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  1. Curious, howvdid we f with the Dolphins?
  2. Terrible job by Wingo and ESPN but are anyone of us surprised? Possibly ruining this kids once in a lifetime moment with a snarky drug comment and the kid has no connections to doing drugs himself? On top of that his father has a drug problem? Blatantly trying to be hurtful. Truly awful. How selfish to make a comment like that!!? Horrible look for Wingio and ESPN. How dare they try and ruin his moment for a cheap laugh at a young kids expense dealing with such a sad subject Like drug use? Stupidity. Typical frat house comment mentality that has ruined Espn over the past several years. Very disappointed but I’m not surprised.
  3. This post has got me even more pumped for tomorrow! Still much value to be had . Joe Douglas is a beast on his first draft ! The balls to trade down and get Mims and then trade down again with of all people Bill Bellicheck. Trading with the Patriots knowing how critical our can base is? Wow! Can’t say Joe Douglas is afraid. Came out strong with no fear. Gotta love it !
  4. Absolutely love the pick. Why do you think he fell so far?
  5. Swapping our second and a player (Avery Williamson?) maybe. No way Im trading a pick
  6. I feel the same way. There is an adult driving the bus now. But the real work (in the draft) starts tonight. You or I could have chosen Bechton. Tonight Joe Douglas earns his money. I have confidence for the first time in awhile.
  7. Gronk coming out of retirement after clearly expressing his concern for head injuries has potential to be a real bad decision for him health wise.
  8. No, this draft n particular is valuable in areas of need. No need to trade up and willing to trade down
  9. OLINE at all costs at 11 or a trade down. too many quality Wrs in this draft to take one a11 when OLINE and other needs are more pressing
  10. Im not overly concerned. Allen has accuracy issues and Diggs is a head case. More of a chance this not working out. Giving up all that draft capital for a disgruntled Wr? With an upcoming draft that is over loaded with Wrs?
  11. I believe that Joe Douglas knows more than the average fan. Can we let this play out?
  12. The question for me is there a big enough difference/drop off between Lamb and Juedy to the rest of the Wrs after 11 as opposed to the second tier of OLINE-men? For me it's OLINE at 11 and if they are gone by then I would trade down and gain valuable draft picks. The only way Im taking a Wr at 11 is if their are no takers for a trade down and the OLINE-men available are projected to go in the second round. My opinion is their are far more NFL ready Wrs in this draft than quality OLINE-men.
  13. Assuming the top 4-5 OLINE prospects are gone, with an abundance of Wrs projected as top prospects and expected to be drafted I'd be highly disappointing if we took Jeudy or Lam at 11 and didn't trade out.
  14. If this were the way it played out, and Herbert is available when the Jets pick, and we dont trade down, I would be very disappointed
  15. I would add that Cleveland also has a history of not selecting what the majority thinks they will
  16. Same amount of picks? I would strongly consider if we are talking about a franchise LT that Douglas loves. However it will be seriously criticized by the masses. Douglas will need thick skin
  17. Ugggh, do not like the idea of trading up no matter what. Would have to believe if the top 5 OLmen are off the board we go Juedy or Lamb. No? In a perfect (and shocking ) world to Jets fans we trade down (hope).
  18. Yes, was just going back to edit this post. I would love to trade down and after (more) reading I'm (again ) thinking it's either OL, Wr or trade down (if possible). The question I have is Jeudy and Lamb better prospects at Wr than Espenza and K'Lavon at Edge? ( Best Wr in the current draft greater than 2nd/3d best edge?)
  19. Hmmmm, I tend to disagree (today anyway). I think its much more difficult to find an edge rusher than Wr. As unpopular as it might be to take defense (again) in the first round I may have to go best edge rusher (after Chase) rather than a Wr at 11.
  20. Encouraging. Let's hope it translate into success.
  21. Great work. Always look forward to your vids

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