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  1. It doesnt matter what ESPN thinks but for argument sake ESPN believes the Jaguars are better than the Jets yet the Jets beat them head to head last season, the Jags have a new system and new HC, the Jets added 3 first round picks and the top RB in the draft, and added a prow bowl guard while securing other areas of need? And the Jets beat the Texans in Houston head to head? Got it.
  2. Lmao, yeah, Josh Allen was below average his second season. Wasnt until year 5 that Peyton Manning completed 65% of his passes and had 23 INTs in his 5th season. Zach Wilson's expectations to everyone that doesnt count are ridiculous. Zach Wilson is going nowhere no matter what his season looks like.
  3. Josh Allen had an average to below season his 2nd year, but contiue to believe that if Zach Wilson struggles the Jets will replace the #2 over all pick, who arguable outplayed all rooike QBs last season, and, oh, is on his rookie contract.
  4. Oh man, must have somehow forgotten that. Yeah, bad. Changing the culture, let's keep our fingers crossed we continue to draft and sign relatively decent human beings who can play football well
  5. Such an embarassment to himself, his team and coaches. Would have been thrown off or suspended from any High School team. Hopefully never see this type of display again from the Jets
  6. Copernicus


    Great response Dominator. Interesting counter point.
  7. Copernicus


    Thanks for the response Bit. Josh Rosen is a great comparison. Been doing this for many years (like yourself) and guys like KT are hit or miss, all the talent in the world and if they miss they join a huge list of players that never lived up to their potential because of some type of personality/character flaw. If KT misses, the Giants will be kicking themselves that they should have seen it coming a mile away
  8. Copernicus


    I put a lot into personality and demeanor. More so than others. In my opinion, if Thibs showed that he had Michael Clemens no nonsense fire combined with his ability I would be more inclined to think that we totally could have made a mistake passing on him. Based on what I see, I could not blame the Jets for passing on Thibs for Gardner who seems to have close to equal physical talent but characteristics of Gardner's off the field/locker room was the tie breaker for me. Gardner is a team culture leader, a guy who others will follow and the coaches and fans dont seem to have to worry about more than Thibs where there are question marks. That, along with getting JJ at 26 makes passing on Thibs even less regretable .
  9. Thanks JN, just my opinion. I like Eison of all the national media guys
  10. For me they are in a separate catagory. Doubt they are doing it for free or pennies, doubt they are using their own equipment, and more of a possible agenda trying to stay relavent in an industry where many former players want in on.
  11. I can see your point Morrissey but it is also part of the beauty of it. You can find a wide range of opinions some stronger and critical than others. Quite frankly there is an argument that the beat writers (and others) are so slanted negatively that it is propaganda in the other direction for simply cliche bait
  12. I agree but would add that for me, Jake Asman is one of us. His "real job" is working for the Texans where even though it benefits his brand, he provides free Jets content as a fan and that is ok in my book,
  13. Cant think of one complaint for any of them. Jets YouTube content providers are either aspiring for bigger and better things or just great fans that are fed up with the beat writers and national media's spin that EVERYTHING Jets related is negative. Jets YouTube content providers are passionate about our favorite team and provide such a needed service talking many of us off the ledge. Either way it is organic, wholesome and positive. They give up their time and engery to provide content that I totally appreciate. I look foward to it each day. Entertaining, knowledgable, informative and an escape from the stresses of life. All bring energy and special talents. They all have their unique takes and are passionate about our Jets, Thanks so much Jets content providers! It is not mentioned enough how much all of you are appreciated! Thank you @Green Bean @bla bla bla @JetsNation and all other YouTube Jets content providers that frequent Jets Nation!
  14. Why does everyone forget the Jets had Josh Johnson?. How much more veteran can you get?
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