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  1. Unfortunately, the jerseys still have that semi-circular piece of cloth that runs from armpit to armpit. UGLY. No more jerseys for me, authentic or otherwise, until that goes.
  2. Jet Fan RI

    Which Game will the Jets win this year?

    Yeah. I thought it was going to be a list of a few iffy games and would ask which one we thought the Jets had the best chance to win.
  3. Jet Fan RI

    Every NFL Logo Ranked: Jets 31st

    Take another look. I think I see a football there.
  4. Jet Fan RI

    Dolphins claim Petty

    Yes. With all that implies... I can keep the days straight because I have hobbies I do on the weekends.
  5. Jet Fan RI

    Dolphins claim Petty

    That was exactly my thinking when I retied in 2011.
  6. So is that just a prediction, or is that also what you want to happen?
  7. Ah yes. If YOU want to be as successful as Mac, just drink Dunkin'.
  8. Jet Fan RI

    For those who think we overpaid...

    Yes. I hope this trade up works out better. I'm thinking the offense has enough holes to make even a good QB fail. And with fewer picks, less chance to fill the holes. Not to mention more chance of a severe injury to the new guy.
  9. Jet Fan RI

    For those who think we overpaid...

    Not really. We traded up to get Sanchez...
  10. Jet Fan RI

    I hate to be bear of bad news

    Message received.
  11. For Chicago Bear fans to use?
  12. What really sucks is cutting down on the number of available games to watch on Sunday afternoon. (Speaking as a Sunday Ticket subscriber here.) What sucks even worse is when the Jets are on on Thursday night. No Sunday game, then forced to watch a night game.
  13. Jet Fan RI

    I hate to be bear of bad news

    This could be the continuing evolution of the language though. Yesterday in a grocery store I saw an aisle labelled "can goods" instead of "canned goods." And it's been forever it seems since reference has been made to "teenage persons" instead of "teenaged persons." And let's not even start on "judgement" instead of "judgment."
  14. Let's compromise and eliminate both MNF and TNF.