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  1. The patriot way again. Bobby Kraft and his gang of crooks.
  2. Now it even doesn't matter if they win. It would be another tainted Super Bowl for Tammy & Belicheat anyway. Future HoF's... what a joke.
  3. There are 32 teams in the NFL, but only 1 is always suspected of cheating: The patriots way!
  4. It'd be hilarious if that ain't 2Pac but Aaron Hernandez.
  5. After the game NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell (55) was seen with an air pump entering the officials' locker room. Afterwards he stated: "My good friend Bob Kraft assured me there are no indications of any irregularities."
  6. Am very excited. But won't raise myself too much hopes. No razorcakes like the Bills.
  7. I've seen to much wildcat, blitzing at 3rd (and long) and failed clock/timeout management.
  8. I don't want this team on my continent. --- How can the NFL stay the NATIONAL Football League?
  9. I still don't think we pick at #2, maybe #4 or #5, but he might be gone at this time.
  10. Someone lost contact with reality. In Germany we call that "Galgenhumor" (gallows humor).
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