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  1. This type of thinking works against us much more than we expect. I don't think It's true fans that act this way . Can't speak for other fan bases , and if they go through this, but I just think that it is so profitable for the media to set unrealistic expectations then bash us when we dont find success immediatly for cliche bait purposes. It's why I am so on board with the content makers with #boycottthebeat. In other cases, I think there are more trolls who infiltrate our fan base because they know they will get a reaction. Other players see this and want no part of it when it comes to playing for the Jets .
  2. Thanks for the thorough response. And I thought last year's draft was complicated for Douglas (and us fans)! Every day I wake up with a different scenerio of how I want this draft to go. 4 high picks in 2 rounds will have our heads spinning come Thursday and Friday next week and of course "intelligent" debating of who we wanted or why Douglas's picks were justified (or sucked!) .
  3. Great post as always Baron. Are you that impressed with McDuffee at 10? Havent heard much buzz about him going that high. In that scenerio if Ikey goes to us at #4 I'd rather Karlaftis/JJ at 10. Mims off season plays a major role here I believe. If the Jets are content that last year was just bad circumstances for Mims and they believe he will turn it around I see them going Wr second round and more the Dohtson type. Then you'd have a balance of bigs in Corey Davis and Mims, and precise route runner speed types in Moore and Dohtson.
  4. I am all for it but I think fans will lose their mind and storm Florham Park if we don't take an edge at 4 or 10
  5. Great thread Hawkeye First draft that got me hooked was the year we took Blair Thomas. I was 18, also the first that I watched it with my dad (who past about 3 years now). I was hoooked. Hate Coslet to this day for the way he treated that kid. Thomas was having a breakout game on MNF his rookie year and fumbled late. Coslet benched and blamed Thomas for the loss. Blair Thomas was never the same. Other memorable picks were Jeff Lagerman, Johnny Michell, Kyle Brady, Hugh Douglas and Marvin Jones. Went to a couple of the drafts live when they were barely televised. Got up early, waited on a long line, got a number on an index card and sat in the balcony of a hotel banquet room where the draft was held. Memories for a lifetime with my friends and family! Thanks for bringing me back Hawkeye!
  6. I like it a lot. Sign me up now! But I brought up the possibility of taking Travon Walker at 4 and edge at 10 or 35/38 and lets just say it didnt go over well here.
  7. Got it. ( I hear Jackie Gleason's voice when I read your posts )
  8. Soooo I take it you dont like London? Is there a Wr that you'd rather the Jets select?
  9. Heard the clip this morning. Cringe
  10. Hey Dunnie, I am so all over the place as we get closer and closer. Yesterday I was clamoring for Trevon Walker at 4 and came down to earth this morning after viewing a few podcasts that I respect ( Paul Boy Green Esden and Jets Talk with Tyson Roush with guest Joe Blewett). I just don't think its that simple of who is the better edge.. (I know Im copping out) But here goes. I think if I am reading Douglas correctly he is never afraid takes the big swing at the top despite any criticism he might take. Wilson's strength of college schedule and Behcton size and rise out of Louisville left Douglas wide open for the critics. Even going after Tyreek Hill left him open to criticism with fans (including me) and media alike. With that said, I think Douglas leans towards taking Thibs for the athleticism and upside. Hutch seems to be the safer pick (but if I am being totally honest I haven't done as much film on Hutch because I couldn't see how he would fall to us). I think its what you fancy: You ready to step up to the plate and hit the HR? Then Thibs is the pick. You gonna hit to the opposite field to move the runners because it is safer to secure the win? Well then Hutch is your pick. Don't think you can go wrong with either. Sorry that I couldn't be more definitive. All signs for me are that Douglas knows what he is doing and has a thorough plan in place and I'm beyond grateful of that. It is more than we can say our past GM(s) have. If both are available I think he goes Thibs and I would agree with that decision. I would be slightly less enthused taking Hutch, but ever so slightly
  11. While I was very intrigued with the scenario of Walker at 4 and Karlaftis at 10, I am starting to not I feel comfortable enough with Trevon Walker despite his off the charts numbers (which is a HUGE understatement.) Listened to Joe Blewett on Tyson Roush Talking Jets and Im starting to lean towards a combination (at #4 and #10) of Sauce, (Im back on his bandwagon), London, KT, and/or Karlaftis. Not hearing anything on Karlaftis since the end of the college season is giving me some anxiety that he is injured. Have you heard anything on this player?
  12. Was think the same thing. So Hutch gets no criticism for this but KT does? Hmmmmm
  13. Maybe OJ, it cant be too crazy because there are multiple mocks with his projected draft number from 2-5. Pauline states he can go as high as #1. Im not married to this idea.
  14. Zach Wilson came back from injury and continued to build on areas of success and made strides to overcome areas of weakness. His off season (like many QBs) had him going from state to state to work on his craft with his Wrs. Cant ask for much more.
  15. Can you really see Jacksonville going DLine? I cant. I think this is all smoke. I find it difficult to believe that Walker would sky rocket to #1 although I keep seeing multiple mocks where he is in the top 10, some top 5. After such a season of turmoil Jacksonville wouldnt use the #1 to protect Trevor?
  16. Baron, who do you consider the weak edge rushers in this draft?
  17. You also make a ton of sense Baron. This upcoming draft for me is all over the place. I would question London simply because I believe we havent heard from him since the season speculating that he is injured (I believe the same for Karlaftis). Have you heard anything?
  18. Great find Scoops. I am (recently) fascinated with the idea of taking Walker at #4 and coming back with a pure edge at #10. If there are no worthy edges at 10, take your Wr of choice or Penning and come back with Mafe or Ebekeite at 35. It reminded me a little of when Parcels took Sean Ellis and John Abraham in the same draft. Ellis and Abraham solidified our defense for a decade and that sounds good to me. Im sure over the next 2 weeks I will flip flop in my mind (and on JN) who I want at #4 and # 10. This information just adds to the argument for taking Walker at #4
  19. Double dipping with Mafe and Ebiketie at 35 and 38 would be bold and balzy. I'd be so hesitant that they'd go right before we pick. Mafe and Ebiketie at 35 and 38 with say Ikey at #4 and Wr of choice at #10. Round 3-4 (I believe we have 3 picks) address LB/S/TE. Sign me up
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