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    According to Charlie Casserly, 17 of 24 GMs that he anonymously polled had Darnald as the number 1 QB. How can you defend Darnald being a terrible pick?
  2. Copernicus

    Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    Agreed, however Leggett was injured all season so can't blame Bowles for that. Hate giving up those picks, and yes, in hindsight if we would have lost we wouldn't have had to give up anything for the third pick but I don't blame Bowles, it was an unexpected early season record where we were in it. I believe we were 3-4 (?) and lost a (few) game (s) we should have won. Water under the bridge. Is what it is. Bowles players (mostly) showed up and played hard. We were in most games. Time to move forward.
  3. Copernicus

    Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    Hoping Leggett is legit. Would be a great bonus after being forgotten about
  4. Copernicus

    New Unis?

    Our current uniform is great. One of, if not, the best in the league. You don't mess with perfection. On a side note, many past Jets QBs frrom when we had the green helmet complained that it was more difficult to see the open receiver because the helmet was the same color as the turf and it would blend right in. We need all the help we can get. Please do not change the uniforms .
  5. Let me start by stating I'm not a huge fan of the trade. I feel all the qbs have holes and one would have fallen to us. There are others than the top 4 that have potential to be very good starting QBs, I would have rather kept the picks to build our offense. Moving up rarely works. With that said we did not give up a lot according to many things I'm reading and moving forward I'm excited as anyone to see how this unfolds. Mac was aggressive in what he wanted and that should be applauded. Do you think if the player the Jets are targeting at 3 is not there, they would trade out of the #3 spot with the Bills regain the number two's that are lost plus an extra first round pick and take Jackson from Louisville at 11? . Crazy I know, trades within the division are rare, etc. Just a thought
  6. Too easy, just didn't show up today, and the penalties
  7. Copernicus

    ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Speilman, Wilkerson has not had a good year, this is the only time we've heard his name all year
  8. Copernicus

    ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Spielman pleas shut up, "I, I, I, I " we get it, you played in the NFL
  9. Copernicus

    Why is this game on fox?

    FOX coverage is so bad, not just news
  10. Copernicus

    ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    For all the Lee haters, he's looking pretty good........again
  11. Copernicus

    ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    How bad are the announcers. Can Speilman shut up for 5 seconds. Another reason to hate FOX