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  1. Couldnt agree more. Not signing Kirk Cousins and not trading for AB. Could our fortune have changed for the better?
  2. Why start a thread joking about Darnald being injury prone? Really? Smh
  3. Strange that Cat was brought back at all after such a strong showing Bertolet had last year. I wonder what impact Catazarro had on the Jets front office to warrent him being brought back and the only kicker in camp. Equally as strange that Cat retired as opposed to being cut. 
  4. Strange that Cat was brought back at all after such a strong showing Bertolet had last year. I wonder what impact he had on the Jets front office to warrent him being brought back and the only kicker in camp. Equally as strange that Cat retired as opposed to being cut.
  5. The point of this entire thread is the direct opposite. Considering it is obvious both fans bases are tuning in it is over the top unprofessional to not make an attempt to include the other. Im not saying should be 50/50, but this particular broadcast was ridiculous. To take an entire fanbase and alienate them from the game is absurd and unprofessional
  6. Uggggh , VIP, they really have this? Makes me miss Hofstra even more.
  7. I may have missed it listening to all the Giant talk on the broadcast but what did Wesco do that makes you concerned?
  8. Again, I agree and understand that their will be a level of "one-sided-ness" in regards to last nights game. Just thought it was beyond what I expected and unprofessional. Like they didnt care to announce the game.
  9. Couldnt agree more. I think of myself as pretty objective and understanding that there will be a level of "homer-ness" when it comes to the Giants with Banks, Poppa, and Howard announcing but last night was over the top unprofessional and un-watchable
  10. I respectfully disagree and agree to a point. I get that it is a Giants broadcast and on some level there is an expectation that more will be slanted the Giants way. Understandable. Last night was unprofessional to the point where they didnt even announce players who were directly making plays on offense or defense. Obnoxious.
  11. If it we weren't for my obsession of the Jets it was almost unwatchable. No excuses, its 2019,there is information at your finger tips. Coming from Banks and Cross who come across as know it alls there is even less sympathy. Gregg Buttle and Joe Namath are homers for us, but at least entertaining and not obnoxious know it alls. Very disappointing
  12. Thought the broadcast was unprofessional. Cant believe how blatantly one sided it was. Every comment was about a Giants player. The excuses for why everyone else is stupid and the Giants are brilliant in regards to selecting Daniel Jones at #6 was nauseating. Rarely did they even announce who was on the Jets tackle or catch . Personally I am not a fan of Howard Cross and Carl Banks both come across as such homers in an obnoxious, know it all way.. Was real disappointed, after being so excited to watch them game. Such little information in regards to the Jets and their players.
  13. This. I was also disappointed in April with the revealing of the uniforms. After watching last night, they have grown on me somewhat. The helmet color, jersey and pants looked better than I expected. I think I like the words "New York" written across the jersey also. I have an issue with the logo. Such an opportunity lost to truly make a step in the right direction establishing their own identity. I thought a combination of the NY symbol and a jet aircraft would have been a good start. It would have done wonders for establishing their own identity and for marketing, Simply written "JETS" across the helmet with a tiny football looks juvenile.
  14. It's cruelty to animals. Just awful. If it were dogs, Americans would be livid. It's not a dog so it doesn't count. Such hypocrites.
  15. If Webb shows true progress, and not just hype for a trade, maybe we can get some value being how important QB is...
  16. Could be. Can trading a potential #2 QB land us some OLINE help? Hope
  17. Wonder if we trade Webb or Siemian for OLINE help. Doubt we keep Webb as a third string QB and Siemian seems untrade-able because of his contract.
  18. Spot on. Never used correctly. Coslet embarrassing the rookie RB, by benching him on MNF after the fumble, Thomas was never the same. Coslet ruined his career
  19. Maybe not the most under rated because of his position but Ken O'Brien deserves some credit. He was very good. Also played behind an awful OLINE and succeeded throwing during winters in New Jersey.
  20. Anderson starting 14 games at LT for Texas is impressive on paper. Playing at Texas, at one of the highest levels of college football counts for something. Patriots having serious enough interest to sign him makes me believe that he can play. Definitely worth a good look.
  21. At this point I would have to believe that Gase and the OL coach have watch tape on Harris and like what they see in him (and Toth.)
  22. 1. S Jamal Adams 2. DT Quinnen Williams 3. LB C.J. Mosely 4. LB Avery Williamson 5. DE Leo Williams 6. OLB Jachai Polite 7. OLB Jordan Jenkins 8. S Marcus Maye 9. DE Henry Anderson 10. CB Trumaine Johnson 11. CB Brian Poole 12. CB Daryl Roberts
  23. The lack of urgency of adding a center for the Jets tells me that they are fine with/love Harrison, and/or have high expectations for Toth

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