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  1. Interesting because most Jets fans would say that they are both struggling 


    32 minutes ago, BroadwayJets said:

    Per Bowles:


    Most improved players in camp are "Buster Skrine and Brian Winters."


    Arguably our biggest positions of need, hopefully he's right. We'll surely need their improvement.




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  2. 18 minutes ago, Hael said:

    Stork was really good his rookie year, as in, one of the better centers in the NFL good and held up well in the playoffs, including against the Seattle front in the superbowl.  Last year he was pretty mediocre after returning from injury, and the general belief was that concussions were getting to him.

    With yet another concussion this summer I think the belief is that the writing is on the wall for his career.  He's a very talented player, but this stuff is pretty unforgiving.

    This ^^^^^

  3. Not sure why the 

    14 minutes ago, LIJetsFan said:

    Fk the NE reject, Sudfeld.  Petty ran to congratulate him after his TD catch, and Sudfeld ignored him.  I was very surprised.  You don't ignore you QB.

    Not sure what the Jets see in him.. He really doesn't deserve the long look that he's getting 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Charlie Brown said:

    It is so good to hear from you. I think you might want to stick around here for this season. 

    I really like the attitude around the team and we just might surprise even our cynical selves!!!!  :rolleyes:

    Yeah, no doubt, got back in the swing of things today. Lots of knowledgeable posters here.  Definitely sticking around 

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  5. 8 hours ago, Tinstar said:

    while I do believe that these 3 guys are improving, Smith is in his 4th year and unless he gets an opportunity here and "Balls Out", is likely done after this year as a Jet . Petty is going into his 2nd year, and like Smith is going through his 2nd season in the same system and according to reports isn't even ready to challenge for the back up QB Job . Hackenberg who I was hoping the Jets would draft needs to sit this entire year, regain his confidence , allow his body to heal and his mind to be refreshed and we will see what we have next training camp .

    Fitzpatrick had a great year in 2015, and the Jets were somewhat trapped into bringing him back because of the lack of trust /development in Smith and Petty . 

    IMHO, The worst thing that could have happened to the Maccagnan/ Bowles regime was IK breaking the Jaw of Geno Smith .  It was not that initial signing of Fitzpatrick, but the events that caused Geno Smith to lose his starting position as the QB. He might have stunk up the Joint proving everyone right, and Fitz might still have had a great season even if not as productive . What we would all know with absolutely certainty is that Smith is the "Bust" so many think he is .  4 yrs later, and I have no clue what this player is, and that's the real same .Yet another QB mishandled by a Franchise searching for stability at this most important position on a Football team . 

    Her is what I know for sure, and that is Fitzpatrick is not the future of this team at QB . Yet, we're not even willing to see what could be knowing that the option of a hold the fort is there as the fall back option.


    If I were The HC of the Jets, I would not Fitzpatrick play a single down in the 1st 2 pre season Games .  Geno Smith and the kids would get every single rep with Smith getting the 1st half, Petty the 3rd and Hackenberg the 4th . Fitzpatrick plays the entire 3rd preseason game and the 1st half of the 4th  followed by Petty in the 3rd and Hack in the 4th .

    You will never develop a QB having him sit on the Bench watching for 3 yrs .  Year 1 you watch, year 2 you make mistakes and year 3 you make adjustments .  This all need to be done in the same scheme and then you can actually see the maturation of a player . What we do is draft a QB, throw him out there, watch him stink up the joint, fire the coaching staff change schemes and do the same frilling thing over again before cutting ties with the QB, signing someone's tired old reject and repeating the process .

    We're the Jets, and the cycle needs to stop. Generational curses only stop when someone is wiling to stand up and say enough is enough . 

    That is all .  


    Great post Tinstar, nailed it

  6. 5 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    A few of us, myself included, proposed a hypothetical trade with the Cowboys back before the draft as a way of moving Wilk, and addressing major need on the OL. 

    Instead, Mac extended Wilk and traded for Clady, which I have no problem with. 

    That said, I still think there is potential here. I just don't know if a player for player trade is feasible at this stage. Maybe a draft pick for an OT. I doubt it happens though.

    I doubt a traded happens also, just praying Clady stays healthy

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Hi Cop... good to see you posting here.  But your post will likely get crucified by the know-it-alls who insist that they know Lynch is the superior choice they are done, I'm sure any Cook protagonists, if any, will chime in.  

    Good to see you as well.  I think with every pick  there is a certain element of shock. But once the dust settles and you read into the pros and cons, it seems the Hackenberg pick is not as bad as assumed.  Many publications had us talking him in  the second round.  Factor after his freshman year he was projected to be the next great quarterback you can see why he's production so drastically dropped with national school scandal, horrendous offense of line, and poor receivers. Again, on paper, there is so much potential for him to turn it around. How can you not be hopeful and excited? 

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