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  1. Excellent post. I would add that early returns show that there is a better than good chance we have our LT set (injury aside) for the long term and our DT from the previous regime (Quinenn) has had a better than average start to only his second season. As far as the QB goes, I dont think he is going anywhere soon, even if we get the #1 pick. He is still quit young (second among starting Qbs) has shown that he can be successful in small sample sizes, had to overcome mono and then covid training camp without preseason. His TD pass in garbage time shows his athletic ability. Many dropped passes by guys who are not starting caliber Wrs and cant get separation. Honestly, what can Darnald do?. . Our OLINE looks significantly better than last year and we are only two games in. I am sure we will continue to build on this unit. Mims really hurts right now.. Bigger than what most expected. I believe if he were playing and shown any signs of having chemistry with Darnald there would be hope. Mims being hurt makes our Wrs corp really look like a helpless unit. Week 2's Wrs, (minus Perriman) you can make an argument that most to all could be replaced next season. (Maybe Vyncent Smith when healthy and Berrios hang on) . I agree, be patient, Rome not built in a day, and if you allow yourself, we are not as bad as being portrayed.
  2. I love it. He will be someone else's problem. Clowney is a former number one over all pick, that's it. You coldnt describe a bum any more clearer. Not advertised as a hard worker. get to the QB consistently and leads the NFL in penalties for the past several years.We finaly have a GM that wont back up the Brinks Trunk for a name only. And I am most excited about it.
  3. Brick was a stud. Not sure you could ask for anything more. Above average, pro bowler, started every game, missed one play in his entire career. Long Island kid and the son of public school teachers who represented himself, the Jets, and Long Island with the utmost class and dignity. In his post career he continues to give back to the Long Island community. Yeah, anyone should take that type of person and player.
  4. Not giving up a first or second rounder for any. I am so fine with Mims and Perriman with Crowder in the slot
  5. Did I miss something because why is Ju Ju Smith automatically being traded from Pitt?
  6. Clowney lead the entire NFL last year in penalties and missed 3 games. That's more penalties than the top penalty offender on the OLINE. Lead the NFL in penalties the 2 prior seasons from last other than Oline-men. With only 3 sacks last year and his top year at 9 1/2 I dont think he is on the Jets radar. Just my opinion.
  7. Winters would be the ideal back up and I hope they resign him for less. Worked really hard to get where he is and played through major pain. On a side note: Did this really happen? I am so glad we traded Adams.
  8. 100% spot on SE. Im not surprised at the ranking of our disgusting uniforms. I was very vocal in my initial and continued disappointment in our new uniforms. Our uniforms are awful. Triangular slash marks instead of stripes? The black uniforms are so out dated and not our colors. The helmet and logo is putrid. A middle school student doodling could have come up with something more creative than the word "JETS" stamped across a green helmet. The image of the tiny football is beyond juvenile. Opportunity wasted. What a shame. Could have finally created an identity of our own but instead we continue to look less than our big brother Giants. Its boarder line criminal that we didnt seize this opportunity considering our "little brother/having to share GIANTS stadium" status. Truely absurd. I am far from a design expert but couldnt we have used a version of the NY symbol with the New York City skyline behind it? Our own version of the NY symbol that somehow is the base of a Fighter JET? It seems like such a no brainer that this was the opportunity to create an identity after years of being little brother to the Giants and the continued nomadic feel of playing in a stadium that is not ours. What an opportunity missed. It's difficult to believe that ownership couldn't realize this from purely a selfish marketing stand point. Absurd
  9. Maybe my point is unclear. I dont think players will agree to play so easily with so much to lose (health wise). Players making a million dollars a year are going to willingly agree to tackle a player from NY who may be a carrier of the virus? Then comfortably go home to to hug wife, small child, elderly parent? Losing the paycheck speaks volume but Im still not so sure if most will be on board.
  10. Great topic Lil O. I have been thinking along the same lines. Are we really expecting players who are financially set to agree to make contact and tackle (most likely sweat) another player? I want to see football as much as anyone, i just don't see how this doesnt become a major issue.
  11. I can understand the initial concern that only one Wr was drafted however Lawrence Cager and George Cambell are two undrafted fee agents we signed look real encouraging. Both were expected to be drafted so I don't think we are as bad off as some are stating
  12. Surprising this player was not drafted. Size, speed, played at a high level, productive (when healthy). Even with the injuries you'd think a team would have burned a late round draft pick on him. Good for us. Im thinking the chances of Cager sticking on the roster or practice squad is better than most undrafted free agents ( Unless Im missing something)
  13. Awesome take Jetstream , I’m not surprised. Honestly I think Joe Douglas is had a very good day, not good, very good. I, like you, wished we took at least one more drafted Wr and it would have been great in my opinion And that’s the thing, “in my opinion,” I’m not Joe Douglas and feel confident that he passed on players for a good reason that I thought were no brainers at the time. With that said, I did not agree with a few pics. Didn’t understand the the QB pick until I read that the Patriots possibly wanted him and we do not have the cap space for what we want to do with priding FAs and sign a back up veteran QBs. Did I scratch my head (putting that lightly) when we took a safety? Yes. Did I do the same when we took Zuniga? Hell yeah. I was like Josh Jones! Ezra Cleveland! Henessy! Cushenberry!! Gandy Golden!! Peoples Jones!!! The Prince!!! Then we take a Qb? What!?? A punter??? WTF!?? Then I took a breathe, read up on some of the reasoning behind the picks (like Ashtyn Davis an athletic freak projected to go late first round/ like the punter who is the best prospect in years and we now don’t have to resign the one we have and can use that money elsewhere ). But again, who am I? Douglas knows best. What sold me was the trade down in round two and still getting Mims. Douglas’s skill, balls, luck, brilliance , whatever, even if Mims fails, it was an area of need and he did not panic and gained valuable picks for a team that needs and overhaul of players. Secondly, and this really solidified it for me was the trade down of the last 3d we gained from the previous trade mentioned, to trade with Bellicheck and gain two 4ths and a 6 next year. Trading with Bellicheck!!!? On draft day!??? So much pressure to get it right. A lesser GM would have played it safe and not want to get involved. Not Noe Douglas! Just wow! The balls on the first year GM! I am total fine with it because I do not know more than Joe Douglas (or any NFL scout/executive) BUT the difference is that I have confidence after what Douglas did to maneuver during this draft. After seeing how he controlled the draft and gained 10 players plus some real interesting undrafted free agents I feel real good about this . Statistically all of these players and moves will most likely not pan out. But I feel real confident moving forward with Douglas as GM. You gotta love what you saw from Douglas over the past few days.
  14. I’m sure that Douglas knew they are close. I don’t know how I feel about this. One hand you would think good because they should have a little more positive chemistry and push each other like what is claimed. On the other hand I just hope it doesn’t go down the path of drafting the friend of the high first round pick to make him happy. This usually doesn’t bode well. Didnt we do the same for Mark Sanchez and waist a draft pick taking his friend Scott McKnigt (?)
  15. Curious, howvdid we f with the Dolphins?
  16. Terrible job by Wingo and ESPN but are anyone of us surprised? Possibly ruining this kids once in a lifetime moment with a snarky drug comment and the kid has no connections to doing drugs himself? On top of that his father has a drug problem? Blatantly trying to be hurtful. Truly awful. How selfish to make a comment like that!!? Horrible look for Wingio and ESPN. How dare they try and ruin his moment for a cheap laugh at a young kids expense dealing with such a sad subject Like drug use? Stupidity. Typical frat house comment mentality that has ruined Espn over the past several years. Very disappointed but I’m not surprised.
  17. This post has got me even more pumped for tomorrow! Still much value to be had . Joe Douglas is a beast on his first draft ! The balls to trade down and get Mims and then trade down again with of all people Bill Bellicheck. Trading with the Patriots knowing how critical our can base is? Wow! Can’t say Joe Douglas is afraid. Came out strong with no fear. Gotta love it !
  18. Absolutely love the pick. Why do you think he fell so far?
  19. Swapping our second and a player (Avery Williamson?) maybe. No way Im trading a pick
  20. I feel the same way. There is an adult driving the bus now. But the real work (in the draft) starts tonight. You or I could have chosen Bechton. Tonight Joe Douglas earns his money. I have confidence for the first time in awhile.

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