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  1. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1275573/france-coronavirus-latest-news-second-wave-covid19-lockdown-updates
  2. I would say Fauci has largely discredited himself. First, consider all those wildly fluctuating models. Then he hammered on tough lockdowns for 2 months then suddenly, the other day, he says lockdowns for too long could cause "irreparable harm." As for the Southern Hemisphere, I would expect a delayed peak down there, since it was summer down there when the virus first appeared.
  3. Perhaps. But then it would also be disagreeing with the experts who I am saying have it right. We'll probably know in 6 months or so.
  4. Seems like you missed my post about this, a few posts up from yours. There are experts who say it will not come back with the cold. I think they are right.
  5. Some other good news came out the day before yesterday. JP Morgan released a graph they worked up that shows that most states that have come out of lockdown have actually reduced their rates of infection compared to what their rates of infection were the day the lockdown ended. Might seem counterintuitive, but it suggests being holed up in a confined space actually increases the chances of infection. This is also consistent with something Cuomo said in one of his press conferences, which is that 66% of new infections have happened to people who were at home. All of this makes me optimistic there will be a full NFL season. And there may even be fans in stands.
  6. Experts differ on that. I believe the expert I read who says the typical behavior of viruses is that they appear, they reach a peak, then they die out. He notes this virus has peaked, and says it will die out and will not return when it gets cold. He points out the Spanish Flu was an exception because it first appeared in the summer.
  7. The virus is petering out, even now. Will be gone or mostly gone by season start. The only question is the reaction, which could limit things more than is warranted. And BTW, it will not return when the cold returns.
  8. Must admit, I had forgotten the date of the game and did not notice it was in the thread title. I was actually in my 30's.
  9. I have often wondered how things would have turned out if the Jets had taken Marino and the Fins O'Brien.

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