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  1. For those who were at the game (or not), what were your impressions of the stadium yesterday? From my couch it seemed like their were as many, or more Cowboy fans. Even Sam Darnald mentioned it in the post game. I feel like even the referees have little respect/ fear of making a call against us in crunch time. Just like what happened yesterday. We would NEVER get the benefit of the doubt pass interference calls on the last drive on the road like the Cowboys did, the miss of Crowder being face masked, and half the Cowboys OLINE jumping off sides on the last drive. IMHO, we have had zero home field advantage after moving from Shea to Giants Stadium. Even with Sam coming back there were as many Cowboys fans (or more) than Jets fans. Does anyone ever see this changing?
  2. Definitely a feel good article. Sad thing that shines through is how pathetic our home-field non-advantage is. Even Darnald said it in the post game indirectly.

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