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  1. I'd be in favor of the 68 uniforms. Classic. If the uniforms have green helmets after knowing the difficulty former QBs have expressed would be foolish
  2. Ken O'Brien, Boomer Esiason, Glen Foley and Testeverde all had difficulty picking up Jets Wrs complaining the green helmet and uniforms blended into the turf.
  3. Copernicus

    Monken to Browns

    Wierd signing. Wouldn't Kitchens be calling the plays?
  4. I agree, Williams would be a beast of a hire. Gase hasnt been officially announced with press conference, ect , so I can see why Williams hasnt of yet.
  5. I am actually very optimistic about everything the Jets FO has done. Love the Gase hiring and potentially Williams. I definitely didn't come off that way , you are not the only poster to repond to my post like this. Not criticizing, just curious. Was wondering if I was missing something (fallout with Gase and Joseph, comments from Jets FO, ect)
  6. Copernicus

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    Haahhahaha. So glad you're back !
  7. I'm a bit curious as to why Gase wouldn't lobby for his former DC Vance Joseph? He's ok with Williams and has never met him? It's making me nervous that the Jets owner and FO are meddling big time
  8. Copernicus

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    All indications show Gase has the balls to do this. I hope this plays out.
  9. Copernicus

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    Excellent post. Agree 100%. Can't understand how Beningo and Roberts (and other Jets fans) can be so over the top in favor of McCarthy and so negative towards Gase. Both have positives and both have flaws, it's why they were available. We went the the younger, more firey coach who hasnt reached his potential yet as opposed to a 55 year old who many felt the game has past him by. I am totally fine it. If Mike McCarthy is so awesome, why hasn't another team thrown the world at him to be their HC?
  10. Copernicus

    This Oughta Be Fun

  11. Copernicus

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    For me, the problem is that Green Bay should have been much more dominant. More potent offense considering the weapons. The way it ended between the coach and QB was real ugly. And the fear that the present day NFL has passed McCarthy by.
  12. Copernicus

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    I can see your point, they do sign troubled players like Gordon and Randy Moss. The difference is they cut them immediately if they are detrimental to winning, we don't. The initial incident the started our awful season (IMO) was when Isaha Crowell wiped his ass with the ball. It gave life to the Browns and our season went into the toilet (no pun intended) from that point on. If he were a Patriot, he'd be cut. The Jets? We keep him. The Pats cheating the cap with Brady is true, but a different discussion
  13. Copernicus

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    I wouldn't take Antonio Brown for free. In my many years of playing and now watching sports I just don't think you in consistently win with talented players who are major distractions on and off the field. It is not worth the head ache. As much as it pains me to give the Patriots credit, i envy how much they put the team first before anything else. If you act up and its a distraction from winning, your gone, no matter who you are. To openly invite this disaster onto our team is flat out insanity. I think Enunwa, Herndon and possibly Burnett have potential to be stars. We spent an entire year paying McCown a lot of money mentoring Sam and it appears to have been highly successful. You really want Enunwa, Herndon and Burnett learning how to be professionals from Antonio Brown?
  14. Ken O'Brien does not get the positive credit he deserves

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