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  1. Like a lot of folks I'm not liking what I see, but I agree it's far too early to give up. There's no-one coming out this year that is anywhere close to a Murray type QB, so I can't see us using a draft pick to replace him. Especially with all the other needs that we have. Just got to keep hoping that things improve for him ... time away from the game during the offseason may be what he needs to settle down, study hard and come back for a fresh start next year.
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    Mims fanboys

    The first penalty would have negated a TD; the second was a basic mental error - even I spotted it was going to get called before the flag came out, that's how simple it was. Last week he negated a good run (17 yards or so) with another penalty, and appeared to cost us a timeout due to lining up in the wrong spot. You can maybe get away with that if you're making plays ... but he's not. He had a great chance to step up today and show what he could do - and cost us significant yardage on a potential scoring drive before half time. We were lucky to come away with a FG.
  3. It's a worrying sign for Mims that all he seems to deliver on the field recently is penalties and lining up in the wrong spot.
  4. Mims had more penalties today than targets ... sheesh.
  5. I consider myself a fairly tolerant fan ... don't expect immediate turnarounds etc. But even then, I expect us to be competitive next year. What I mean by that is - having a chance to win most games (not sitting two or three days before wondering how bad we'll get murdered). Blowouts being a real exception rather than the norm. We may even inflict one or two ourselves. I don't expect a great winning record, But I'm looking for us to be close in the games we don't win. The year after I expect competing - in the playoff hunt till the very end, that sort of thing. Two key people to all
  6. Johnson and Walter I'd expect; maybe Perine will get called up as #3?
  7. He has 9 returns and 18 fair catches, so 27 punt receptions. Not sure how many have gone out of bounds / gone for a touchback. The guy just below him on avg. per return (the Patsie PR) has 23 returns and 4 fair catches ... same total, but more attempted returns. Not sure how it stacks up with the rest of the league, but that's 2.25 punts per game. Excluding non-catchable ones.
  8. Couldn't you say the same about every player in the league? "A better player would do better than him" is a fairly vague point to try to make about one player in particular. Better players are good - I'm not arguing they're not. But better players cost more money, and you have to look at getting the best value for money that you can at many positions - mainly the lower end of the roster like your #4 and #5 WR, #4 and #5 DB, #3 RB etc. If these guys can fill a role on offense / defense and also ST, you get more value, and right now Berrios provides value at WR and ST for us.
  9. I think LDT can be in the mix to compete for the RG spot, but is in no way handed the spot. If he signs a contract that reflects this then great, but if he is looking for starter money I think you let him "test the market", as they say. There'll be other players brought in to compete, likely a couple of backup types in FA and I'm sure there'll be a draft pick, plus the PS guys etc. Best man wins, second best is the backup and so on. Moses I see going elsewhere and we draft someone and / or bring in a FA as depth at tackle. The watch out here is that we can't only have a "development
  10. They won't / shouldn't. Just speculation in order to fill out an article IMHO. Only guys I see not being here next year are Moses, GVR and Feeney. Moses may move on due to numbers at tackle.
  11. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/vegemite-sandwich_n_5bce23f8e4b0d38b587b2494
  12. It'll also have a halo effect ... the rest of the team will get a lift from this. The OL that blocked well for him, the WRs that caught his passes, all played a part. And it will lift the mood in practices and around the facility - a lot of sports performance is psychological rather than physical.
  13. He has a high amount of total yardage because of the amount of kicks he has returned. That is where quantity comes in. I think he is ranked 10th in total yardage. He has a high average yards per return because of the yardage he gains on each return. This is where quality comes in. I think he ranks 1st or 2nd on that. So his quality (average return yards) is better than his quantity (total yards). Hence he is seen as a valuable player at the return position - he provides more yardage per return than most other players on other teams. Same happens with all other positions - guys c
  14. Evidence already presented several times in this thread show he has not had a single drop all year. So please elaborate on how he has "failed with drops"??? Someone needs to take your shovel away, seriously.
  15. Reminds me of a certain Monty Python sketch ... "Is your name not Bruce?"
  16. There's a useful site called NFL.com ... it has things called "stats" that let people rate players. Here's where Berrios ranks as a kick returner ... That's fifth in the league AT LEAST, though most rankings would remove the guys with only 1 or 2 returns so he'd be second. Here's where Berrios ranks as a punt returner ... That's fifth in the league AT LEAST, though most rankings would remove the guys with only 1 or 2 returns so he'd be third. Second in kick returns and third in punt returns - as ranked by the league itself. At worst top 5 in both. Hopefully
  17. So a guy who is at least top 5 in the league in BOTH kick returns and punt returns ... isn't a good return man??? And he can't have a big return ... after the game where he had a big 79 yard return??? Do you realise that there are only 5 players in the league who have broken more than one 40+ yard kick off return all season? Please stop and think before you post utter drivel like this. It's really quite simple.
  18. https://www.nfl.com/news/seahawks-safety-jamal-adams-has-torn-labrum-to-undergo-season-ending-surgery Even NFL.com knows ...
  19. Plus it had the offense off the field for such a long time, when you factor in the last drive of the first half, half time, and the first drive of the second half.
  20. "Jamal, tell me what your assignment was supposed to be on that play when the TE was wide open for the score?"
  21. It's not what picks you have, it's what you do with them that counts. Which is why you have perennial contenders and perennial losers. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  22. You could also rewrite the thread title as "Jets, who have lost 4 of the last 5, come limping into Met Life".
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