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  1. Jet Fan RI

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    I think it would be better to call it Offcon-1. We've worried about the defense too much, offense not enough for too long.
  2. Jet Fan RI

    Jets Announce Uniform Change in 2019

    Reminds me a bit of female reproductive equipment.
  3. Jet Fan RI

    Darnold's Thoughts on First PS Game

    Isn't that how Sanchez got injured?
  4. Jet Fan RI

    OT: Sunday Night Baseball Crew

    Not quite. I like baseball, but there is one situation I think could be improved. How about a wild pitch with no one on base? I like the idea of letting the batter "steal first," similar to the dropped 3rd strike. As it is now, with a wild pitch and no one on, nothing happens.
  5. Jet Fan RI

    OT: Sunday Night Baseball Crew

    That's exactly why I never watch recorded games. Did it once. Thought I would just fast forward between commercials. But I found myself fast forwarding between snaps. Wasn't much left to watch.
  6. Jet Fan RI

    33 Years Ago Today

    If it weren't for Joe Namath, I'm sure I wouldn't be a Jet fan.
  7. Jet Fan RI

    33 Years Ago Today

    Thanks for that. Great video.
  8. Jet Fan RI

    Alouette Je Te Plumerai

    Pretty similar to a lot of nursery rhymes, no?
  9. Is the two different kinds of green something the Jets every actually used? Or is that just because it's a cheap knock-off?
  10. On that sig pic of yours, did you actually pay for a jersey with "offsets" on the back? Or is that a photoshop job? If the latter, that's pretty good work.
  11. Strange you like this helmet. I've always thought the helmet with the charging buffalo suggests strength and power, positive football characteristics, while the buffalo on this helmet seems to be just grazing in the field. Come to think of it, that may be more representative of the way the Bills actually play. But you'd think they would at least want something that inspires strength and power.
  12. I just hope they get rid of those curved pieces of cloth that run from armpit to armpit, front and back of the current jersey. Hideous.
  13. Jet Fan RI

    Derek Hackenberg

    Is that as in, throwing the football all the way from the stadium out to the ocean, displaying impressive arm strength, or as in hitting a target the size of the ocean?
  14. Yeah, but who puts their first name on their jersey?
  15. Jet Fan RI

    Jets to start 4-0 courtesy NFL Network

    Yep. Pretty cool.