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  1. It's cruelty to animals. Just awful. If it were dogs, Americans would be livid. It's not a dog so it doesn't count. Such hypocrites.
  2. If Webb shows true progress, and not just hype for a trade, maybe we can get some value being how important QB is...
  3. Could be. Can trading a potential #2 QB land us some OLINE help? Hope
  4. Wonder if we trade Webb or Siemian for OLINE help. Doubt we keep Webb as a third string QB and Siemian seems untrade-able because of his contract.
  5. Spot on. Never used correctly. Coslet embarrassing the rookie RB, by benching him on MNF after the fumble, Thomas was never the same. Coslet ruined his career
  6. Maybe not the most under rated because of his position but Ken O'Brien deserves some credit. He was very good. Also played behind an awful OLINE and succeeded throwing during winters in New Jersey.
  7. Anderson starting 14 games at LT for Texas is impressive on paper. Playing at Texas, at one of the highest levels of college football counts for something. Patriots having serious enough interest to sign him makes me believe that he can play. Definitely worth a good look.
  8. At this point I would have to believe that Gase and the OL coach have watch tape on Harris and like what they see in him (and Toth.)
  9. 1. S Jamal Adams 2. DT Quinnen Williams 3. LB C.J. Mosely 4. LB Avery Williamson 5. DE Leo Williams 6. OLB Jachai Polite 7. OLB Jordan Jenkins 8. S Marcus Maye 9. DE Henry Anderson 10. CB Trumaine Johnson 11. CB Brian Poole 12. CB Daryl Roberts
  10. The lack of urgency of adding a center for the Jets tells me that they are fine with/love Harrison, and/or have high expectations for Toth
  11. An absolute embarrassment to the NFL that Richie Incognito is rewarded with a try out with the Raiders let alone a position on the team. The NFL (and humanity) should be ashamed.
  12. How in the world is he aloud to have a try out with an NFL team?
  13. Great analysis. Love the videos. Keep making them

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