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  1. Seems to be a lot of sentiment that the Jets' woes are due to ownership. But why have the Jets had lousy owners for over 50 years?
  2. Anyone who is a Jet fan is a glutton for punishment.
  3. Jet Fan RI

    Caption this pic

    Are these pullovers the new attire for Gang Gray?
  4. Jet Fan RI


    Well, don't forget what the Jets did in Detroit.
  5. Jet Fan RI

    Sam Darnold Stats and Projection

    Not really calculating anything or making anything up. I just think he's better than his last game, and his stats will improve by season's end.
  6. Jet Fan RI

    Sam Darnold Stats and Projection

    Actually, Sam just had a really bad game, which worsened his stats to date. I think he finishes with better than 60% completion rate and more TD's than INTS.
  7. OK. More than 20 years ago. Guess I forgot.
  8. I can only hope the Jets win. I have a friend who is a Bear fan with whom I make a beer bet every time they play. I don't think I have ever won. And we've been doing the bet since the early 1990's, if I recall correctly.
  9. Note the ring is inscribed with "World Champions," not the wimpy "Super Bowl Champions" in use today, thanks to political correctness. The Jets were indeed champions of the World of American Football.
  10. Jet Fan RI

    Is Sunday a White out?

    Let's hope the Jets face Dallas in the Super Bowl.
  11. Very inspiring! If the Jets can even hand in there against the Jags, I'll be pretty happy. If they can beat them, or actually even kick their ass, well... Wow!
  12. Hmm. I think this means Atlanta will eventually be first in their division, and the Jets will eventually be first in their division.
  13. Jet Fan RI

    Those of you with Sunday Ticket

    Only point I want to make is that the streaming does not come with Sunday Ticket, unless you pay extra for it. I don;t want any streaming or Redzone Channel or any of that. I just want to watch the games on my TV on Sunday. So that's all I get.
  14. The detail on the numbers looks a lot like what the Vikes are using.

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