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  1. Note the ring is inscribed with "World Champions," not the wimpy "Super Bowl Champions" in use today, thanks to political correctness. The Jets were indeed champions of the World of American Football.
  2. Jet Fan RI

    Is Sunday a White out?

    Let's hope the Jets face Dallas in the Super Bowl.
  3. Very inspiring! If the Jets can even hand in there against the Jags, I'll be pretty happy. If they can beat them, or actually even kick their ass, well... Wow!
  4. Hmm. I think this means Atlanta will eventually be first in their division, and the Jets will eventually be first in their division.
  5. Jet Fan RI

    Those of you with Sunday Ticket

    Only point I want to make is that the streaming does not come with Sunday Ticket, unless you pay extra for it. I don;t want any streaming or Redzone Channel or any of that. I just want to watch the games on my TV on Sunday. So that's all I get.
  6. The detail on the numbers looks a lot like what the Vikes are using.
  7. It sure would be a downer if the coolers all around Cleveland with the free beer for the fans were opened on account of the Browns beating the Jets.
  8. Wow. I didn't realize there was even a league in 1886.
  9. Jet Fan RI


    I love Fireman Ed (a real fireman, btw, or least he was). I love the chant...Now I'm REALLY looking forward to the Fins coming to MetLife!
  10. Jet Fan RI

    Another Darnold stat

    Yep. Reminded me a lot of Fran Tarkenton.
  11. Agree with that. Now let's see how the team, as a whole, proceeds. In the past, the Jets would often follow an unexpected win with an unexpected loss. So the Fins will be a good test.
  12. Can this really be happening?
  13. Jet Fan RI

    patsies and science

    "One has to wonder if this all-too-predictable plot ever gets boring for Patriots fans..." Actually, if it makes anyone feel any better, it seems there actually are some fans like that. My doctor, a died-in-the-wool Pat fan, actually said to me that he liked it better when the Pats were losers, when he could throw things at his TV set...Hope the Jets can make him "happy" a couple times this season.

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