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  1. I’m sure that Douglas knew they are close. I don’t know how I feel about this. One hand you would think good because they should have a little more positive chemistry and push each other like what is claimed. On the other hand I just hope it doesn’t go down the path of drafting the friend of the high first round pick to make him happy. This usually doesn’t bode well. Didnt we do the same for  Mark Sanchez and waist a draft pick taking his friend Scott McKnigt (?) 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Irish Jet said:


    Mims was a steal. Preferred him to Pittman and Hamler. Exactly what we're looking for at WR. 

    Davis is a really good player, maybe the best value pick in terms of where we got him but not a need. How we deal with Adams/Maye will effect my thoughts on the pick. Can't say I was delighted. Bonus points for f*cking with the Dolphins. 

    Zuniga looks a great athlete, think Williams will like him. Looks a solid player at a weak position. Still would have preferred an offensive guy. 

    Curious, howvdid we f with the Dolphins? 

  3. Terrible job by Wingo and ESPN but are anyone of us surprised? Possibly ruining  this kids once in a lifetime moment with a snarky drug comment and the kid has no connections to doing drugs himself? On top of that his father has a drug problem? Blatantly trying to be hurtful. Truly awful. How selfish to make a comment like that!!? Horrible  look for Wingio and ESPN. How dare they try and ruin his moment for a cheap laugh at a young kids expense dealing with such a sad subject Like drug use? Stupidity. Typical frat house comment mentality that has ruined  Espn over the past several years. Very disappointed but I’m not surprised. 

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  4. 36 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    Quantity > Quality in Year 1 of his rebuild.  There's a theme here.  It started in FA and now it continues into the Draft.  Did we break the bank in FA on Conklin or Glasgow for the OLine, how about Dante Fowler at Edge or Byron Jones at CB?  Nope.

    Joe said, "I'll take Brian Poole for $5M.  Give me Greg Van Roten for $3.5M.  Oh, CB....how about Pierre Desir for $3.75M.  Edge...I'll bring back Jordan Jenkins for $5M."

    It's the SAME THING in the Draft.  He immediately addresses the two biggest needs on offense with LT (Becton) and WR (Mims).  Now, it's #TradeDownCity.  Joe doesn't want 2 or 3 great players.  He wants 7 good ones.  This is a bottoms-up roster rebuild.  This is fiscal management in picking his horse at Safety (Extend Jamal (probably), replace Marcus Maye with Davis in Round 3) after Maccagnan inexplicably drafted back-to-back Safeties (a decision that cost $13M last year for Le’Veon Bell because Macc left Dalvin Cook on the board for Maye 3 years ago).

    And now we see Joe D. turn the most important 3rd Round the Jets have had in years into a loaded 4th round. Tune it up on Saturday!  Joe is coming in hot at 120, 125, and 129 tomorrow for the most important 4th round the Jets have had in a decade.

    CB, OG, WR, TE???   Who knows....but LOTS of interesting names out there at all those positions.

    Who have the Jets taken in Round 4 in previous years?  How about guys like TE Chris Herndon, RB Bilal Powell, WR/KR Brad Smith, S Kerry Rhodes, WR Jerricho Cotchery, LT Jason Fabini.

    Joe got his LT without trading up in Round 1.  He got his WR while trading down in Round 2.  I'm trusting this guy to unlock value in the Draft so far.  He seems to know how to get the guys he wants in the spots he wants to get them.  Ya Gotta Believe!

    See ya tomorrow!


    This post has got me even more pumped for tomorrow! Still much value to be had . Joe Douglas is a beast on his first draft ! The balls to trade down and get Mims and then trade down again with of all people Bill Bellicheck. Trading with the Patriots knowing how critical our can base is? Wow! Can’t say Joe Douglas is afraid. Came out strong with  no fear. Gotta love it ! 

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  5. 1 hour ago, David Harris said:

    Competent management.  Haven't had that before.  I TRUST our GM for the first time.

    I feel the same way. There is an adult driving the bus now. But the real work (in the draft) starts tonight. You or I could have chosen Bechton. Tonight Joe Douglas earns his money. I have confidence for the first time in awhile. 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, Stark said:

    Lamb by just a hair of Jeudy for me.... I am thinking FA douglas is going to try to get the OL and a CB cover so he has as much flexibility in the draft. 

    The question for me is there a big enough difference/drop off between Lamb and Juedy to the rest of the Wrs after 11 as opposed to the second tier of OLINE-men? For me it's OLINE at 11 and if they are gone by then I would trade down and gain valuable draft picks. The only way Im taking a Wr at 11 is if their are no takers for a trade down and the OLINE-men available are projected to go in the second round. My opinion is their are far more  NFL ready Wrs in this draft than quality OLINE-men.

  7. 10 hours ago, Dcat said:

    I was looking at the mocks on NFL.com and the  Maurice Jones Drew Mock up on NFL.com made me think...  because this was the situation...

    Hypothetically...  with no trade downs or any movement at all, if it came to Wills or Jeudy at 11, which guy comes to the podium? Sweet Home Alabama. 

    And does signing or not signing Robby make a difference to you?   

    That would be a great choice to have to make and honestly I change my mind often.  

    disclaimer: Lamb was also available there but I prefer Jeudy to Lamb.

    MJD mock draft http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001101731/article/maurice-jonesdrew-nfl-mock-draft-10-chargers-replace-rivers?itm_source=parsely-api?icampaign=trendingNews

    I actually feel confident going into the draft at #11.  

    If this were the way it played out, and Herbert is available when the Jets pick, and we dont trade down, I would be very disappointed 

  8. 11 minutes ago, nycdan said:

    I get it.  But I don't think there are 5 top OL in JD's eyes.  More likely 2, maybe 3 that he prefers far above the others.  Let's say for him, it's Wirfs, Will and Thomas far above Becton and Jones.  At the 9-slot, only one of the top-3 is left and CLE is slobbering. 

    Would you trade #11 and #79 for #9 and #113?  Same number of picks, but you slide down from mid-3rd to early-4th in order to get who you think will be your franchise LT.  To me, that's a no-brainer only if that situation develops.  More value goes to JAX in that trade and they almost certainly get the same guy they would have taken at 9 since NYJ and CLE are mortal locks to take OT.  Just something to ponder....

    Same amount of picks? I would strongly consider if we are talking about a franchise LT that Douglas loves. However it will be seriously criticized by the masses. Douglas will need thick skin 

  9. 30 minutes ago, nycdan said:

    Now that I got my daily dose of snark out, I doubt that JD's list of acceptable OTs at 11 will be 5-deep.  But since we don't really know which ones he prefers, this is all very good news.  I still think you set up a trade to 9 if there is a big gap and only one of your guys is left there, but it feels like the stars have aligned to get us a 1st-round OL this year. 

    And to think that as our pick comes up, Macc will be screaming at his TV "Get the Safety, Delpit, you fools!" only makes me happier.

    Ugggh, do not like the idea of trading up no matter what. Would have to believe if the top 5 OLmen are off the board we go Juedy or Lamb. No?  In a perfect (and shocking ) world to Jets fans we trade down (hope). 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    if all the OTs worth taking at 11 are gone, the move is either a trade back or take a wr and address OT in the 2nd round.  this is why signing conklin would really help.  i won't go into why we don't need another defensive player in the first round, especially after watching the chiefs offense blow through the playoffs.

    Yes, was just going back to edit this post. I would love to trade down and after (more) reading I'm (again ) thinking it's either OL, Wr or trade down (if possible).

    The question I have is Jeudy and Lamb better prospects at Wr than Espenza and K'Lavon at Edge? ( Best Wr in the current draft greater than 2nd/3d best edge?)

  11. 21 hours ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    What you can’t see here in the OP is that in this mock, the top 4 OTs are gone. The two top WRs are there though. And if the board shook out like this, they should take the highest rated receiver and move on to OL in the next rounds. 

    Hmmmm, I tend to disagree (today anyway). I think its much more difficult to find an edge rusher than Wr. As unpopular as it might be to take defense (again) in the first round I may have to go best edge rusher (after Chase) rather than a Wr at 11.

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