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  1. And here's where it gets confusing. It was not Bell that requested to not play because he was so bedridden and sick, it was the Jets, Shouldn't the Jets be criticized somewhat for making a relatively healthy player sit out if he obviously wasn't bedridden?
  2. I find the use of Bell/lack of/ or just his over all talent level more debated among Jets fans than any other.
  3. I do. Didnt realize he has the 2nd most receptions. Pretty quiet. Was about to be critical of Gase for not involving him in the passing game enough.
  4. Football, baseball, bowling, some athlete......
  5. Great point, Bell hasnt made anyone around him better, but it only adds to the perplexity of this situation. So by all accounts second year Sam Darnald is better at making the OLINE more productive than Leveon Bell? Doesn't really add up.
  6. Hmmm, ok. But how? Yeah, I am not crazy about promoting his singing career and haven't read anything on him partying or bashing teammates. He seems to follow that up with proclaiming his support of the HC and team.
  7. But how are we going to lose his salary? From what was reported on WFAN this morning the cap hit would be 17 million. Cant see how anyone would trade for him knowing how much it will cost against the cap.
  8. I cant figure out if Bell is a diva or not. Always seems to say the right things
  9. He's 27 with a year off. You really think its his age that has slowed his productivity?
  10. Something is so not right with Gase/Bell/and the Jets. As the season is playing out it is becoming more clear that they are not on the same page. From Bell going from top offensive threat in the NFL to lack of carries and involvement in the offense, to the obnoxious amount of carries the RBs got on Sunday without Bell, to the flu that was serious enough for the Jets to make Bell inactive but not serious enough that he would be able to go bowling. Something is not right here. Is Gase the bad guy for not playing him enough throughout the season? Is Bell the bad guy behind the scenes and the bowling incident and lack of awareness of being scene in public is the start of exposing why Gase seems to not like him? How do you think this plays out?
  11. And not to mention he dealt with mono. A disease that depletes muscle, strength, energy, and compromises vital organs. On average it takes multiple months to fully recover. He did it playing a violent sport at the highest level..
  12. I love this NY Jets symbol. But even if the owner wanted to change things up he failed miserably with the current logo. The Mets incorporated the NY skyline, Liberty have the Statue of Liberty, New Jersey Devils incorporated the devil's horns on the NJ. We have the word "JETS" written. Brutal.
  13. Our logo is juvenile. Had a chance to create something iconic. I'm no artist or marketer and off the top of my head couldn't we have created a logo that incorporated the "NY" symbol with a Jet Fighter air plane? How about the iconic New York skyline? Empire State building? Instead we have the word "JETS" with a toy football. Looks like something a middle school student could create doodling for 5 minutes.
  14. Lost my father a little over a year ago. He also introduced me to the practices at Hofstra. Your words brought back great memories. I think about my dad often and especially during Jets games. My condolences.

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