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  1. Like so much of the Jets offense we learned little about the TE position moving forward to next season. As mentioned earlier Griffin in his 7th year with a bad injury makes him questionable next year getting the same production. Herdon, who knows, injury, maturity . Wesco was a bruising blocker who made some nice plays catching the ball at West Virginia. When we drafted him there was so much excitement that the pick was solid. Then we didn’t see him (noticeably) on the field until about week 12 or so. I can remember one or two real positive plays on offense both catching and (running the ball?) and thought “Why hasn’t he played up until this point? .”
  2. This doe not surprise me. Coslet was awful
  3. This was more difficult than I thought I still am not sure if this is my final list 1. Wesley Walker 2. Freeman McNeil 3. Ken O' Brien 4. Al Toon 5. Vinny Testeverde 6. Joe Klecko. 7. Chad Pennington 8. Nick Mangold 9. D'Brickashaw Ferguson 10. Mark Gastineau Age: 50
  4. Huge missed opportunity with the logo. Looks like a middle school student could have created it doodling for ten minutes. I am far from a logo designer but how about a combination of the "NY" symbol, a Jets fighter plane and the city skyline. Instead we have the word "JETS" with an infantile football under it. Just brutal.
  5. Jimmy Johnson love fest was cringe worthy
  6. For a possible franchise QB it would be worth the extra pick. With the amount of players that dont live up to their high draft status I would not trade up for just about anyone. We need way too much. I would trade down if possible
  7. Yes, very interesting. What is Cam's health status? Thought there was speculation he was contemplating retirement because of injury
  8. Rhule has been successful on the collegiate level turning programs in turmoil around rather quickly. Not sure if that directly translates into a successful NFL HC.
  9. Just hoping the QB hype to be in full affect come draft and some teams trading up to 11 for a 2nd tier Qbs on the rise (Tua, Jordan Love, , Eason)
  10. I don't disagree with this. Just wishing for the QB hype to be in full affect come draft and some teams trading up for a 2nd tier Qbs on the rise (if any)
  11. Would be pleasantly surprised to see Biadasz last to us in round 2
  12. Yes, I understand but not necessarily my point. Do you think Robby Anderson is worth 10-15 million a year when that money could be spent elsewhere? Do you think Vyncint Smith is capable of elevating his game to Robby Anderson (and beyond) so that the Jets can spend their money at another position of need?
  13. I really thought that Hackenburg would have taken some meaningful snaps in the NFL. While he wasnt on my radar during the draft so high, once we drafted him I thought it could work......
  14. My thought process is that we have X amount to spend this off season. Based on the current NFL market, it would cost the Jets somewhere from 10-15 mil per year for Robby. Knowing what we know about his ability up until this point and trying to project his continued progress, is it worth it? Or would it be better to elevate Vyncint Smith's role on the field and spend the money on an extra player in FA which we would not be able to do if we spend it on Robby,
  15. Pardon the confusion. Should we resign Robby Anderson or let Anderson walk, choose to use that money elsewhere and develop Vyncint Smith to a bigger role to fill Robby's role?
  16. Robbie Anderson is not for less than 10 million a year.
  17. Such a major roll of the dice if the Jets decide to let Robbie walk and commit to Smith. It is enticing for me to toy with the idea of letting Robbie walk only because Smith played so well. He really came out of nowhere and I cannot remember a negative play from him whether it was lining up as a wide receiver or on special teams
  18. Interesting. Do you think Vyncint Smith has shown enough to make Robbie expendable? I only really remember Smith making positive plays for us. Don't remember any drops. Im starting to think it might be better to spend the money elsewhere
  19. Should the Jets resign Robbie Anderson or replace him with Vyncint Smith and spend money elsewhere? Has Vyncint Smith showed you enough to warrent taking a chance on replacing Robbie Anderson with him?
  20. Great post. I totally agree. I cant figure out if i think Gase is competent or should totally be fired. Will make for a great off season
  21. Fans that underestimate the important of late round picks are not getting it. Its where teams build depth, something we are severely missing
  22. Again, I am not a Gase hater, we need him to succeed. I dont want to start over. Trying to look at this season objectively. I hear everything that you're saying, but the bottom line is that they finish dead last in the NFL in offense, DEAD LAST, and we have an offensive HC coach with Sam Darnald coming off an inspiring rookie season. Sorry but there is little excuse for this. Can you honestly say we have learned anything over the season with this team? Is Darnald legit? Is Bell our rn moving foward? Oline development? Wesco development? Possibly Vincent Smith is a player? We have so little idea of who they are. Gase was supposed to be a guru and take Donald into the next level. I get it, huge setback to overcome in mono, totally not underestimating that. But what about playing Kahill over Harrison? Not having an NFL caliber QB signed after seeing how bad it was after week 2 injury with Trevor Simion? Bell, Gase, flu fiasco? Questionable play calling all season that was topped off with a wildcat formation with Bell in a meaningless game? Wouldnt rational thinking want to see Darnald progress in a tight situation instead of a gimmick play ? All the injuries now with two organizations? Cryptic messages about wanting or not wanting Bell? Not being able to handle the media (now two organizations) who hold tremendous power in this town? The UTTER ASININE move of firing the GM AFTER hiring Gase is a tribute to how putrid our ownership truly is. Does Douglas truly like Gase as HC? Who really knows? He didnt hire him. Our head owner would rather be in England supporting Trump than the team that he owns. Woody Johnson is true reason for our failures in all of this and sadly going nowhere. IMHO, these are all awful signs, i hope im wrong

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