too much of a luxury when we have plenty of positions that genuinely need an upgrade, rather than a contingency plan.

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  16. And therein lies the problem. We haven’t been able to do that because of Becton’s availability issues. 
    So if we go OL, to me it signals that Becton is not in the future plans. There are no OG positions up for grabs where you can start a rookie for a year before they move outside.

    Draft an OT and he's going to start. Fant is already going to start. Three players, only two chairs available.

    Not saying this is a good plan or a bad plan. But having to move on from your first top pick that soon will be a very bad look - especially with the rest of that draft looking so poor already.

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  17. 22 hours ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

    Right. You're not getting him for 2022, that's for sure. If he comes back to form though (and it is an "if"), the team that gets him is going to be paid off for their patience. When I look at his highlights, Tim Brown comes to mind. Not that he's going to be a HOF WR, or as good as Tim, he just looks really good--speed, smooth routes, catch, loves to play, super competitive, etc.

    Someone will get a future steal alright ... and a lot of guys who have injuries and a drop in draft stock like this are often super-motivated to come back better / stronger than ever. Of course, not all make it - that's the risk you take. 

    I think you either have to have "spare" draft picks - i.e. a strong roster with little room for a bunch of rookies straight away - or an eye on the future rather than the present - i.e. you aren't winning this year anyway. Jets could fall into #2, but Joe D has to be aware that the future is coming faster than he might want in terms of expectations and fan base sentiment.

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