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  1. I think we would have gone to the SB that season, if Favre hadn't gotten hurt.
  2. Right. Their NFCCG win does not mean anything, what with the 49ers' QB going down early.
  3. Don't know what that is. I have a Roku internet-capable TV. Nothing but videos there.
  4. I want to be ready to warch this game, which is why I am asking this question in advance, I have Amazon Prime video. But when I open up the site, all I see is info on videos. Tried searching on Jets, NFL, etc, but nothing comes up. Is this game really supposed to be on Amazon Prime Video? If so, how so I reach the game?
  5. Yes, but it is a rule of logic. A is A. Doesn't really say anything, unless you don't like Aristotle.
  6. Yeah, but that was before the Jets beat the Bills. And this week they will beat Bill.
  7. Does not really count as a prediction.
  8. I have a confession to make, I am a Jet fan. I have to admit I was sure they Jets would lose to the Pack and the Bills. So glad I was wrong. Don't think I'm wrong about them beating the Pats. Let's go Jets!
  9. I think, based on Zach's play against the Bills, he has progressed a lot. I don't think he'll get owned by Bill next Sunday. I expect to enjoy the game. And to enjoy the Jets being in 1st place.
  10. Well, we agree on that last statement. I think Zach learned a lot from the first game with the Pats, He won't make the mistakes he made then the second time around.
  11. He will prove it. This Sunday. Just like he proved he could come back, as he did against the Bills, a better team than the Pats.
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