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  1. He had his big moments for the team. But at the end of the year he wasn't the same. Thanks for the efforts.
  2. Did Tex already state, that "the pats let denver win, cause it was a worthless game and they needed some more rest for the next season"?
  3. This tandem only works if the Bills win. If they don't the whole team will collapse.
  4. Too good too be true... oh it's Rex, must be true.
  5. Geno is done here. Maybe he's kept for another year or two (if Petty isn't ready to step up). At least a cheap backup with some starting experience. Someone to play 2-3 games until the starting QB is healthy again. Not more. If Fitzi had a season ending injury we'd take a free agent.
  6. Did anyone notice that Revis slipped a lot, too?
  7. Simple. You can't stay away 2-3 steps from Sammy Watkins. At worst you need to double him. He's a differencemaker for the Bills.
  8. Pats"fan"logic: Pats win: Better team, Brady is elite (no homo!), Gronk = beast, BB is a genius Pats lose: Still the better team, Meaningless game, Brady wasn't protected enough (still elite!), Gronk injured, BB is a genius
  9. I'm okay with being the underdog. Everybody expects the Pasts* to win. If they fail it'll be a sweeter victory. Neverless they're the team to beat!
  10. Their secondary still is doing well. Will be a tough game for Marshall and Decker.
  11. I'd love to slap Willie Colon in the face for that unsportsmanlike conduct from the bench. Worse than OBJ kicking the ball for delay of game.
  12. He doesn't help the team if he can't stay healthy. And to be honest I haven't seen much from the talents he was supposed to have.
  13. Man, I wish our military would get the appreciation yours is getting.
  14. I thought Rex was done with the whole captains matter. That's why we hadn't any the last years...
  15. Classless act by a classless clown. I like the Bills (cause razorcakes) and this franchise deserves better.
  16. Petty ready? From what I saw in the preseason the answer is no. He's no 1st or 2nd round player - and remember Geno was considered a 1st round prospect. Pettys time will come, but not right now. I wouldn't be ready to throw him under the tyres for a glimpse of hope.
  17. "All QB's are equal, but some QB's are more equal than others." (Unknown NFL Commissioner)
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