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  1. I am perplexed at the amount of Jets fans who are rooting for Sam to do well knowing that we hold Carolina's second round pick. To a lesser degree, if Sam does well it makes the Jets look less competent. I am rooting against Sam and Carolina (and I was a huge Sam proponent)
  2. Remember when we signed him? How most were like "who?" Yeah, another player that gets forgotten about when the wagons start circling on Joe Douglas
  3. This has crossed my mind as well. Any insight if he can?
  4. Underrated signing by Douglas. I believe his first and at the time a head scratcher. Not so much now.
  5. Every so often when I revisit this thread I have to keep reminding myself "this is not the Jets, this is not the Jets"
  6. Too much optimism after Wilson"s performance to resort to this. Time to turn the page. Move on already
  7. Definitly a fair point, but honestly it didnt cross my mind. Do you really think that? I mean he has produced just about every opportunity presented to him, no?
  8. Wait what, how does this fall under the narrative that Joe Douglas cannot draft or evaluate talent ?
  9. Definitly glass half full look at it. I hope you are correct
  10. John Franklin Meyers and Bryce Huff both undrafted FA signings by Joe Douglas? THought he could evaluate talent?
  11. Only as short back as December the Jets were considered the laughing stock of the NFL. Media clowns were screaming how Trevor Lawrence should actually stay in school for another year to avoid ruining his career with the Jets. LMAO
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