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  1. I totally agree with this. Just the way he carries himself as compared to Gase is so positive. Gase, hat down, slumped, few words, dull to negative. Saleh, chest out, positive, says enough without telling everything. We are in a real good place. Now they have translate this into wins.
  2. It is truly amazing how the perception of this team with its fans went from laughing stock to this in such a relatively short period of time. Now just have to translate this into wins
  3. Yeboah, its your time to step up and show what you got!
  4. So curious, but havent heard much on our intriguing undrafted rookie Kenny Yeboah. His highlight reel is impressive. Just havent heard his name much. Anyone?
  5. A quick google search states the brawl was from 2018
  6. Not enough is said about how Joe Douglas turned the perception of this franchise around almost immediately at seasons end after years of such dreadful energy. We were (according to the media) the biggest clown show in all of sports so much that Trevor Lawrence should debate whether or not to stay another year in college. The Lions and Jacksonville (ironically) on the surface look like a disaster waiting to happen as we, as you stated, are on a completely different trajectory.
  7. Happy Birthday and LET'S GO KNICKS!
  8. I read this all the time ans while on one hand it seems like we have a steal in the 6th round but on the other hand could someone with a 1st round grade drop all the way to the 6th round with "only" an ALC injury that is recoverable? Seems like a large gap and its something more than just the injury. No?
  9. I hope I am not getting too far ahead of myself but I am super excited about this player and others that we have drafted and signed . Like a kid in a candy store.
  10. I only care about this because of ESPN and all the other Talking Heads who went as far as to say that Trevor Lawrence should stay in school because the Jets are an absolute disaster and Jacksonville is so much better for him.. As disgusting as we were at the time with Adam Gase I still think it was in poor taste to to state that Trevor Lawrence should stay in school because the Jets are going to ruin him as opposed to Jacksonville. What had Jacksonville up until that point that made them light years ahead of us in developing talent? I love our extremely professional off season and how Jacksonv
  11. I really don't think that's such a far stretch. At the time I thought the same, "how could we have beat the Rams and lose out at a chance of Trevor Lawrence?". All these weeks and months later and now I also feel that we may have struck gold and got lucky to draft Wilson over Lawrence. Time will tell
  12. There seems to be some tough competition for the top laughingstock franchise status in the NFL and our JETS are no where to be found thankfully. Go Jags (Tebow) ! Go Lions (real lions) !
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