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  1. 1 minute ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I can see how someone would think he's annoying but I do like his show.  I think he's actually pretty talented at what he does.  He's better than anyone on WFAN at the moment (at least imo).

    What's not to like? He is a professional, who also happens to be a  huge Jets fan, is from Long Island, and posts a free show with only Jets content daily. 

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  2. 13 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    I stopped watching after the Tenn. game where Wilson put the team on his back to win the game.

    While he wasn't great - he found a way to make big plays and win.

    Cut to SNY post game, all excited for some post game win hyped (wins were few and far between so wanted to enjoy a post game) - and there was Bart Scott just bouncing on Zach for getting lucky and really sucking and being selfish etc.  He started the show with a 10 minute rant on why Wilson sucks.  

    It was really sad, haven't watched a Jet pre-post game show on the channel since.  Won't until Bart Scott is gone.

    Bart Scott, shocking and so disappointing. I thought he was better, but yeah, he's out for me also. He was so critical that it came across personal. With so much great YouTube content I dont miss any of them. Our own @bla bla bla @GREENBEAN @JetsNation, and others like Jake Asman, Jets Media, Matt O'Leary, Frankie From Flatbush, Jets , Buffalo Jets Kaos and others  are simply beter

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Trotter said:

    Can't speak specifically to top tier athletes but my guess would be yes.

    Drive route 78 (NJ) at 5:30am or most NJ highways/roads at anytime of day and yes - people of all walks of life are that stupid.

     Guessing that most pro athletes come from middle class to low income situations prior to making it big, you'd think that would be reminder enough to keep themself in check for fear of losing it all. It physically makes me angry to see situations like this. Let's for argument sake say the woman connected to Gore is totally in the wrong (before he put his hands on her). She cheated, stole, embarassed him publically, all of the above.  How in the world do you not just walk away knowing you're a former professional athlete and can find someone else in second and get to continue to live this lifestyle?  i will never get it

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  4. 58 minutes ago, Trotter said:

    3 words I live by

    Can't fix stupid.


    31 minutes ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

    It’s unfathomable how many of these guys throw it all away for the dumbest reasons. 

    I find it almost impossible to believe that you can have personal characteristics of will, leadership, sacrifice, determination, midset and strength (amongst others) to make it to the absolute top of athleticism but then not apply them when it is a matter of losing it all? Can being stupid/dumb apply in so many of these situations? 

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  5. 1 hour ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

    Is it really that hard for people to keep their hands to themselves?

    You would think that if you never had to work another day in your life and enjoy everything the world has to offer, without financial worries, how much it would take for you to get so upset to put your hands on another human being (especially a woman)  and jeapordize all of it. 

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  6. 15 hours ago, MykePM said:

    This was a GREAT interview.  I gained a whole lot of respect for Connor Hughes for coming on and spending a good amount of time answering tough questions honestly without BS and for being a stand-up guy.  He really gave us an insightful glimpse at how the beat reporter sausage is made.

    Also, I'm embarrassed to admit that this was my first time watching @GREENBEAN, but I was really impressed.  A natural as a host, entertaining, obviously very knowledgable about the Jets, and not afraid to broach uncomfortable topics in a diplomatic way.  Thanks, and nice job, GB!

    @GREENBEAN is must hear contentent. Also Ryan @bla bla bla from Jets 24/7, Matt O'Leary, Jets Media, Frankie From Flatbush, and Tyson Rouche from Lets Talk Jets are great. (and others)

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  7. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    Black is every teams color, because black is the most marketable color for gear sales.

    Selling gear to the punters never goes out of style.

    Typical of every team in sports, near enough.

    Uniforms don't cause winning or losing.  It's purely aesthetics.


    Lol, no they weren't.


    But you and I are not likely the demographic the NFL or the Jets cares about.

    10-24 is.  And they have different tastes than 40, 50, 70 year olds do.

    Weeb Eubank and Bill Parcells both stated (separately) that the white helmets were best because the green often blended with the Meadowlands turf. Not me saying it, but two HOF coaches. Cant site any data, but I have often heard that our original Jets uniforms were amongst the best in sports. If changing uniforms and adding black is all about profit, how have the NY Yankees and Dallas Cowboys lasted this long selling merchandice? I also dont know anyone, including my teenage nephews and neices who like the current uniforms better than our originals and those we wore in the 1980s. 

  8. Black is not our color. Adding the color black to uniforms that never had it (like the Jets) went out in the 1990s with Zubaz pants and gansta rap. Typical of the Jets to bring it back. My god, we had our best years as a franchise either using or honoring our original Jets (Joe Namath) uniforms. Just bring it back already because most fans loved them and they were considered one of the best uniforms in all of sports. What we have now is absolute garbage.

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