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  1. 14 minutes ago, dbatesman said:

    Maybe. Or maybe the coach is an obstinate dickhead, and that's the reason why Bell--far and away the best receiving back in football--got 3 more targets a game as a receiver on a team that also had Antonio Brown than he's getting on a team whose best pass-catcher is Ryan Griffin.

    Great point. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Even Bell cannot make this oline look at all good.

    Oh yeah, play design and play calling stinks as well.


    Great point, Bell hasnt made anyone around him better, but it only adds to the perplexity of this situation. So by all accounts second year Sam Darnald is better at making the OLINE more productive than Leveon Bell? Doesn't really add up.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

    sport radio in the nroth bay was taking that angle....

    Hmmm, ok. But how? Yeah, I am not crazy about promoting his singing career and haven't read anything on him partying or bashing teammates. He seems to follow that up with proclaiming his support of the HC and team. 

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  4. 12 minutes ago, SAR I said:


    Little Known Secret:

    The Jets are 5-4 with a healthy Sam Darnold and have won 4 of their last 5 games despite having the 31st rushing offense in the NFL. 

    I'm not worried about this Le'Veon Bell drama because I actually don't think he's made any meaningful contributions to this team. We can lose his salary, pick up a young back, and markedly increase production at that position. 

    SAR I

    But how are we going to lose his salary? From what was reported on WFAN this morning the cap hit would be 17 million. Cant see how anyone would trade for him knowing  how much it will cost against the cap.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    Bell is an old back who can’t get through holes, which porks everything you want to do on offense. He’s single-handedly putting Sam Darnold in second and nine all game long. Old backs suck

    He's 27 with a year off. You really think its his age that has slowed his productivity? 

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  6. Something is so not right with Gase/Bell/and the Jets. As the season is playing out it is becoming more clear that they are not on the same page. From Bell going from top offensive threat in the NFL to lack of carries and involvement in the offense, to the obnoxious amount of carries the RBs got on Sunday without Bell,  to the flu that was serious enough for the Jets to make Bell inactive but not serious enough that he would be able to go bowling. Something is not right here. Is Gase the bad guy for not playing him enough throughout the season? Is Bell the bad guy behind the scenes and the bowling incident and lack of awareness of being scene in public is the start of exposing why Gase seems to not like him?

    How do you think this plays out? 

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  7. 2 hours ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    Last year Darnold had a 57pct Comp pct. This year it's at 63pct

    Last year Darnold had a 77QBRating, this year its at 84. 

    Last year Darnold was 4-9 as a starter, this year he is 5-5. 


    And I don't expect to hear from you again in this thread.....

    And not to mention he dealt with mono. A disease that depletes muscle, strength, energy, and compromises vital organs. On average it takes multiple months to fully recover. He did it playing a violent sport at the highest level.. 

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  8. 10 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    Exactly this was so much better. 

    Image result for ny jets logo

    I love this NY Jets symbol. But even if the owner wanted to change things up he failed miserably with the current logo. The Mets incorporated the NY skyline, Liberty have the Statue of Liberty, New Jersey Devils incorporated the devil's horns on the NJ. We have the word "JETS" written. Brutal. 

  9. Our logo is juvenile. Had a chance to create something iconic. I'm no artist or marketer and off the top of my head couldn't we have created a logo that incorporated the "NY" symbol with a Jet Fighter air plane? How about the iconic New York skyline? Empire State building?    Instead we have the word "JETS" with a toy football. Looks like something a middle school student could create doodling for 5 minutes. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, TampaJet said:

    My father lost his battle with cancer this past Sunday night.  He was the toughest man I know, and put up a fight until the end.  Unfortunately we did not get to watch one last game together, but I was sure to let him now that they did win two in row for him.  He is the reason I am a Jets fan (yes, its fault lol, but I would not change it for the world).  Although we moved to FL when I was young, we would often spend summers back in NY, and one of my fondest memories was when he took me to Hofstra for training camp in 86.  It was the first time in my life that I met any professional athletes in person, and I still have a Jets helmet with many of the 86 players signatures. 

    Since I was not around when he was able to see the Jets win their only Superbowl, I had always wished that we would be able to see one together.  Sadly, that will not happen, but I know he will always be with me, especially if and when I finally get to see one. 

    This picture is from 2012 in Jax at the Tampa Fan Club tailgate.  It was the last game we went to together, and I will always have great memories of watching and discussing the jets with him. 

    Dad jets.jpg

    Lost my father a little over a year ago. He also introduced me to the practices at Hofstra. Your words brought back great memories. I think about my dad often and especially during Jets games.  My condolences. 

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  11. Today was Darnalds 20th¬†NFL game, ¬†he is all of 22 years old , he played week one with mono and came back in a few short weeks (where most take up to 6¬†months or more to be 100%) all the while concerned if he is hit in his spleen HE COULD DIE being protected by a legendary horrific OLine. He¬†lost his best Wr and one he had built a short chemistry with in Enunwa for the entire season, lost his best TE and one he had built a short chemistry with for half the season in Herndon, had his toenail removed, sprained his non throwing thumb, ¬†and has handled the onslaught of the media and ‚Äúseeing ghosts‚ÄĚ so flawlessly that it is pretty much an afterthought when the ‚Äúbutt fumble‚ÄĚ ran Sanchez out of town and he never recovered from it.¬†

    Today he played well, no turnovers and led a comeback victory against the Giants with all the pressure on him with the media ready to dump on him and the Jets again. All against big brother in their stadium in front of mostly Giants fans.

    Credit Gase and Darnald for not losing their composure after a legendary loss to Miami last weekend hearing comments  of BUST and regression all week, and everything else that has been this awful season. 

    Give credit where credit is due, this kid is resilient  and his coach played a role in overcoming a week from hell,  let's build on this. 

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