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  1. Our logo is juvenile. Had a chance to create something iconic. I'm no artist or marketer and off the top of my head couldn't we have created a logo that incorporated the "NY" symbol with a Jet Fighter air plane? How about the iconic New York skyline? Empire State building? Instead we have the word "JETS" with a toy football. Looks like something a middle school student could create doodling for 5 minutes.
  2. Lost my father a little over a year ago. He also introduced me to the practices at Hofstra. Your words brought back great memories. I think about my dad often and especially during Jets games. My condolences.
  3. I know we seemingly have this conversation every year with this team but if they just would have beat Maimi and Buffalo, (both should have been wins), what a different conversation we'd be having today.
  4. Jim Rome comes across petty and juvenile in this clip. Very gossip-y and easily could be embellished on Rome's part. Would you rather a HC that is more engaged or less?
  5. LT- Ferguson LG: Faneca Center: Mangold TE: Mickey Shuler RG: Brandon Moore RT: Damien Woody RB1: Freeman McNeil RB2: Curtis Martin WR1; Al Toon WR2: Wesley Walker Slot: Wayne Chrebet QB: Ken O'Brien Punt/Kick Return: Leon Washington K. John Hall P. Dave Jennings
  6. Today was Darnalds 20th NFL game, he is all of 22 years old , he played week one with mono and came back in a few short weeks (where most take up to 6 months or more to be 100%) all the while concerned if he is hit in his spleen HE COULD DIE being protected by a legendary horrific OLine. He lost his best Wr and one he had built a short chemistry with in Enunwa for the entire season, lost his best TE and one he had built a short chemistry with for half the season in Herndon, had his toenail removed, sprained his non throwing thumb, and has handled the onslaught of the media and “seeing ghosts” so flawlessly that it is pretty much an afterthought when the “butt fumble” ran Sanchez out of town and he never recovered from it. Today he played well, no turnovers and led a comeback victory against the Giants with all the pressure on him with the media ready to dump on him and the Jets again. All against big brother in their stadium in front of mostly Giants fans. Credit Gase and Darnald for not losing their composure after a legendary loss to Miami last weekend hearing comments of BUST and regression all week, and everything else that has been this awful season. Give credit where credit is due, this kid is resilient and his coach played a role in overcoming a week from hell, let's build on this.
  7. Quinnen got to Jones and was a challenge flag away from causing a turnover on a sack.
  8. I dislike every version of our new uniform and the logo on the helmet is so juvenile it looks like a middle school created it in 5 minutes doodling
  9. DE - Sean Ellis DT - Joe Klecko DT - Marty Lyons DE - John Abraham WLB - Lance Mehl MLB - David Harris SLB - Mo Lewis CB - James Hasty SS - Victor Green FS - Erik McMillan CB - Aaron Glenn
  10. I remember thinking along the same lines at the time. Was never in favor of Favre and thought it was a horrible fit for the team and Mangini.
  11. I would agree with this sentiment however, especially most recently, we've seen big named players traded to teams who believe they are in the mix for the playoffs.
  12. What do you think the Jets (not your personal) approach is to the trade deadline? Do they look at the schedule and believe they can go on a run and possibly get into the playoff picture or does Joe Douglas blow up the team and focus on obtaining draft picks for next years draft? Explain
  13. That was just great. Could watch this all day. Great reminder of the new players who are stepping up
  14. Just breathe. All Im questioning is that there was QB in Osweiller, with experience, who won NFL games in Gase's system vs a player with zero NFL experience who showed nothing. And no, I wouldnt have crucified Gase and Douglas for trying because looking at Faulk's production it was pretty obvious that Faulk didnt belong on an NFL field.
  15. Im on Douglas side. I love the hire. But you cant be happy the way the last two weeks were handled well at the QB position? The reason i thought it was obvious was because Osweiller had success in Gase's offense when Tannihill went down. Faulk looked absolutely lost. The worst QB option in the NFL by far over those two weeks. If Osweiller was sitting on his couch drinking beer like you seem to have knowledge of, then someone, anyone else must have been a better option than Faulk. But hey, its in the past, time to move forward. Just questioning Gase and Douglas ability to judge QBs somewhat after watching Faulk for two weeks. Moving foward now.
  16. I just would think a team like KC would be hesitant giving up any serviceable player considering they're in a position to win now and may not want to rock the boat
  17. Big fan of the Douglas hire also. Not signing a viable backup when Darnald went down was also brutal. Seemed obvious, from afar, that Osweiller was an obvious move. If we were able to sneak out a game, or at least look like an NFL caliber team in Darnald 's absence would have been beneficial for the over all mindset moving forward .
  18. I'd take a 2nd and a 5th and begin stock piling picks to use on our OLINE pretty much exclusively
  19. I dont have season tickets. The Jets made that a non option when they moved.. The Jets , a NY team, moved two bridges and a tank of gas away from their original fan base with the idea that Giants Stadium was the best fit for the majority of its fans. Assuming that NJ fans would easily make up for fans that could not financially withstand the move. Real tough to blame any of the original fan base and expect them to pay , on top of normal expenses, for two bridges and sit in tons of traffic when they pleaded not to leave. Bottom line is the Johnson’s has a chance to correct this awful move to Giants stadium and totally screwed it up. It’s pretty clear from the embarrassing amount Cowboys jerseys at the stadium yesterday
  20. I would agree with much of what you've written. The last play is difficult to judge simply because both fan bases were loud for their team.
  21. So at minium almost half our home games (Cowboys, Steelers, and Giants) there is more of a home field advantage for the visitors. Lets not forget opening day vs the Bills where the stadium seemed less than home for us. Just ridiulous

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