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  1. HOW THE **** IS THAT NOT A TD???!!!

    The rules expert on the broadcast said slight movement is still supposed to be considered a TD, so he expected the call on the field to be upheld. Doesn't make much sense it was overturned. But if the commentary on the rules was accurate, the problem is not with the rule. The rule was misapplied.
  2. Bye Week Blues

    Well that goes a long way toward explaining low heating costs. You have your own personal fuel supply!
  3. Bye Week Blues

    Cutting your own trees or burning toothpicks?
  4. The Bills aren't a crap team either.
  5. Every NFL Team's Best QBs since 1980

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. What you are saying would have been clearer if "situation" was included in the thread title.
  6. Every NFL Team's Best QBs since 1980

    Glad to see there is someone else who think O'Brien was good. I'd say one of the best. Could not believe OP thinks he was one of the worst, if not the flat out worst.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    Nice. And provided you watched the game within a week of recording it, your watching counted in the game's TV ratings, so would not be part of any loss of ratings being discussed in this thread. I recorded a game once. But I found myself not only fast forwarding through commercials, but also through dead time between snaps. Did not really like the experience, so I always watch live now. I still avoid the commercials b/c I have Sunday Ticket, so I always switch to the Game Mix channel during commercials. Then switch back as the commercial for the Jet game ends.
  8. jets viewership down the most

    Wow. Impressive.
  9. Also bravo! But not just Sunday. Sunday afternoon.
  10. Bravo! But Thursday Night Football is not all they need to kill. Also kill Sunday and Monday Night Football as well. Bring back Sunday Afternoon Football!
  11. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Just from reading your football analysis, I had the impression you would analyze the prospects of improving team strength through the draft with a high pick and go with that. Similar to a friend of mine who says if the Bears aren't going to win the SB, he'd prefer for them to lose every game. Except, of course, against the Pack. Can't imagine wanting to go through season after season wanting your team to lose every game.
  12. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Surprised by your post. Would have pegged you to be among the tanker crowd.
  13. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Just can't think about Jet games like an accountant - measuring up wins and losses and rooting for the theoretical best, such as losing now is good in the long run. How long have the Browns been tanking? Has it turned them into a powerhouse? How many more years must they tank before they're good? I'm a fan and I root for the Jets to win. I always root for the Jets to win.
  14. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    I've enjoyed it too. Quite a welcome relief after expecting 0-16 after all the hype.
  15. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    OK. But I did not mean there was no chance into the infinite future. I meant no chance this year.